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Is it worth it to go to London, England??

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posted on May, 19 2010 @ 10:00 PM
Hello fellow ATS and BTS users. I have a friend that desperately wants me to go to London, England just only for 1 week in August, just a tour nothing more. I don't want to go to London England, for several reasons, but for legitimate reasons? No so he says. He's been to London before. Okay great, but what is so special about it that I would need to go and visit London myself? He suggests to take the complex underground subway system and explore the different areas around town, and walk into cafe's and stores and walk around downtown. But that hasn't sparked any interest in me at all to go.

What really turned me off is that the airfare price and only airfare. Costs $3,000 to go both ways. He wants to go first class one way and economy on the way back. The only reason he wants first class is that the seat turns into a bed, and that he could drink unlimited amount of booze, during the 9 hour overnight flight from Canada to London. I don't know what he plans with the hotel he wants to go to, nor what places he wants to eat at. He is a Certified Accountant that knows how to "manage" his money. I thought he said to me one time that accountants know how to conserve their money, when he was looking at getting a new car.

Another reason why I don't exactly want to go is that I don't feel comfortable of sleeping in the same room with him, he is gay. I do respect gay people, but when he drinks too much he gets very "happy." No offense to him but his figure and appearance doesn't go well with me.

Another reason is that London, has over 11 million people. That's 11 times more people than in Edmonton! The city itself is many times bigger than Edmonton's. I struggle with directions. Even in the small city north of Edmonton of where live. I still have trouble knowing where to go, or knowing which is the faster route to go. I lived in this city all my life, for 22 years. If we end up getting split up, we do have cell phones. But even following directions that he gives out can be very complicating.

Another reason is with Iceland's volcano going off. He agrees partially to that. So I question him what if Katla goes off when the volcanic ash comes over, which disrupts flights for days, months, or worst case scenario for (years)? What would you do? If we have run out of money where would we stay? What would we eat?, How the hell could we get back to Canada? This is what I'm most afraid about, because this eruption going off when we are there would be the worst possible time, and the scary thing is that it is a very possible scenario. Not to fear monger or anything, but he needs to get informed of what's happening around the world here.

So what do you guys think good idea or bad idea?

posted on May, 27 2010 @ 12:30 PM
I will be honest and say the gay thing is a bit odd (weird reason to not go IMO but I don't judge) but other than that I enjoyed London thoroughly. It has alot of very old culture and museums and such but in the end it really is a city like the rest IMO. The architecture is superb and the food is amazing (modern British food is fantasic)

Otherwise I didn't see alot of difference between that and Chicago


posted on May, 27 2010 @ 08:10 PM
Get your own room! I wouldn't go anywhere with someone who plans a trip around how much they get to drink.
But London is worth a visit if you're interested in old history. Or if you just want to go clubbing. Since they changed the closing times, the Brits have been going overboard in their drinking, it's a shame.
Take tours the first few days to see the main sights, plus the tour guides will tell you what areas not to visit.
The tube is fantastic, but not for just a one week trip. Take a bus or cab, they're plentiful & cheap & quick.
It's easy to get lost, but jump in a cab and they'll get you where you want to go, unless it's after 11 pm, then you'll be in trouble.

You can spend two days alone at the British Museum and still not see it all. Then take the next off at Hyde Park.
I can never get enough of London, but I also usually take the sleeper train to visit Inverness and look for Nessie for a day or two. Plus a day trip to Stonehenge is always fun.
If you're going there just to get drunk, don't waste your money, you can do that at home.
Since you seem concerned about money, just fly coach. Get a neck pillow and you'll sleep just fine.
As far as the volcanoes go...Take a train to Paris or Rome and fly out from there.

Same as Chicago? only thousands of years older!

posted on May, 27 2010 @ 11:17 PM
Well,you had better go before all the Mideastern foreigners take it over and you have to walk around wearing a burka and all that stuff.

What the world knows as Englishmen and women are quickly being over run.

Heck their "royal" family are actually Germans from the house of Hanover.

That old lady living in Windsor Castle is not even married to an Englishman,he is Greek.

I would make a concession on sharing rooms though.

Gay guys can be a little bitchy in the morning.

If you do go,be sure to see a dentist before you do.

You don't want to have a dental emergency while there.

I heard they don't have them or at least it seems that way.

Same as Chicago? only thousands of years older!

I think if you read the post you would see that she was comparing the food not the cities.

posted on May, 28 2010 @ 08:57 AM
If YOU don't want to go, why would you?

Really, that's the crux of it...

I've been to London a few times myself, and I absolutely love the place, but if it isn't floating your boat, why would you spend the money to see it?

The sense of history is overwhelming, while in the city.

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