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On The Road With The Loony

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posted on May, 20 2010 @ 12:08 AM
Figured I have a camera, I took some pictures, so what the frak, I'll put them up. Some are mildly interesting.

This little birdie kept trying to fly through the window next to the tree he's in. Not the brightest bird but I guess they do that. This was in windy Chadron, Nebraska. Happening place, the bowling alley was about four lanes.


Crazy Horse Monument, South Dakota. Quite the cool sculpture and the story behind it is pretty amazing, that it's being done at all.

I'm not a motorcycle guy but this bike had a really nice paint job. Too bad I suck at taking pictures as they are blurry here.

So I'm walking through the museum there at Crazy Horse and there on the couch in the house of the sculptor is this cat. I couldn't tell if it was real so I reached down and touched it. It purred. Nice moment. Made me forget, for a moment, how bloody cold I was as it was windy in South Dakota as well.

I've got a few more. If anyone is interested, even getting down here into the depths of BTS to view these, then I'll put the rest up. They do have to be resized to almost fit in. I'm sure most of these are still too big but I tried. I at least resized them from my originals which were huge and would have been difficult to view, so at least I did that.


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