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Cash not always welcome at Apple stores

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posted on May, 20 2010 @ 08:59 AM
reply to post by TLomon

there is no law that says someone *HAS TO* accept cash as a form of payment.

Never has been.

Just because it's "Legal tender" doesn't mean it's "not optional as payment"

posted on May, 20 2010 @ 09:03 AM
reply to post by computerwiz32

Wow! So basically, this is a single core processor with 256MB RAM? That is simply aweful! My last PC, built 4-5 years ago was better than that.

This thing is basically, a giant iPhone, without the phone!

Also, you've been able to get tablet laptops for years, where the screen flips over to form a tablet. Best of both worlds!

posted on May, 20 2010 @ 09:18 AM
reply to post by nik1halo

I agree, you still have to give credit to apples marketing department.

They some how created a image compared to the Lamborghini company that sells top quality cars.

I notice movie industries now all or most of them use apple computers to do their movie editing..

I have a linux computer that has free software that is either better or the same as apples that can edit video and music for free.

I rather use linux products anyday compared to apples or windows... if I had a choice.

The thing is also that I think it was a stupid move to call the company apple.

They had a marketing phrase saying that when you take a bite out of them it will be delicious but yet you can counter image that and be like if you take a bite uut of apple you will be surprised to find worms in

in other words they can have bugs... So I still think they should change the name because you can easily twist it to give them a negative image.... just my thoughts.

Yet still you have to give credit to their marketing team on creating the hype.

I have see videos of people waiting outside of the store to buy the ipad when it first came out... I just laughed seeing not just kids but doctors and lawyers and I was like if I they were to be interviewed for a job at my business I would kick them out as quickly as possible because they show that they follow trends and never will be a leader in anything.

posted on May, 20 2010 @ 09:25 AM
reply to post by nik1halo

Yes, exactly.... this is old technology rapped in with a new case and some marketing gimmicks and you get a new

I know today you should be buying at least dual-core cpus and yet this junk has a single

but like I said if your not a computer wiz or tech savy you will follow the companies marketing gimmicks. Every company that produces something will only tell you the positives about it and will make it sound like their device is technology advance for the tech savys. Even computer geeks do guy this crap but people that are computer geeks and knows programming and have a good background in electronic hardware you can easily see the lies their marketing department puts out.

yep the ram max is a 256mb I have a computer bought in year 2000 with max of 762mb of ram.

It boils down to what you need to get done. I can say this device may only be good for business envierments like lawfirms or hospitals it will make things a little bit more convenient yet they can't do any heaving computing with this device.

I still say it's not worth 700 bucks. I would pay 30 bucks for such a thing maybe even 50 but nothing 60 or over for such junky hardware.

posted on May, 20 2010 @ 09:50 AM
reply to post by computerwiz32

Actually, graphics and animation is where Apple computers are advantagious. I'm a computer scientists, so I had to do CGI modules at Uni and I have to say that the Macs excelled in those areas and I would never say that they are bad computers, but for pretty much anything else, PCs are just as good, if not better in some cases, if only for what I term the "Lego-abilty" when builing and repairing them.

I agree that Linux is the way forward. I'm using Ubuntu on my "workhorse" PC and it's great. Unfortunately, because of some compatability issues, I'm forced to use Microshaft Winblows on my Media PC, although to be fair Win7 is a step in the right direction.

posted on May, 20 2010 @ 11:25 AM
Well at least there is a happy ending to this story in that Diane got her IPAD afterall ....

For FREE at that !!!

Good for her for speaking up and pointing out the absurdity of the plastic only policy related to IPADs!

As a musician and a computer engineer, I think many here unfortunately are missing one of the virtues of the Mac platforms and that is in it's excelling in music composition and playback.

On the contrary of course, and Understandably so, in that Not all of us are musicians.

Hence it isn't absolutely necessary for most of us computer users to pay the additional $$$ for a MAC when there are less costly alternatives, namely the PC.

I too build my own high performance, overclocked CPU, PC systems for Simulations and Gaming....there is nothing like watching the smooth graphical performance and speed of your system while touching down in an F-16 at 150 knots !

Even though I build my own PCs, I always still use MAC USB keyboards because though costing more, they are well built out of aluminum, take up less space on my desktop and most of all they last better than all of these cheap all plastic keyboards we're stuck with in the PC world.

Even though I am not a big MAC/IPAD/IPOD customer....all in all.

I was glad to see some degree of compassion in APPLE making good in giving the dejected IPAD customer a free one....

And overall, It is also nice to see an American company and product invented in the good ol' USA still doing well for a change .....

posted on May, 20 2010 @ 12:55 PM
waw lot of interesting info there. good that the lady got the ipad for free. although as someone stated earlier it was for her first comp and it falls drastically short of being a comp i get the feeling she will be seling it soon. also didn't know it was quite as pathetic as that my comp that i bought for £20 whilst working at toys r us (because a customer dropped it but the parts were worth at the time at least a few hundred.) had more processing power than that. also i made the mistake of asking for an ipod touch for Christmas i have never been so disappointed with an mp3 player in my life (crapple docent seem to do media very well at all.) you can hardly watch any vids online even on youtube it can't view some vids. it automatically deletes all my music and dosent bother to save any of it when i plug it into my laptop getting videos on it is a ballache and a half unless you buy them from itunes or something id say 75% of the apps are useless and it is way overpriced. the biggest cost when buying apple is buying the os. the cheapest iphone being the 8 gig model that you can buy in england is about £300 give or take the most expensive ipod touch being the 60gig model is around 300 now what is the difference between these two? the iphone is about twice as thick, has a camera, and is tied to a network. i can ring people on my iphone for less than any network charges through a skype app it also txts and allows you to send photos. so other than a camera a network and being twice as thick what else can be the cost behind this...thing? its the os (im not sure how much it is to buy in store but im sure its not cheap.) all apple is is marketing power. there products are overpried crap there help department is appalling and frankly i'm already sick of this retarded mp3 player. the only problem is that as far as i know there isn't another mp3 player that can do as much as the ipod touch but when i find one that does trust me im selling this piece of crap. the only people in my eyes who buy into apple are mindless idiots who like to stay in th trend and have no idea about quality in there products. i have also used the new macbook and got to say i hate the layout on the desktop i keep opening programs accidently whilst scrolling down page on the internet or suddenly clicking off a web page because apple just makes them into stupid boxes instead of full screen windows also watching things online with it is quite hard and dl'ing things -_- i would much rather burn an apple store than willingly go and buy there stuff. i wanted a simple converter so i can charge my ipod by a three pin plug i went into the store and saw them in. they were £25 for a f##*
-_- usb to three pin plug converter! i went on ebay and they had the same product at buy it now price no pp for £2.50!!! do you have any idea how much it would even cost to manufacturer these things? i know that it would be less than 1£ per unit and they are selling them for £25? i mean really if you want to pay that for something like that then you deserve the quality of merchandise crapple is going to sell you at exorbitant costs.

posted on May, 20 2010 @ 01:56 PM

the only people in my eyes who buy into apple are mindless idiots who like to stay in th trend and have no idea about quality in there products.

That is an uninformed opinion. Apple, Inc. has repeatedly released products that people actually want to buy. The company and the products are easy to use, last a long time, look great, and function flawlessly.

So far, just by myself, I have converted four PC Windows users to Macintosh users. Every single one of the have said it was the best move they ever made. And these were serious hard-core, build-it-youself junkies.

At some point, they decided they would rather use their computer than maintain it.

Apple sells some very cool stuff. they have revolutionized and revitalized the industry several times.

1. The Apple I and II
2. The Lisa
3. The Macintosh
4. The LaserWriter I and II
5. The Color Macintosh
6. The Newton
7. The Apple QuickTake
8. The iPod and iTunes
9. OS X
10. iPhone
11 iPad

Apple is an American success story.

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posted on May, 21 2010 @ 08:07 AM

Originally posted by computerwiz32
reply to post by HunkaHunka

Sounds like a sales pitch to me. you know if you buy directly from china I found prices close 80 bucks for that stupid ipad thing.

I have looked at the ipad and it's nothing new no new techology. This technology has be around for a long time.

Oh you mean tablets? iPad is not a tablet... need proof? Both HP and Microsoft killed their new "tablet"
lines once the ipad went platinum in just a few weeks...

This isn't about the technology... its about how its all put together... I'd hate to have a product designed by engineers as it wouldn't exactly be user friendly and complications are something they tend to justify....

Anyway... I've never been able to purchase a tool such as this which doesnt make me fiddle with the operating system etc...

that a look at his article:

the cpu is either the same or similar to the iphone.

Is that why my ipad works so much better than my iphone? Once again... who really cares whats under the hood? I only care about the user experience....

If your not a hardware guru or a computer geek. Then you won't know whats under the hook and just fall for the marketing gimics.

You are hilarious... actually 3 years ago once I first installed VNC on my iphone I said "What I could really use, is this level of mobility with just a bit of a bigger screen... and sure enough they made it for me... so what marketing did I "fall" to?

Apple made a product that I desired to have... simple as that... I wish more companies thought exactly like me

They you think that this is something new but in reality the hardware and software ideas has been around for a long time.

Yeah and? Hoew come no one put them together in such a great way before? I'm not interested in ideas, I'm interested in actual things that I can use...

That's like poo pooing the univac, because babbage had the ideas decades before....

I mean what is new? they have 256mb or ram yet my desktop has more then 4 gigs of ram?

The hardware seems less then of a desktop or a laptop. ya I know this is a tablet and what do I expect...

once again... ipad is not a tablet.... both HP and MS are waking up to this after they both killed off their brand new "tablet" products...

I know tablets have a purpose if your a doctor then yes this can help you look at x-rays and other stuff mobile while with your patient. I mean it can help those areas but I don't understand why young people or people that have no need of this device goes out and spends 700 bucks for something that you can spend 400 or 500 bucks on a laptop that has better hardware.

You really seemed to be focused on the hardware.... what good is hardware if the software, OS, etc isn't integrated into one beautiful user experience? I really could care less what hardware is being used... the ONLY thing that matters to me is the user experience....

For example, I'm typing this post on my ipad, while sitting on my back patio drinking my morning coffee... and this thing just works.... is ultra light, never hot... a battery life that allows me to use it all day, and I do mean ALL DAY.

I would rather buy laptops for mobility. I wouldn't want a tablet for mobility unless I was doing a business where I need to sign something or have someone else sign something... tablets have a purpose mainly for business where mobility is important and the laptop can't offer that amount of mobility.

I HATE laptops... they are heavy, too damned hot to actually put on your lap, and require big bulk bags in which to store things like power supplies etc... I can put the power supply of my iPad in my pocket! But in reality don't need it...

I take business trips a lot... and now that I don't require anything but an agenda sized tool to handle everything else I used to need a MacbookPro for

the ipad is fast... it's elegant, I can QUICKLY switch between apps, and even better kill any process I want without it asking me "are you sure?" or hanging....

Were the ideas for this around before? Sure.. had anyone actually had the commerical power to put it together in such a perfect way? Not that I have seen...

And btw... $700 is nothing for something as great as the ipad.... plus, as a business expense, who can afford NOT to buy one?

I'm much more mobile now than I was ever before....

Ok... time to move to the couch, so I can continue to enjoy even more coffee while using my ipad to bring an uber efficiency to my productivity.

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posted on May, 21 2010 @ 03:54 PM
hmmmm so you have heard all the evidance and yet choose to ignore it because you think this fancy marketing tool is worth more than a high end laptop that you could by for roughly the same price? ok sir you have fun with your toy i am not a man who likes to instill restrictions on people or impose my own agenda on them i just have a huge hatred for this company and most of its overpriced products i don't find them seamless or easy to use most of the time and frankly i have never used a worse mp3 playing device in my life.

posted on May, 21 2010 @ 05:11 PM
reply to post by crimson tears shini

Well im glad my experience has been better than yours...

As I mentioned before... I wanted one of these before they even existed...

I've bought two thus far... Love them... Plan on buying one for my mother and my mother in law as well...

That's another thing they are great for... Folks who just don't have any other internet access...

posted on May, 22 2010 @ 02:48 PM
i want something like this ipad but im waiting until another company brings one out i'm hoping google will make something of the like

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