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Political Fundraising Reaches a "hopeless state"

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posted on May, 17 2010 @ 10:09 AM

In case you didn't make the list for this political fundraiser....let's share a part of the invitation shall we....

Dear Concerned Patriots, In an effort to take back this country from those who seek to destroy it, either wittingly or through ignorance, we are requesting your assistance. Our friend, Dr. Marvin B. Scott, Professor of Sociology at Butler University, is running for Congress against Andre Carson in the 7th District of Indiana. Mr. Carson, grandson of former Congresswoman, Julia Carson, has a voting record supporting every possible welfare program helping to perpetuate the dismal and hopeless state of his race inflicted upon them by the hoax of "the Great Society." The only hope for this country to maintain (or regain) its greatness is to return as many Republicans as possible to Congress. So please help us relegate Mr. Carson to the dustbin of history. Perhaps President Barack Hussein Obama can find him a position with the Department of Homeland Security along with Arif Alikham and Kareem Shora, the two other devout Muslims recently appointed by "The One" to positions of authority in that organization which was created to protect us from Muslim terrorists. Please see the attached invitation to a fundraiser...

Indianapolis Times News

They are asking for $66 dollars. Maybe they should have made it $666. I don't care if your politics are red, blue or a shade outside the visual spectrum, this is a new level of low in the American political system and about as politically incorrect as you can get in my opinion. Is this what's selling these days in politics?
Yuck...just yuck (a highly technical term).


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