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Question: Immigration Law

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posted on May, 19 2010 @ 05:32 PM
Okay, I get that illegal immigration has a plethora of negative effects on any given community.

However, I'm having trouble digesting all the angst. (Personally, I believe the immigration process needs to be refined. It should be a far less tedious and lengthy affair. Waiting years and years to get out of an environment you detest is pretty frustrating, to say the least.)

As for SOME Mexican pride, I feel that SOME Mexicans(they have their dumb-ass natives like we do too) exercise pride in the SPIRIT of Mexico. Similar to how we champion the spirit and ideals of America. Even though many of us are fully aware that there are a LOT of people in our government that make life worse for not only us, but people all over the world. Our America, as it stands, is not the America we'd like it to be.

Now, what I have a problem digesting is the whole "go to your country and fight to change things" mentality. America, as we know, came here to get away from the tyranny in Europe. (You know what I mean, the establishment of the nation recognized as America, not the landmass.
) We DID take this land from the natives, wrongfully, but whateva'.

My problem lies specifically with how some Americans tend to look away from all the atrocities that our government have led us to do. The nations that we stamped out in order to make room for ourselves.

Do we ignore it because it's in the past now? Because it's neither here nor there?

I'm specifically interested in how we've come to look at our past ... and the reason why we can look to Mexicans that come here to get away from the corruption and oppression in their own country; and we say, "You should go deal with your country."

I'm an American myself, and this is NOT a matter of race, imo. It shouldn't be allowed to turn into a matter of race.

This is a matter of humanity, and I'm attempting to understand the ideology of this matter.

I've come to understand that telling someone to return to their country(for whatever reason) does NOT have ANYTHING to do with the color of their skin, at all. But I am interested in HOW we can say such a thing, given our past.

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posted on May, 19 2010 @ 06:37 PM
The issue of illegal immigration goes way back, However we can not focus on the mistakes of America's past.

I often ask asleep people what is the diffrence between Nazi Germany and America? I answer 50 years. Aprox. 50 years before the murdering of millions of Jews, America did the same thing to the American Indians.

Now today in America we have a Failing economy and an influx of immigrants sneeking in Illegaly. Its not just Mexicans. Its Cubans, Hondurans, Nigerians, British, Russians, Norwegan, and many others. Mexicans just happen to be the largest component of the illegal immigration issue.

What needs to happen is those who enter illegally are deported and their home country billed for the expense. As they are Deported they are given the Proper proceedure for a Visa Application in their native language.

If they sneek in again they are arrested and put in a jail for 1 year at their home countries expense.

If they are dumb enough to sneek in a third time it's 10 years hard Labor at their home countries expense.

For the Countries that allow their citizens to Immigrate to the US after Deportation it should be a $100,000 fine that goes into a fund to support the US border patrol. Any Country that does not pay up looses free trade status.

We have immigration law in this Country and the Feds do not enforce them. The AZ law Gives local LE the right to inquire about ones citizenship if they have a doubts about their legal status. It is not a new deal its just the state adding to the LE tool box to combat the illegal invasion.

What if it was the other way arround with Americans invading Mexico? Would we be treated the same as we treat our illegal immigrants.

posted on May, 19 2010 @ 07:35 PM
reply to post by SWCCFAN

This response doesn't address my question. We did, in fact, invade this land and took it from the inhabitants. Sure, it might have been years and years ago, and we cannot be held directly ACCOUNTABLE for the mistakes of our ancestors; however, I don't think the attitude of "Go back to your country(to any immigrant of any nationality) and apply through the proper channels."

I'm under the impression that these individuals come here because they are DESPERATE. They come here illegally (those that aren't coming here to break laws and take advantage of people) because they are unhappy with their own country. They want OUT, ASAP.

It is a matter of refining the immigration procedures.


Anyway, my question wasn't addressed.

posted on May, 19 2010 @ 07:56 PM
reply to post by SWCCFAN

There is a problem with your proposal. The US cannot do things at the home countries expense. Let us say the US wants to "send the bill" to Mexico, Cuba, or some other country for the costs the US rakes up caring for that country's illegal immigrants. The other countries do not have to pay the bill and can tear it up and laugh in our faces.

It's not like the US is the electric company and other countries have to live in fear of the US turning the lights out. Other countries are sovereign nations that do not have to follow our laws. If we want to get them to "pay their bill" we may literally have to send in the military to collect.

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