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..But what if we make it? What if we live on forever.

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posted on May, 17 2010 @ 03:27 PM
With all the talk of natural disasters and conspiracies and diseases and global warming and 2012 and Niribu and Asteroids and floods and fires and so on, it would appear that we haven't a chance, it would appear the earth hasn't a chance, it would appear that doom is imminent.

The religious, they foresee an end, a cataclysmic end to this world and to us. They see great men returning to the earth to save us from this disaster and carrying us to salvation. The scientific say that inevitably humans will die off and one day cease to exist like all the animals and beings before them and after them, they say it is not possible for a being to survive forever, all things come and go.

But what if through the cataclysms, our saviors don't return to us and carry us to safety and what if it is possible to survive forever? What if through purely being the amazing creatures they are, human beings save themselves and last through the great cataclysms and what if human beings are not synonymous with animal and not like the rest? Simply, what if is all I'm asking.

What if waiting for your saviors will only come back to smack you in the face?, what if you aren't a mere species of being on the earth?, what if your the beings on earth and your fate lies in your hands and not in chance or coincidence?

What if the earth isn't as fragile as we think, what if we are multipurpose creatures and one of our purposes is to care for the planet instead of taking it for granted? What if human beings have a purpose and life isn't a coincidence? What if?

I'm not saying the religious books are wrong and I'm not saying science is wrong, what I'm saying is that they are far from infallible and what if we make it? I hope this lifts your spirits, because we have a lot of obstacles between conspiracies and the troubles on this earth, but we are not mere apes, we have been told we have the power to destroy the earth and destroy ourselves, so why don't we use that power to protect the earth and save ourselves?

I am the protector, the lone white wolf, and this is my message, you have the power as everyone does, we are all here to do something.. we are all here and therefore we can do something.. so instead of acting as victims, lets act as warriors of the soul and heart.

~The Protector~


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