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Another 787 problem

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posted on May, 19 2010 @ 02:33 PM
Boeing has stopped supply shipments until June, due to a problem with the section 48 & 48 aft shear ties. They have found that under extreme temperature changes, the shear ties can separate from the fuselage skin. They are working on changing the design of the ties to make them thicker, and add radius fillers to some.

Boeing is holding the parts at the manufacturer to install the new ties, because once the parts arrive at Boeing and the horizontal stabilizers are added, access becomes a problem.

Fixing a previously undisclosed 787 design flaw has now emerged as a contributor to Boeing's decision to freeze shipments from suppliers until early June.

Shear ties, which affix the fuselage frames to the skin of the aircraft, now require replacement or rework, after the initial design failed to take into account thermal fatigue loading of the parts.

The parts in question are located in the aft most part of the fuselage, inside sections 48 and 48 aft, which is the tail cone of the 787.

The problem, which was discovered in December, found that repeated cooling and warming of the unpressurized Section 48 and 48 Aft, the shear ties, those of which are made of aluminum, can pull away from the skin of the fuselage, potentially compromising the structural integrity of the aircraft.


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