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Ranger Apprentice Series....(Book, Fantasy)

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posted on May, 18 2010 @ 01:08 PM
I believe the author's name is John Flanagan....

Anyhow, I actually picked up one of these books in the airport, as I finished another book I was reading (and didn't expect to)...and I needed something to read on the plane.

Once I blew through the first book, I had to get the rest and read them. I'm on book 4 now (and just got back from the trip last week!) and I have to say, it's an exceptionally good series. No magic, but great for any fan of Rangers or medieval adventure stories....kind of Lord of the Rings without the sorcery.... The emphasis is on the heroes' skills (and described very well)...

Anyhow, thought I'd pass along the word... usually in the young adult section, but then again, so was Harry Potter...

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