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Attorneys: Stanford a 'wreck of a man'

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posted on May, 19 2010 @ 10:27 AM
Does anyone remember this suspect, he is accused of swindling nearly $7 Billion from investors in a ponzi scheme.

The court ruled that he is a risk for flight and have denied bond in his case.. and appeals have been rejected and upheld by a higher court.

Now this effort...


HOUSTON — Texas financier R. Allen Stanford's attorneys said Tuesday that jail has reduced their client to a "wreck of a man" who is severely depressed, forgets conversations, can no longer see out of one eye and believes he is "losing his mind."
The description of Stanford's mental and physical condition was contained in a motion filed by his attorneys asking a federal judge, for a third time, to grant the jailed financier a bond so he can be free while awaiting his trial. Stanford is due to go on trial in January on charges he bilked investors out of $7 billion as part of a massive Ponzi scheme.
The latest motion was prepared with the help of Harvard law professor and celebrity defense lawyer Alan Dershowitz, a consultant hired by Stanford.

They want the court to feel sorry for this guy?

Maybe the switch from " caviar and champagne " to " pickle loaf and kool-aid " is a little karmic justice?

I think the defense atty's need to stop these delay tactics and let the trial commence.

posted on May, 19 2010 @ 10:32 AM
Maybe he should be put out of his misery. Just take him out back and put one right in his head! BAM!!! No more suffering and justice served. I've no sympathy for any of these crooks!

posted on May, 19 2010 @ 10:36 AM

The latest motion was prepared with the help of Harvard law professor and celebrity defense lawyer Alan Dershowitz, a consultant hired by Stanford.

This is the part that gets me. This proves that even hippie lawyers can be bought.
Lawyers have no principals or morals, they ALL can be bought.

posted on May, 19 2010 @ 10:44 AM
I say let the SOB rot in jail. Or better yet put him in general population and let him becomes someones bottom! This man deserves everything he gets. He should spend every last day of his worthless life in jail and every single thing he owns should be sold and the money should be used to repay the billions he stole from hard working, honest people.

The money he stole was from retirement accounts and even charities. St. Jude got ripped several million from this POS! How can you sleep at night knowing you stole money from a hospital dedicated to helping and healing children!

posted on May, 19 2010 @ 11:39 AM
reply to post by JacKatMtn

How many lives did HE wreck? He's getting everything he deserves. I hope the judge sticks to his guns and keeps him where he's at.

Let him rot.


posted on May, 19 2010 @ 11:56 AM
Something tells me he wants to get out on bond so he can go to Aspen and mysteriously have a fatal heart attack and mysteriously be cremated before anyone get's a chance to look at his body.

It's all the rage now.


[edit on 19-5-2010 by Dr Love]

posted on May, 19 2010 @ 01:46 PM
reply to post by Dr Love

Your probably more than right. He had duel citizenship in Antigua and Barbuda and the US. There is no telling how much money he has still sitting in overseas accounts. A little plastic surgery and some bribe money and he would be hanging out with Tupac and Elvis!

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