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More controversy surrounding the Miss USA Pageant

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posted on May, 17 2010 @ 05:26 PM
I don't think any of those things she said will affect her.

What might affect her are pictures that just came out of her pole dancing for some radio contest a couple years back. Hey, she looks good in them and apparently won the contest, but I'm not sure Miss USA likes that sort of thing (which frankly, considering the lingerie pictures they commissioned of their contestants this year, would be pretty hypocritical).

posted on May, 17 2010 @ 05:33 PM

Originally posted by prionace glauca
Well it came down to the final two, and out of the two one continued to gaffe while other was baited to reply to a hot topic political question. And the victory goes to the didtz who trips over her gown, & free medications for everyone.

But the BCP's are already free for a majority of states.

How to get free BCP's

So she was really in the lead right up until she told the Hispanic judge that she supported violating his constitutionally guaranteed rights and she lost? Shocker.

Seriously, what do you think they judge these women on? What is it they have to qualify for? Which girl do you honestly think was more prepared for the role of "Smile Ambassador?"

Out of all the beauty pageants we have each year, I remember one by name - Vanessa Williams and she lost her crown. What do you suppose they judges really look for or care about here? I do not know.

Maybe it is just because blond republican chicks with big chests from the Midwest are a little played out. She may be pretty but she is pretty just like every other one of her ilk. Ferrari's are pretty but if I am standing in front of a line of the same color model and new car shows up, that is where my eye will go. That is just me though. Maybe she can sue Jessica Simpson for flooding the market and devaluing the brand.

[edit on 17-5-2010 by K J Gunderson]

posted on May, 17 2010 @ 05:36 PM

Originally posted by OldDragger
My post was entirely on topic.
To try to make political hay, implying some "liberal" conspiracy in the Miss USA competetion is so ridiculous and trivial it defies belief! Particularly when an attempt is made to link to the Arizona law ( yeah I know they asked her, think "current events" ), it's making something of nothing.
Therefor, why care. Who cares? Get it now?

Nope. I still do not understand why someone who does not care takes the time to tell us how little they care and even to come back and explain why they care so little. When I do not care, I do not bother to post at all. Are you telling us we cannot care or is it just what I said and you cared so little you felt we all needed to know you did not care?

posted on May, 17 2010 @ 05:45 PM
reply to post by K J Gunderson

Whatever K J ! Care all you want.
I just see this "controversy" as contrived. Yet another "liberal" v "conservative" event that is being brought up solely to divide people.
Jeez, lighten up!

posted on May, 17 2010 @ 06:00 PM
Didn't Sarah Palin and the FOX News babe's win some of these?
It all boils down to women being subservient to some men's over zealous sex drive. Some men will exploit some women (and vice versa) to make a buck and satisfy their greed. If some women were as smart as they say they are, they would avoid these contests like the plague.

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