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Who Created God? This is the Ultimate Question.

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posted on May, 24 2010 @ 06:24 AM
reply to post by arbiture

My thoughts regarding the rest of your Post to me:-


From the point of view of nondeterminism, the chain that keeps us from moving on in cosmic evolution is our obsession with our ego.You can't mention sol without thinking of life after death. Here we say life to mean identity. Our ego impacts the information state of the larger existense. During the process of death as people report who have a near death experience's, they experience their impact on others as others do. The more "stuck on" their identity, the kind of people who we say don't care about others because they can't identify with someone else, the kind at extreme we call sociopaths, or evil when they come back seem more "shook up" Because they know awareness from a strong ego centric point, any other perspective is resisted. But as they are exposed to other information, their ego, their perspective, also includes an awareness of what others felt because of them. "Judgement" is not something imposed on us. It's something we experience from the perspective of another's identity.

What you are describing I feel is based on some knowledge of Roman Catholicism, or similar philosophy and your thought regarding Sol (God of the Sun) from a human perspective.

It may interest you???

I am just one of many, who have experienced the withdrawal from this Little Universe.
But my experience of this, which many refer to as a NDE, was nothing at all like you describe.
What I experienced had nothing at all to do with ego, thought or anything I can describe as being of human experience.
During this experience when I was pronounced "brain dead", for a period of more than 30 minutes to others, I was more alive, than before the experience, or after it for that matter.
Thought was not involved, as thought did not exist, during the time known by other people around me.
Thought is a decoding of a Geometric language, via the brain, that produces the experience of thought. The Brain acting as a Decoder/Encoder between Counsciousness and the Experience i.e. your human Form and its Environment.

When we withdraw from the Universe, we discover a world of Mind, that we knew before entering this experience, we call the universe.
The world of Mind has nothing at all to do with the human experience in any form whatsoever apart fron experiencing a manufacture Program telling stories. These Stories are our experiences. (What hapens in this program is really only a story of Interactive Art or Geometry) Perhaps this is why in the christian world they say all was Created by or through The WORD ???
What I was reminded of, is that what we call our human form and Universe, is merely a program we experience.
This Program involves a Geometric based processing system.
There was communication in the world of mind but it is purely geometric in content.
This Universe is actually a geometric experience within i.e. "Inside" the Soul Construct, whose base "Partition Map" is used in the processing system and looks like this…

This Drawing is 100% correct.

During this experience humankind refer to as clinical death, as I said, I had NO thought, like I have while experiencing this program.
Emotions weren’t as humankind knows on Earth, and there was No judgement, after the imagination of humankind, No threat whatsoever and the Mind knew ALL things, Not in the form of thought, but as Awareness (Not sequential).
When I started to again experiencing this program or world you know, some of the knowledge remained within my Awareness of the All.
Over the last 37 years this has been slowly decoded into thought, in the form of human understanding.
Overall what I experienced was nothing at all, what is taught by philosophers or religious teachers.


I think animals have this same sense of identity.But it's viewpoint is fixed in events as they unfold. It can't create "simulations" of possible future's. Instinct at this level is hard wired behavior, like nest building, migration, etc. A bird doesn't migrate because it understands in the future it will get cold. It does so because it's one aspect of it's behavior. Someone like me who works in a world of theory, analysis, proof, and per review does not have a conflict with this concept. I can't see, or hear x-rays but know they exist because I see them through the "filter" of machines. I believe all creation is information. As I am now, I lack the ability to comprehend this greater landscape. It doesn't threaten my scientific rationalism. It just tells me theres more then I understand. Wonder begins with self reflection.

Yes you are quite correct in saying;

I believe all creation is information. As I am now, I lack the ability to comprehend this greater landscape. It doesn't threaten my scientific rationalism. It just tells me theres more then I understand. Wonder begins with self reflection.

I do know this for a fact and is Not just a human belief, what we experience as a human form and the environment we interact with, is NOT what most believe it to be.

This experience takes place IN the "Soul Construct", and is NOT Outside the Soul as most believe today.

It is NOT the Soul that experiences this, but instead the Conscious Self, that Dwells in The Soul construct shown above...

The Universe as I have already said, exists only as a “Memory Map" that is being updated automatically, as a result of us writing to the Main Program. A bit like your "1st Person" video games on the Net or on a network. A little more sophisticated though... LOL.

These Programs come from what I call Program Books, and are in the Form of a Stack, involving a complex form of Geometric Language in the form of Glyphs and Drawings on a Program Stage. A bit like your common Animation programs today.
Most of the "Soul Construct" is a Massive "Permanent" Library, based on Hexagonal and Pentagon Formats. Every Soul has a duplicate of this. There are also Temporary Libraries that are Loaded and are read by the Soul.

The "Conscious Self" resides in the nucleus of the Soul. The Experience we call our human form and Universe is actually displayed in a very small Register in the Centre of the Partition Map that Ancient Christian writings referred to as The Throne (Centre) in the New Jerusalem.

In the Work I am involved with full time, I have Compiled more than 50,000 Geometric drawings, that are 100% accurate in detail and text which describes the Soul Construct and its workings, including over 1,000 "Instruction codes" in the form of Glyphs.
I can also provide photos from all over the world, that also show much of what I have documented, can also be found in Décor of Buildings from all walks of Life, Involving Government Buildings, Palaces, Temples of most religions, Cathedrals, Monasteries, temples and churches, Public buildings such as Libraries, theatres, and Arcades.

The belief in losing your Life, is a fallacy or myth, as this is what others are lead to believe, in fact "Consciousness" is NOT Lost as the real you is "Consciousness" or LIFE.

What happens at the so called time of death, is that you stop experiencing through the Brain (Filter) so really you lose a body experience, rather than losing a Life.
LIFE is LIFE and can NOT become its "Opposite" (Death) ! But can only withdraw or change its focus, to the other End of The Mind or Life.
I do know that All is set up in the environment of a Conceptual Plane, having 2 Faces.
One Face represents the “Inner” Mind while the other Face Represents the “Outer” Mind. And All is based in the form of "Stacks" of Conceptual Layers.
But what produces this Universe looks nothing at all like the experience you are having of the human form or Universe it is interacting with.

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posted on May, 24 2010 @ 02:23 PM
Who created God? Easy, he created himself. He built a machine capable of receiving data through the timeless ether and create whatever would be sent to it in genetic code. He then wrote his own genome into a file, mailed it off to the machine and wvoila, God created himself.

posted on Jun, 22 2010 @ 12:16 AM
The Beginning of The All....

This crude animation (two Parts), demonstrates the Concept of dividing the "Darkness" into its two Components...

a. Black
c. White

Gray (Darkness) is the mixture of two Components.

a. Black
b. White

So this has No hew..... or lacks "Contrast".

The Separation of these two Components is achieved by collecting one Component (in the Centre) and leaving the other, in the "Outer".

The first part of the Animation, shows the Separation of darkness, the forming of a single Particle, going on to form a translucent Line.

The Second Part of this Animation, shows the same but goes on to show a stream of Particles, being emitted from a single source to form a more solid Line and goes on to form a "Disc" (Plane) of Light.

The "Disc" (Plane) is then rotated to be viewed on edge.
Any Form can be Rotated out of this Line or Plane as All is Conceptual.

Your World is Created by a Program of "Concepts" in the Form of Rules or Laws.

Hence the Laws of Physics that govern this World.

What produced this Universe came from Awareness that is In the Light.

This “Awareness” is the "Ability to Compare"…

First…. comparing the Opposites; Black and White.

I apologise for the poor definition of the Levels of gray shown in the Animation.

posted on Jul, 30 2010 @ 03:08 PM
Dear People,

God is not something outside of you. God is within you. You are one with God and all of Creation. You are in charge of your own life. You make the decisions and choices in every moment that lead to the next. You know if you are living your life up to the highest possible standards. You control your thoughts and actions. There is no one and nothing more than you. You are the point of your own existence. There are no excuses.

In order for this world to change, WE MUST FIRST CHANGE OURSELVES.

In the end right, wrong, good, bad, left, right, up, down, are all perceptions and IDEAS. This is polarity, for one to exist the opposite equal must too. It is all around you it is everything and everywhere. The Yin and Yang.

When it comes to morality, simply put yourself in the other person’s position and ask. If I were this being would I want this done to me?


Remember life is about balance.

Stop looking for a God outside of yourself.

It is time for humanity to stand equal and one with all life.

Let go of your Ego!

posted on Jul, 30 2010 @ 05:34 PM
From "The Gospel of Thomas".... Quote;

2. Jesus said,

“Let him who seeks.
continue seeking.
until he finds.

When he finds,
he will become troubled.

When he becomes troubled,
he will be astonished,

and he will rule over The All.”

3. Jesus said,

“If those who lead you say to you,

See, The Kingdom is in the sky,
then the birds will precede you.

If they say to you,
It is in the sea,
then the fish will precede you.

Rather, The Kingdom is inside
you, and it is outside.

When you come to know yourselves,
then you will become known,

and you will realise that it is you
who are the sons of The Living Father.

If you will not know yourselves,
you dwell in poverty

and it is you who are that poverty.”

And Regfarding The All.

Also found in "The Gospel of Thomas"... Quote;

77. Jesus said,

“It is I who Am The LIGHT


(As in the LIGHT of The World or LIGHT which has come through the Sun and was in the beginning i.e. LIGHT.)

Continuation of verse 77.

which is above them all.

It is I who Am The All.

From Me did The All come forth,

and unto Me did The All extend.

Split a piece of wood,
and I am there.

Lift up the stone,
and you Will Find Me there.”


What you find when you lift up a Stone is LIGHT which enables you to See what the Stone was Hiding !

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posted on Jul, 30 2010 @ 06:06 PM
After reading several books on the history of the concept of God the conclusion I came with is that, the Concept of God is ancient and initially was created for the need of men to understand the world around them. Let’s for example go back to when civilization was based on hunting and collecting, they needed to hunt their prey for survival, at that time they would go to Shamans. From Wikipedia this is what shamanism is

“Shamanism encompasses the belief that shamans are intermediaries or messengers between the human world and the spirit worlds. Shamans are said to treat ailments/illness by mending the soul. Alleviating traumas affecting the soul/spirit restores the physical body of the individual to balance and wholeness. The shaman also enters supernatural realms or dimensions to obtain solutions to problems afflicting the community. Shamans may visit other worlds/dimensions to bring guidance to misguided souls and to ameliorate illnesses of the human soul caused by foreign elements. The shaman operates primarily within the spiritual world, which in turn affects the human world. The restoration of balance results in the elimination of the ailment.[4]

Shamanism is the most primitive form of religion and spirituality. This shows that Men always needed something to explain their actions, or find balance in their life. Remember that they needed to kill the animals so they could survive. Shamans would tell them the best way to kill so the animal would suffered the least, for example
From Wikipedia Again,

" Scarcity of hunted game
This problem can be solved by “releasing” the souls of the animals from their hidden abodes. Besides that, many taboos may prescribe the behavior of people towards game, so that the souls of the animals do not feel angry or hurt, or the pleased soul of the already killed prey can tell the other, still living animals, that they can allow themselves to be caught and killed."

Then the Greeks came up with the concept of Mythos and Logos

Mythos: Mythos is Greek for Story, and idealizes the adventures of all their Gods and Goddesses. It leaves the listener with moral beliefs, and is the basis of Western religions.

Logos: Logos was Greek for Reason, and was the foundation for their
teachings, government and enterprise.

All western religions have components of Greek Mythos on them. Interesting to know is also that in ancient times people really didn’t believe in the Holy books as factual stories, and the understanding of “God” changed over time since the first concept of God was recorded.

Religion was never supposed to provide answers to questions that lay within the reach of human reason it has to do more with your inner self and to be in peace with it.
As EQUAL73 said God is within you.

posted on Jul, 30 2010 @ 07:17 PM
It was LIFE

(often referred to as.... "Awareness", "Consciousness", "The True Mind", "Mind, Spirit" or
any other term we wish to give it)

which Created All.

All has been Created through the "WORD".

The word "WORD" implies "Communication".

Letters or Glyphs form "Words".
And Words form Strings of Words forming "Communiction".
But even a single Word is "Communication" !

And this Communication is involving "Instructions".

A "Program" is merely a form of "Communication" involving Instructions, Data, and Source Code, "Processed" through an "Operating System".

What has Created this Little Universe, also has done this through a "Processing System".

But who Created God ???

First we have to know what God is !

I would suggest that God is.... “AWARENESS

How did this "Awareness" come about ????

Through an "Astable" condition as a result of “Comparing” the Components of "Nothing"

Have I fallen out of my Tree ??? LOL...


Be Patient...

Let me try and explain....

There is More to this “Component” called "Nothing" that anyone can ever imagine... LOL.

In fact it is the Least Understood and Least known about of all subjects...

"Nothing” is Strangely "Something" ???

If "Nothing" wasn't "Something", the Word "Nothing" would Not be in or Language ???

Think about it ???

It is a Paradox....

Yes “Nothing” (a Noun) is “Something”....

It is to be understood in the Context of being a "Component"...

If we say there is Nothing in there or out there, we are relating to “Something” which of Course is
the “Nothing”.

Often it is said. There is “Nothing” to seen.

or I can See "Nothing".

So we can and do Recognise the Existence of "Nothing" ???

Strange ???

Not really.

This “Nothing”, can also have Shape… dictated by the Vessel or Boundaries this "Nothing" is IN.

These Boundaries my be figurative or just Conceptual or Manifest.

So you see that this “Nothing” is an “Astable” Condition being “Something” & “Nothing”
as Parts (Opposites) of the One.


Therefore an “Oscillation” occurs between these Two, “Nothing” & “Something”, thus one is compared
with the other.

Perhaps this is what demanded the introduction of “Awareness” ???

“Awareness” is the Ability to Compare ???

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