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What is GOD, Life, Space, People? - The Ultimate Questions...

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posted on Jul, 20 2010 @ 10:19 PM

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posted on Jul, 21 2010 @ 05:18 PM
reply to post by waymilk

Here is a drawing of the "Partition Map" of the Soul showing "The Man Child" in the Centre.

This Drawing is 100 % accurate, and involves NO “Guess Work”...

This "Partition Map" is used in the "Processing System" of the Soul... and involves Geometric Processing.

Your brain is a "Decoder/Encoder" Translating the "Strings of Glyphs" appearing in the Octagons of The Man Child in front of you (Spirit or LIFE) as it rotates at a very high speed .

Your brain decodes the "Inner" Component and you see this universe apparently in 3D but in reality is a very Sophisticated Story, being read by the Mind (Consciousness or LIFE) translated into a 3D form of experiences involving Form or in other words interactive Art or Pictures also involving the 5 senses involved in the programs.

You can find the Generations of the "Souls" found in this Partition Map.

"The Generations of Souls" are found in the form of other "Partition Maps" (Cloned) within “The First Born Soul”.

Each Square, contains another Complete “Partition Map, and in each of its "Partitions" can be found another Complete “Partition Map”.

Every Soul contains the same "Partition Map" (Cloned).

There are so many Souls contained in “The First Born Soul it is impossible to count them.

Also contained within each Soul, can be found access to the Libraries of the All...

There are so many Universes and other Worlds contained in these Libraries, it is also Impossible to count these too.

All is Accessed through "Program Books", Contained within Each Soul.

The reason why Scientists can't find the beginning, is they don't realise that All is produced through the Communication of The True Mind (LIFE) through the Soul. i.e. via the "Word".

The word "WORD" implies "Communication" this is in the form of huge “Strings of Glyphs” contained in a Stack in each Octagon, some of which the human Language/s (written) was taken from, but do Not portray the Original content that the Soul recognises.

I can in Fact, show the Language used by the Soul/s and the "Processing System" of the Soul in detail, involving more than 50,000 Drawings which I have in the form of Documentation.

I can also provide Proof in the form of a number of simple experiments, which allow you to see the workings of the Soul.

As well as historical record, of many of the Geometric Components and Language of the Soul, displayed in Buildings both modern and Ancient such as Government buildings, Palaces, Public buildings, Temples, Cathedrals, Mosques, churches, Monasteries, Arcades, in the form of Mosaics and other Art (Decoration) in most Countries on Earth.

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