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Help locating judicial corporate dissolution cases.

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posted on May, 18 2010 @ 07:04 PM
Hey there ATS! I wasn't sure where to post this. Mod please move to the correct forum if one exists.

I need everyone's help on digging up court cases, news articles etc. On companies that have been dissolved entirely, into public utilities, or had a new board put in place.

EDIT: Below, for example:

Arizona Corporate Dissolution Law
ARIZONA REVISED STATUTES, §§ 10-1401 through 10-1440
Article 1 Voluntary Dissolution
10-1401 Dissolution by incorporators or initial directors
10-1402 Dissolution by board of directors and shareholders
10-1403 Articles of dissolution; effective date of dissolution
10-1404 Revocation of dissolution
10-1405 Effect of dissolution
10-1406 Known claims against dissolved corporation; definition
10-1407 Unknown claims against dissolved corporation
Article 2 Administrative Dissolution
10-1420 Grounds for administrative dissolution
10-1421 Procedure for and effect of administrative dissolution
10-1422 Reinstatement following administrative dissolution
Article 3 Judicial Dissolution
10-1430 Grounds for judicial dissolution or equitable relief
10-1431 Procedure for judicial dissolution or equitable relief
10-1432 Receivership
10-1433 Decree of dissolution
10-1434 Election to purchase in lieu of dissolution
Article 4 Miscellaneous
10-1440 Deposit with department of revenue
10-1430. Grounds for judicial dissolution or equitable relief

2. The directors or those in control of the corporation have acted, are acting or will act in a manner that is illegal, oppressive or fraudulent.

I can't find precedents of this though.

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EDIT: Found one court case so far.

In Matter of General Trading Co., Index No. 106157 (Sup Ct NY County July 28, 2006), a 50% shareholder and creditor of the corporation brought a petition for judicial dissolution even though he had already gained control of all the corporation’s shares under a pledge agreement and had replaced its board of directors with his own single designee. The court dismissed the case on the ground that, since the petitioner held all the shares and controlled the one director, there was no deadlock under BCL Section 1104 and no need for judicial dissolution under Section 1104-a when the petitioner could achieve the same result by filing a certificate of voluntary dissolution under Article 10. The case was decided by Justice Leland DeGrasse of the New York County Supreme Court.

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