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2050 and the Middle East

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posted on Jun, 7 2004 @ 07:48 PM
Iran, Iraq and Saudi Arabia will have formed a new country based upon capitalism rather than religious fanaticism and the concept of proliferating ignorance with contempt and hatred for other cultures.

Terrorism has been replaced with economic prosperity for over 35 years in the middle east and replaced by a society where free people decide their own destiny without kings or a tyrannical regime . Terrorism was finally seen as an invalid means to accomplish wider economic benefit and totally without any redeeming change in the middle east.

With an American presence in the Middle East and central to it's emergence as a world power, The Saudi's are major players in the world bank and central to loans for emerging capitalist countries such as Africa and the Sudan. it's wealth, gained by its oil, is now obsolete. Their past investments are the only key to their personal wealth. Their personal commodity having no other means of growth is to be invested in other nations. The royal family is out of power due to moral suasion by the United States and replaced by a democratic form of government with free elections and a judicial system of laws rather than religious condemnation.

IBM has built a large neo-technology facilities for the development of new metals which are molecularly grown with silicon and bacteria. General Motors has also built a large research facility involving neotech science.

Oil has been obsolete for 20 years with the newest breakthrough in dynamic gravity engines which draw upon the magnetic field of the earth to power electric generators 10 miles underground in the United States and Europe. The power from these gravity engines is also used and transmitted to vehicles, airplanes, homes and remote generators powering smaller utility machines.

Due to an abundance of silicone, the middle east is also central to the building of vehicles also powered by gravity engines and completely automated with computers to navigate and travel at over 250 MPH on superhighways and mangaged by satellite navigation technology. These vehicles are exported to all corners of the world for final assembly creating millions of jobs in formerly underdeveloped countries.

Finally, the proliferation of satellite campuses of the G. W. Bush University across the Middle East has been central to growth and economic prosperity and expansion within the Middle East.

All Stress Is Caused By Negative Thinking.

posted on Jun, 7 2004 @ 07:52 PM
Who said thats fantasy!! It might turn out to be true, ya never know! Most of it sounds possible too me!

1 last thing, Bravo for actually thinking we'll still be alive then! and not been killed by some act of nature, meteor, or nuclear war or somethin!

posted on Jun, 11 2004 @ 01:11 AM
It's nice to see a positive prediction every now and then.

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