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Dumbass Connections

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posted on May, 19 2010 @ 07:52 AM
As you all know the discussion about immigration is a hot topic recently and if you would look at it objectivitly, there is a solution. It has been there for a while in other conspiracies, but as you all, I like to do some basic "connection tests" and found this to be striking. Connect these two:

Illegal immigration is not the problem

Humans to be microchipped and tracked

If a society would use the technology to all chip societies members in order to do transactions, security etc, it would be hard for a person without a chip to function in that society. Members will experience some loss of freedom
. "You are registered sir, have a nice day" No seriously, I have always wondered what would people "need" in order to get them chipped. You hear the theories about, the mark of the beast, a chipped population, total regulatiion and control by digitalizing currency etc. So if you look at the problem of immigration, simplified as subjects using utitilities without proper authorisation to it, you need to enhance its security level. Obviously human control can't coop the situation at the moment and chipping would be one of the fastest ways to reorganize society, as you can always plug in other "control systems" later. It will always take time usage has to grow in a society.

I thought it was nice to share this connection.

I personally would not like to have all of the above

posted on May, 19 2010 @ 03:54 PM
Okay! not really sure where you're going with this.....a connection...between chipping the population as a way to stop illegal immigrants? is that, I mean am I right in making that assumption? but you wouldn't want to have that done to you?

Let me just collect myself here, my goodness! that my friend is some brain you have there, keep up the good work

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posted on May, 19 2010 @ 04:29 PM
Chipping people is a solution without a problem.

So, a problem must be created in order to institute the solution.

posted on May, 20 2010 @ 06:30 AM
The recent focus on immigration, creates such a problem. A problem with to lttle control of society. with society I don't think of regulations, nations, etc, but the working process of the people together, legal and illegal immigrants as well as natural born citizens are all part of society. In order to reorganize society in a way that suits the self-proclaimed owners of that society there must be made a change. If one would look objectivitly, just imagen society as a group of different cultures of rats, some are allowed to use everything, they invest in that, some aren't. Obviously talking to the rats didn't work, because there is an immigrationproblem, so there need to be another form of control. Total regulation and registration by chipping does not prevent immigration, but it does keep the unchipped out of schools, hospitals, well-fare, if you would boost the technology, you can keep them out of shops, public transport, or even cars. In the beginning there will be a highrate of illegal trading but what is the point of immigrating when your life is not getting any better.

The point of dumbass connections is this. It makes you look to both theoreis/problem analysis in another way. To me it shows that the immigrationproblem is a processing problem of society, both from immigrants, legal and illegal, and citizens. For the chippingtheory/development I see arguments derrive from the problems of the world society. And the troubles of regulation, in states and national, opens the way for even more control by TPTB because the differences in opinion of the members of that society are enforced by MSM and, what would I call it, LowStreamMedia. A solution is not provided. What is happening between LA and AZ is funny, but it will have great consequences. The question remains, do we, as members of a world society want to fix our problems, or do we allow some sh*theads to fix our problems?

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I'm not sure either where I am going with this, I just wanted to share my connection.

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The best is if you won't create one problem but several, just to prevent someone to have a solution to it.

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