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Scientists Find 'Baffling' Link between Autism and Vinyl Flooring

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posted on May, 17 2010 @ 02:29 PM
reply to post by TheIrvy

Great so now autistics are enlightened.
Give me a break.

I don't know why you stay that auties have their emotions under control. Most of them have terrible temper tantrums. The difference lies in what they get upset over. We have specific empathy deficits, but also empathize better than others with some things. I remember going to a specialty clinic a few years ago, and several young auties were there, and all of them were flipping out over issues. They were obviously distressed, and it wasn't just because society didn't accept them.

I can understand not wanting to believe that you're disordered, but this is the truth. This has nothing to do with not fitting into the system. Nobody does. Everyone is slightly different, but these differences don't cause most people much harm. It's only in people who are severely different that have issues. This is how autism is.

I've done a lot of research into autism. It almost always involves genetic propensities and environmental triggers. Almost all autistics have gastrointestinal issues, and most don't absorb nutrients well. You can't possibly tell me that this is normal, and healthy

Most people with these genetic propensities are hurting in this ever-increasing toxic world we live in. Perhaps in the past the differences were subtle and we were just a little off, but these days more and more people are showing up with severe differences that are obviously causing much harm to the individual and family/society as well.

I just think it's wrong to act like we're okay, and this is normal. Genes don't work in a vacuum they interact with the environmental terrain. We're mucking up our environment, and it's causing detrimental effects to life on this earth.

posted on May, 17 2010 @ 02:32 PM
...i think formaldehyde is one of the biggest culprits... its in everything - cabinets, carpets, permanent press material... TheIrvy... autism has a wide spectrum, from highly functional to barely functional... you're one of the lucky ones... so is stephen wiltshire and others classified as autistic savants... sometimes high functionality can be attributed to exceptionally enlightened parenting / therapy but not always, not even most times...

posted on May, 17 2010 @ 02:39 PM
I have no health issues whatsoever. Perfectly fit and healthy in every way. I've also never recieved any medical treatment for my autism.

You're seeing what you're told to see. You've been trained to believe that autism is a disease, and that's how you see it. You are the prime example of what I said back a few posts ago. If you reinforce any concept or behaviour onto a person, they will adopt whatever behaviours or problems you choose to program them with.

I did not say that autistic people were enlightened. I suggested that autistic people have a natural ability afforded them by virtue of being autistic that makes the disciplines necessary for a higher spiritual understanding something that they are born with, rather than having to spend their lives trying to learn. The flip side of that is that we have to spend our lives trying to learn how to interact and be social, whilst that enviable skill comes naturally to NTs.


I've been told time and time again whilst working in care that the only people who truely understand autism are autistic. Why then do we heed to advise of NT doctors, who can point out the differences without ever understanding them? Why do we so readily believe that drugs and vaccines given out to the general populace are laced with harmful chemicals that cause so many of the current "new disorders", but when it comes to autistic care, the entire medical profession is saintly and wonderful? Catch a grip!

posted on May, 17 2010 @ 02:42 PM

Originally posted by Wyn Hawks
...i think formaldehyde is one of the biggest culprits... its in everything - cabinets, carpets, permanent press material... TheIrvy... autism has a wide spectrum, from highly functional to barely functional... you're one of the lucky ones... so is stephen wiltshire and others classified as autistic savants... sometimes high functionality can be attributed to exceptionally enlightened parenting / therapy but not always, not even most times...

Yes, I'm lucky. In my earliest years, the most formative of all, I recieved the necessary autistic upbringing that led to my being a healthy, well adjusted, well developed adult. If I were brought up by parents who feared me, who cried all the time because of their broken son, who ended up divorcing because they couldn't handle the situation, if I'd been pumped full of mind altering drugs, if I'd been put in a special school and told I was retarded and not fit for normal society, then I'd say I'd be a fairly different person right now.

It's a chicken and the egg situation. You see the results, and do not question the cause, because the man in the white coat says "disorder", you tut and aww, poor things, now lock them away.

posted on May, 17 2010 @ 02:45 PM
reply to post by TheIrvy

I didn't go to see a regular doctor I went to an orthomolecular practitioner. Someone who works with autistics and has a very high success rate with them. Balancing the gut, and taking nutritional supplements goes a long way with most autistics.

Do you not have any gastrointestinal issues? I'm beginning to think you don't have autism at all. Perhaps you're just an intelligent INTP.

My thinking that I'm disordered has little to do with being told so. I don't much care what other people think of me. My parents never tried to put me on pharmaceuticals, or sent me to psychiatrists who told me I was wrong. I simply began to notice profound differences in myself as compared to most people, and went online in search of the cause.

As most enlightened doctors are aware, autism can be thought of as having a starving mind. This is because the gut is so screwed up that it doesn't properly absorb nutrients, and the necessary enzymes needed to detox heavy metals aren't synthesized. I would highly suggest you look into things like gut dysbiosis, and orthomolecular therapy.

I will agree with you that simply saying autism is a disorder doesn't do much of anything in itself. I get very frustrated when people tell me I'm just different, or disordered. This is because both of these don't begin to address the causes. I think you're a bit clueless as well. I suggest you do a bit more research before thinking that we're just different, and it's only genetic.

I, and many others, are living proof that the majority of negative symptoms from autism can be greatly diminished with the appropriate therapy that addresses the root causes.

[edit on 17-5-2010 by unityemissions]

posted on May, 17 2010 @ 02:53 PM
Quantify "success" with autistics, please.

So you find it more logical to assume that I am not autistic because I do not have gastro issues? Rather than the reason I already gave you? I'm not speaking off the top of my head here. I've spent years researching, working with more profoundly autistic people, reading their case studies, meeting their parents, talking about their early years and how they were treated.

Honestly, I despair of this place sometimes. You claim to be denying ignorance, but you embrace it. On one hand you shout about this conspiracy and that conspiracy, but then with the same breath you accept something else at face value simply because it doesn't affect you.

I'm sorry to burst your bubble people, but this goes beyond this issue. You cannot believe that the government is controlled by a shadowy group of people that have been in power for thousands of years, and then expect a new president or prime minister to effect any kind of change. You cannot blame Obama for carrying out the plan that was set in motion years before he was given "power". You cannot believe that Pharma firms are sterilizing and poisoning and killing people globally and then think of them as saints and scholars in this one isolated instance.

posted on May, 17 2010 @ 02:56 PM
reply to post by TheIrvy

I don't understand who you're speaking to. You are assuming a whole lot here. That's about all I have left to say to you. You're most definitely ignorant on the issue of autism. Sad to see a fellow autie so unenlightened.

posted on May, 17 2010 @ 03:03 PM
At least I'm not ignorant of my own nature. You need to do a bit more research yourself. Many other people have a similar view to me, that autism is not a disorder, not a disease, and should be nurtured rather than "treated".

You are familiar with autism: the problem. You are fully versed in the lies that have been rammed down your throat, and you believe them.

posted on May, 17 2010 @ 03:08 PM
reply to post by TheIrvy

Who is THEY? You claim that people aren't addressing the cause. WHAT IS THE CAUSE?

I've told you the cause. It's not that hard to comprehend. YOU are the ignorant one. I'm simply informed, and treating my DISORDER.

[edit on 17-5-2010 by unityemissions]

posted on May, 17 2010 @ 03:10 PM

Originally posted by SpectreDC

Originally posted by unityemissions
reply to post by SpectreDC

Nonsense. It's an actual disorder which can be seen on brainscans! It's not merely a social acceptance. It's not a belief. It's reality.

Much like how being of a different race, sexual orientation and anything else that has been seen as a "disorder".

Look at the word for a moment. Disorder. "You" don't fit in. "You" can't exist within our system of order because you're "different".

Yeah, you're different. You're still human though. But far be it from me if you feel you need to take chemicals you don't understand to fix something someone else told you was a problem.

Your totally missing the point in the word disorder. Dis-Order, meaning out of order, out of sync etc. Autism is a disorder, it is diagnosed through a spectrum of severity. The neurological signs and causes are very definate. Autistic people suffer greatly depending on how affected they are...this comes from 8 years of experience working with autistic people. Autistic people DO NOT KNOW how to read body language, this is a mental disability end of story.

posted on May, 17 2010 @ 03:14 PM
reply to post by jrmcleod


Some people are just incredibly ignorant and unable to accept the reality of their situation.

Do you use enzymes, probiotics, or nutrient therapy when working with autistics?

The results are quite remarkable in my case and many others.

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