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Police: Teaching Kids to Mistrust Government Makes Couple ‘Unsuitable’ Parents

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posted on May, 18 2010 @ 08:16 AM

Once in the couple’s home, officers discovered a small amount of marijuana and charged the Coopers with Class B misdemeanors, resulting in both their arrests. Each immediately bonded out of jail and paid a small fine. Days later, while Candi’s youngest son was visiting his father in east Texas, Child Protective Services contacted the Coopers, revealing that the incident could cost them not only custody of the boy, but also their freedom on felony child endangerment charges.

After CPS interviewed the couple, Travis County Deputy District Attorney Dayna Blazey pronounced both Coopers to be fit parents, whose children are healthy, happy and “well cared for.”

“[There] is nothing to indicate that the kids are at risk,” she wrote.

A message requesting the deputy DA’s comment on this story went unanswered at time of publication.

Her conclusion, which falls at the end of documents published below, is almost odd following the numerous pages of text entered by police, who seemingly describe an alternate reality.

Among their claims — that Barry and Candi regularly give illicit drugs to their children, that they allow and encourage other kids to use drugs in their home, that they’ve mentally abused their children by telling them that marijuana is good and anti-drug efforts are riddled with lies — the most extreme is that the Coopers are “unsuitable” parents because they create an environment in which the children learn their “government is out to harm them.”

The allegation is found atop page five of the CPS report.

In another completely dumbfounding, ironic entry, Sgt. Gary Haston of the Williamson County Sheriff’s Department...actually claims he observed the children “crying for no reason” as armed officers invaded their home.

Just wanted to give the defenders of the AZ "Papieren, bitte" law the opportunity to say that the cops are justified here, since it's impossible for police to abuse their authority when given ample opportunity via misguided law.

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posted on May, 18 2010 @ 08:26 AM
My life in london has proven that the police and government are the biggest dangers to anyones life. There is nothing wrong with that realistic assessment.

If the police and government want people to think differently they should not be in effect murdering people for no reason like they are doing today.

posted on May, 18 2010 @ 08:31 AM
its a good thing I don't live in Texas.....

posted on May, 18 2010 @ 08:57 AM
reply to post by mothershipzeta

What is that song by NWA... Ah yes here its F**k the Police. I am seeing more and more cops become more and more crooked everyday. My brother was arrested for walking home from a bar drunk. They slapped him with like 7 charges and none of them stuck. There should be a law against it. but who polices the Police?

posted on May, 18 2010 @ 10:05 AM
Are you purposely ignoring the drug charges against the parents? It sounds more like it's the drug use than the anti-government. Are you stretching this a bit?

posted on May, 18 2010 @ 10:12 AM
I'm so happy I live in Canada. From what I read on this forum I would never be able to be free in the USA. Especially with minds that think "a small amount of marijuana" is likened to stashing a pound of coc aine in your basement, holding classes to teach children why drugs are good and promoting anti government behaviour, not to mention letting your kids cry is an offence according to the quoted officer.

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posted on May, 18 2010 @ 10:14 AM

Originally posted by damwel
Are you purposely ignoring the drug charges against the parents?

It seems that the couple were drug reform activists and the raid, as well as the later CPS report, are politically motivated. Are "drug charges" supposed to provide justification for false reporting on the part of the police?

posted on May, 18 2010 @ 10:22 AM
Absolutely not and I didn't mean to imply that I think people should have their children taken because they smoke a little weed and frankly I believe law enforcement officials who are caught lying should be put to death for misusing the public trust. I just thought that teaching kids to mistrust govt was the least of it even if it is lies.

posted on May, 18 2010 @ 06:45 PM
reply to post by damwel

Ah, fair enough.

Personally, I'm not quite ready to suggest putting police officers to death for lying but I appreciate the sentiment. Might I suggest we compromise at castration and call it cricket.

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