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2nd American Revolution?

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posted on May, 18 2010 @ 09:45 PM
Over the past few nights I have had several vivid dreams. I haven't had a dream like that since 1996 when I dreamt a major Hurricane Heading Due north up the Mississippi River and Flooding the City of New Orleans. I had left New Orleans in 1993 and thought it was an odd dream. It was like I was the Hurricane looking down on all the destruction.

Now over the past few nights I have been dreaming about watching a war. Myself never being in the Militiary and seeing the carnage from above was eirely simular to the Katrina dream.

It looked like somthing out of a mad max movie where there were bands of people fighting against each other. It wasn't the sort of modern warfair with UAV's and Night vision. It almost looked post apociliptic. It was on the ground fighting and vehicle travel was limited. I had no Idea where the war was taking place at I only assumed it was America. That was Sunday nights dream.

Now last night the dream seemed to continue almost from where it left off but now I was in it not watching it from above. Myself and a group of guys most I have no idea who they are were ambushing a road block. We cleared that obstical and stole the comm equiptment and took it back to a base in the woods not to far away. We had heard on the Radio we took that there was a convoy headed our way. One of the guys decided we should ambush it and resupply our gear, food and Ammo.

It was a rather large convoy and we had beat it to the road block that we had hit earlier. I was posing as one of the guards at the roadblock and was checking their paperwork when I saw the American Flag but with 51 Stars and one of the stars was in the top left and larger than the rest. The stars were not on a field of blue but black. I remeber hearing to order to open fire on them then I woke up in a heavy sweat.

Could it be that we may have a 2nd American Revolution?

posted on May, 18 2010 @ 11:03 PM
Well if it was as vivid as your last prediction...who knows. It sounds very interesting, to say the least, especially the black flag and who the 51st state might be. I don't mean to "use" you, so to speak, but I'd be interested in hearing what your next dream might be.
As for now, all I can tell you is who knows. I mean I know a lot of Americans are angry, especially myself, but I wouldn't know if we'd be capable to cause another war in the midst of our country. Maybe it was a move by the government [the 51st state, for example] that had angered everyone to the point of it. We shall see...

posted on May, 18 2010 @ 11:24 PM
Its probably just your subconscious working on a problem that your conscious mind cannot solve. I'm not saying that you're not clairvoyent, but I have a lot of vivid dreams myself and if I think about them long enough I realize that the dreams always connect back to something I read or watched recently, something that happened recently or something that I was afraid of and my mind was trying to cope with it because I didn't cope well while I was awake.

With that out of the way I had a dream maybe 20 years ago about WWIII. I was at the beach and I saw many large aircraft filling the sky, horizontal to the beach. Paratroopers began jumping out of the planes and makeing their way to the beach. Everyone just stood there watching as they got closer and closer until a soldier started fireing on the beachgoers. Everyone started screaming and running for their lives including myself.

The rest is kind of grey to the exact details, but I lived for the rest of a very long dream. One of those dreams where you wake up exhausted and sweating. I was much younger then and didn't know much about how the brain works, so I may have watched Red Dawn and ate too much sugar before I went to sleep. Maybe it was prediction? I guess we will both find out.

I went through a Godzilla stage for a little while when I was a kid. Staying up late watching cheesy Godzilla movies and haveing nightmares about my town getting stomped up and burned down I would run and run, but could never get away or hide. I have recurring rollercoaster dreams and my favorite dream so far is driveng a flying motorcycle. Dreams rule.

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posted on May, 19 2010 @ 05:20 AM
I have had similar dreams to those you had. I served in the military, in the Navy, but I was an aircrewman/AW (Aviation Warfare) on an S-3 Viking, which is a sub hunter. I have never served as a grunt/jarhead/soldier, althought I trained with Marines and sailors but it was mostly survival in case of crashing in an ocean, or enemy territory.

In my dream/visions I see myself and many other Americans fighting what seems to be foreign soldiers.

My dream/visions have been recurrent and consecutive as if I was watching what was happening day by day.

I have also seen in my dreams/visions metal fences in the fields in rows of two and three, but these are modern fences.

I saw myself and a group of Americans, but also civilians seemed to be with us being captured yet we are rescued by other American soldiers as they open a breach with explosives in one of the walls.

After being rescued I saw myself being called by my commander to debrief him on what happened.

These dreams/visions have been with me even before I joined the military.

The world, or at least America look like a post-apocaliptic world. I have seen people being murdered for their beliefs and even cruxified, and it all seems to start as a race war of some kind.

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