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Not so hidden info in new music video...

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posted on May, 18 2010 @ 08:40 PM
I saw this video recently and was instantly struck by the imagery/word usage. At first blush, it seems very child-like and cute, but it goes MUCH deeper. Bobby is a deeply philosophical man, and it wouldn't surprise me in the least if there were not-so-hidden messages placed within something that most would likely overlook.

I have not bought this CD, and searches for the lyrics online are not available yet. I tried to find what "Ladeo" meant, and this is what came up, (not saying that this is the definition of what he intended, but I found it to match the imagery in the video) is Spanish in origin:

Spanish: ladeo
English: banking
Definition EN: action of causing the lateral axis of an aircraft to assume an angle to the horizontal

Spanish: ladeo, movimiento lateral
English: longitudinal-axis motion, bank motion, banking
Definition EN: inclination of an aircraft with in respect to the lateral axis

The lateral axis of a plane is the line from wingtip to wingtip. For it to bank and assume an angle to the horizon, means the plane would tilt completely on it's side in the air, where the wings are facing directly up and down, not side to side. This would form the image of a cross or a plus sign.

Now, let me say this....I am NOT suggesting there is anything conspiratorial in nature in this video. What I BELIEVE is that there is some deeper wisdom being passed on.

First and foremost, music is the creative force in the universe, and he sets this up right from the beginning. "A song begats a thousand songs..." Throughout the video, he portrays himself as being a creator, singing the universe into existence, so to speak. This is an African creationist story, by the way, where the world and the universe were SUNG into existence. "Singing" being the creative frequencies/vibrations in which all things exist on our physical plane...the 4th dimension. We have 3 dimensions, and a fourth, which is a movement...time. The Hopis and other ancient cultures have long since taught that we will be ushering in the new 5th world. I believe this to be more like ushering in the acceptance of a new added dimension to our in which time will no longer be linear and one-directional, and one in which we will be able to access any point in time, any version of ourselves. This is merely a theory, mind you, but this video seems to support that idea. Read on....

1:27 - Pause the video here, and you will see Bobby point to the Sphinx. HOWEVER, what is only noticeable when the video is paused, is the "dark" planet in direct line with where he is pointing, just past the might have to move the frame slightly forward a tad to see it, but it is clearly there. The planet never comes into full color focus, and then the next scene appears. I find this ironic, given all the flurries over the secret chamber and additionally whether or not there is a 10th planet. This particular scene reminded me of the Sumerian tablet with the solar system depicted, and a distant 10th planet off to the right.

Now, I can't make out all the lyrics, and I won't assume they are what I think they are saying, so I'll pass on that for now. But, there is one section that eludes to something about to happen - something good, but something hidden "inside". I'll let you judge for yourself.

At 2:11, you'll see birds or insects flying past....blurred...precisely in the "ladeo" position, making a plus sign across the screen. Or perhaps a cross?

At around 3:10, I find the imagery extremely relevant to ancient depictions of "two worlds" above and one below, in which the fish passes freely from one to the other. Then, multiple versions of Bobby appear on multiple planets, and even in mountains in the clouds.

At 3:34, the imagery shows four points...again, a cross or ladeo...this image is made entirely of multiple images of Bobby. I interpret this, in light of everything else in the video, as eluding to the idea that he is not one, but many....but many that equal just one. Boy, the mysteries of the universe are complicated aren't they? LOL!

At 3:43, he is flying in this position, himself....the cross or ladeo.

At 3:50, there are three notes featured....the triad, or perhaps it eludes to the trinity in a religious sense. In ALL things, there are triads. It pauses in a pyramidal shape, where two other notes rush in and rush off. In musical terms, this might symbolize the pentatonic scale.

At 4:00, the three notes glow and fade out to a glowing Bobby, signifying that he is a triad....body, mind, spirit. He then lays down, presumably dies, then all of his creations/planets/stars rush upwards, presumably again towards the heavens.

There is so much more symbolism to this video and the lyrics, which I'm absolutely SURE I've missed, but these are just the obvious ones at the moment. I'm hoping I placed this in the right thread, and I'm sure it could have fit into several others, given the variance of symbolism. But I wanted to share, to see if it intrigued anyone else.

posted on May, 19 2010 @ 01:08 PM
reply to post by emeraldzeus

Interesting theory on what Bobby McFerrin's video and its meaning. This is the same man who brought us "Don't Worry, Be Happy", and the style here is much the same with simple vocals and instrumentals.

I do see connections with the world music scene (as that is McFerrin's style), and I am one to think this is more environmental message than anything else.

What I get is he wants people to be in harmony with the planet, the living things on it and themselves. That is a universal theme of his music.

posted on May, 20 2010 @ 01:54 PM
He has been known to sing about deeper things before, so it wouldn't surprise me in the least if he tied in philosophical and ancient ideas with a simple tune. He is, as he's always been, very simplistic with his wisdom when he writes lyrics. I think too many people don't pay attention to the lyrics of songs anymore, and they'd be very surprised to discover what it is they are listening to. This tune, however, wasn't quite as simple, and that's what caught me. Needless to say, I've followed him for years, and have enjoyed the various genres of music he performs. Anyway, looking at the lyrics at face value, they definitely hint at a lot more, so regardless if I'm reading too much into this or not, there IS a deeper message here. In every culture in the world, if there is a statue or a painting of a figure that is pointing, then the artist did it on PURPOSE. He is clearly pointing at the Sphinx, then beyond the Sphinx, in almost a subliminal video frame, the "dark" planet appears in the same line in which he is pointing.


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