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The End of Humanity

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posted on May, 17 2010 @ 02:12 AM
Humanity is not the top of the food chain for no reason. Indeed it is commonly accepted that reason itself is responsible for the human condition of superiority or advancement. This idea relies on the belief that o other animal possesses reason, or thought processes. And here I object, consequently disagreeing with the theory that reason is what makes us different from all other animals.

There is no, and there cannot be, any evidence for the absence of something. Its utterly absurd to behave and think on such precept of non-existence. And this serves well to reason. Why would it be absent from everywhere else but in us? Foolishness! Reason is not what makes us different. In fact, it is just the opposite. The malfunction of reason is what makes us different. All animals have their reason in perfect order, until humans with the malfunctioning reason get in their way.

For example, a dog will only become violent if it is treated with violence. In normal cases, where reason is functioning properly this violence will be only of one moment. A tiger bites the dog, the dog bites back – or at least tries. If the dog survives it keeps on as always after recovering. But now in a abnormal situation, where reason is malfunctioning, the violence persists and overtakes all the succeeding moments. A man chains a dog and hits him everyday more than he feeds him. Even if the man stops hitting after a while the dog will try to bite whoever comes close for the rest of his days, until some malfunctioning reason intercedes again.

Animals are animals because their reason is flawless, until a flawed reason intervenes. And this is how humans dominated the world, by intervening on the basis of flawed reason. They create a hole of no meaning in the meaning of nature and then fill the hole with unreasoned meaning, which only makes the hole deeper.

Taking the eyes of the dog, we are first free and meaningful. Then we are found and adopted by a human. This human hits us more than gives us food. What is the sense in this? What is the meaning (in natural terms)? There is none, its pure action and reaction – which for a flawless reason simply doesn’t make sense and serves no purpose, although each action and each reaction separately do serve their purpose. But the hitting goes on. This human is not a predator, what the hell is he? What sort of behavior is this that makes no sense? He is a torturer. But nature doesn’t know torture. So we lose our senses and perfect reason to adapt to unperfected human reason. We leave nature behind and adapt to the world of humans and flawed reason, the world of torture and torturers. When a hand comes near me, I have to protect myself. The hand is torture. Nothing else matters now, because this torture is the only thing that can actually disturb my peace – when before peace was all we knew, even in moments of hunger or pain.

How did this malfunctioning human reason come about then? When did we become different from animals and why? What purpose serves this malfunctioning since it is a product of nature and nature has flawless reason?

As the question relates to reason the answer lies in dreams. The malfunctioning of reason is a consequence of the unstable sleep – or unstable dreaming.

Animals only dream when sleeping (when unaffected by human imperfectness). And sleeping for them is not only essential but unavoidable. They can’t work without sufficient energy and rest, their bodies turn off and that’s that, there is no striving of mind to overcome the needs of the body, save few exceptions when pray and predator meet.

Now humans dream all the time, no only when sleeping. Their dreaming is uncontrolled, independent of sleep, or independent of body while being dependent on mind. This is the main difference between animals and humans. Human dreams depend on mind, animal dreams depend on body.

This change came to existence through evolution – nature’s perfectly reasonable plan. Humans evolved because of their heterogeneous characteristic, meaning their big adaptability or variable means of survival. (If humans wish to continue evolving they have to remember how and why they came to be at their present stage of evolution – through variability).

Eventually this variability reached man’s sleep, made him change the day for the night and so on. It was the natural change from bug pray to big predator. But his sleep patterns changing would consequently affect his dream patterns. Man became more successful as a predator, having more time to sleep and more time to dream. So successful he became that he could sleep for days straight, not needing to go out hunting or cooking. Everything being readily collected and preserved. No need to do anything. Excess of health and wealth. But although he could sleep for days – theoretically – practically he couldn’t. The body wouldn’t allow it. That was when dreaming reached beyond sleep.

Mind keeps working forever, it never stops. So when man reached the point of not needing to do anything mind started working on terms of pats and future, dreams came into the waking life.
When this took place reason was still perfect, so there was no distinguishing between dream state and reality. But eventually humans lost track of reason for indulging too much on the joys of dreams. Excess of anything brings the deficiency of something else. The excess of health and wealth resulted in the deficiency of reason

And what then is the purpose of deficient reason? What does nature expect as a result of this apparent malfunction? Because for us humans it only seems evil. We are unable to see the function of bad reason – and of course, not for good reason. This deficient reason seems only to hold us back. But is it really so? No. Nothing holds us back but ourselves. And we are not bad reason, we are much more, although bad reason is part of us.

So if the only thing that holds us back is ourselves what we need to do, and this is what bad reason is for, is to destroy ourselves. Yes. It sounds crazy, huh? Have you ever heard a giant river flowing? It is the craziest thing I have ever experienced – and I recommend it strongly.

Nature expects us to kill ourselves, to make humanity extinct. Yeah, I’m talking here of the end of the world – explosive subject nowadays. The world is human – for humans. And the objective of humans is to destroy themselves and their world. Man is the wolf of Man. We are our own predators and preys. Fear not for its not a common predator and prey situation, it is easier and less painful – for the strongest.


posted on May, 17 2010 @ 02:15 AM
Once we were monkeys, now we are human, and it is time for the next change. But this time the change is exponentially more complex as evolution progresses from the simple to the complex. For monkeys to become humans monkeys could still exist. But for humans to become something else humans have to cease their existence.

Okay, so should we start killing everyone and then kill ourselves? Of course not, c’mon, our reason is bad but its not SO bad. Would killing people and then killing yourself exterminate the human race? Not likely with so many of us alive and reproducing non-stop. You could do so if you had atomic bombs in hand, but I believe that people who have atomic bombs in hand enjoy too much of their dreamy human life to end it so soon.

So whats the solution? First we have to understand what we are, what humans and humanity is so that we can finish it off efficiently. Humans are those creatures who dream while awake and have malfunctioning reason, in other words, a cultural creature. Culture is what makes humanity. Culture, the sense of good and bad behavior, is the enemy. But if you ever read the art of war you will know that you don’t attack the enemy before knowing about his intentions, capabilities and the terrain of battle.

I will let each of you do your own study on culture. It makes no good for me to talk about it more than I have done here. But what about the terrain? Where does the battle take front? In the mind. Culture acts through concepts. Humanity is conceptual, humans are conceptual-mind beings. The human world is created by concepts and in the same way it could only be destroyed by concepts. It doesn’t help to kill 300 people at once if 30000 are being born at the same time. But if you destroy one mind all else ceases to exist, except for the destroyer. And this destroyer is the post-human species, the evolution of humans – the cause of their extinction. Just as happened with the cave man and the Cro-Magnon man – which later gave way to us sapiens sapiens.

The “father” of this new species is commonly called as the anti-christ. Christ came to save humanity. The anti-christ came to destroy it. Both come in perfect timing. Nature’s time.
Now man has long known about all this, but because of very very bad reason they have been trying to postpone their destiny – chosen by nature. This of course caused much torment without the realization of the cause of it. Unfortunate for those humans that came after Chris and before the anti-christ. But now the anti-christ has come and because our ancestors suffered more than they needed to we were awarded with the possibility of a truly good life without any torments. By torments here I mean imbalance; too much of any thing and the absence of everything.

It’s a true spin on the head, but that’s our nature – to have our heads spinning. Not the nature of humans, let me mind you. Humans have solid minds – they know what they do. And they know what they do because they have too much of something - could be anything.

Only when they have too much discomfort they will be able to evolve, or kill themselves. But humans hate discomfort and love comfort. Yeah, no wonder it Is taking so long for us to evolve. Is it even possible for them to consciously kill themselves and evolve? Not likely. And that is when the anti-christ comes in, to help them evolve, to give them discomfort.

This post-human specie is absent of nothing but has not too much of anything. It will come to reign with perfect good and available reason for all. This specie will not be the cause of extinction of any other specie – although the “father” anti-christ has to extinguish with humans and humans only.

The anti-christ is like Christ, born from a virgin mother. This means that although he looks 100% human in reality he is something else, for every human is born from a mother that had sex. But in the anti-christs terms a virgin mother is the same as a prostitute mother, so in this aspect he differs from Christ. Christ is the son of God for his mother is virgin. The anti-christ is the son of man, for his mother is a prostitute.

Of course he is the son of man. As man is the son of monkey, and monkey the son of God. Wait, Jesus was a monkey? Well, if you gave him banana he would be one, but there was no banana in the deserted area in which he lived and that’s why he went to India for a while, to get some banana and be a monkey.

I love jesus! I love banana!

One thing that is complicated about the anti-christ is that he abominates names. This hinders a bit his objective of making man evolve because man needs a name. He cannot offer one though. The anti-christ that has a name is just some silly human holding to his humanity. Thus it becomes a very difficult task to destroy a conceptual world without using possessive concepts – humans are so possessive.

How to identify the anti-christ properly then? Quite simple, he is anti-everything, including anti-anti. He invents no new concepts or words, only uses the old ones to make themselves lose their value. When in action looks like a fool, exactly like every wise man.
What else to say? I’m doing my part, for I am able to consciously put myself in situations of deprivation and discomfort. It surely wasn’t like this before, it became like this after meeting the anti-christ. I owe much to him and am very grateful for showing the way – or better yet, for showing me the wrong way, or not showing anything at all but trying to show something. That something was enough for me to start making myself confused with no external help, and eventually I came to where I am now – putting myself in front of a coming train.

And while the train doesn’t get to me I tremble with fear, hoping that it will all be over soon. The longest seconds of my life! And that the father of the monkey (something like a squirl?) be with you in the coming end!

A men! As they say it enthusiastically in the church of Christ.

A mom key! As they say it boringly in the church of anti-christ, which doenst exist and shall never exist.

What will be the saying in the church of humanity before it puts itself into extinction? Whatever it shall be don’t pen nick, be real!

And to hell with 2012! The time is now or is not. Makes no difference these f** names. “Its not frozen water, it is ice” – Do us this favor and kill yourself, you have postponed it for long enough. If you are not tired of waiting, someone definitely is. And as Christ said that good brings more good and evil more evil, waiting only brings more waiting. Why are you weighting? Concerned about your beauty? There is nothing as beautiful as death.

I apologize for these last words, I know not where they came from, but it came – naturally. Bleh, shoe! I am too much of a full. Watery’s dis – co? Too much…To munch…To munch of a full, he has to put some out – bottom or up – it comes nasty anyway. Nature is nasty. Humans are a pen in the ass. That’s why I like to produce this sort of excrement and be natural. But if there is no one to much I simply stop itting and let myself be e tan. By it – the sun; Angel E.T.

Any questions?

[Piss esc – For project Piss bee. In glitch is a devilish language, I lie-k-8, u lie-k-2? 8+2 = tan. Math is so emotional! What is a devilish emotion? In gear! Hey, thread! But fun e…Fan no easy makes me slip – like a banana pill! Met magicians, hell pigmi out, piss! 1 + 1 = to, 2 + 2 = for, 4 + 4 = it?! I now knot math – my specialty is the sword. Do I have your bow? If not, shoot! Its growing into a 3…A never dying 3…3+3 = sicks, 666 = be st ill(u) zion. Devil – e – red. Two horns and sale ants…Oh, pen! No clothes! S- U-I-C-I-decide. Or someone will do it for you and it will be a murder, a violent and sad mother – which will cause you quite some shame. You need no cause though, better to make your own de-incisions. Murder is always there anyways. You just need to esc – if you really feel like you need something. But that’s just full-isness]

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posted on May, 17 2010 @ 02:17 AM
And enough is a nuf – the opposite of fun. This is what happens when you have such an Oh, pen! Really chan [zen] ship. Never enough, never fun. Only Miss Airy – daughter of the Wind – grandchild of Hate.

What do you find in the ocean besides fish? Sh..hells! Or is that on the bitch?


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posted on May, 17 2010 @ 02:35 AM
reply to post by Geladinhu

While I agree with you that mankind is not the only reasoning creation - actually, I would say we are losing reasoning if you look at the way we behave - it has been proved that a lot of animals are highly intelligent, probably also at the point of their deaths at the hands of humans, which is another issue I have, I do not agree that it has anything to do with dreams.

It is because we have lost our direction, and have no problem with wars, torture and other cruelty - I have a huge problem with these issues.

I blame organized religion for causing wars, hatred, suffering and everything else.

I also have to acknowledge that humans have always been warmongerers, torturers and planet wreckers.


All I can offer in explanation is that humans believed in their salvation through religion, and fewer believe it now.

All I can say to anyone who may want to get around this anomaly is if you follow the teachings of Jesus you can't go far wrong.

Or, follow your spirit.

And be kind to animals.

I can't explain why humans are so horrible, and why we were created.

posted on May, 17 2010 @ 10:02 AM
reply to post by catwhoknows

Hi catwhoknows... funny I like cats.

Don't blame religion. It is merely a tool for those who know how to wield its power.
Never stop breaking it tho

posted on May, 20 2010 @ 12:06 AM
reply to post by catwhoknows

There is no one to blame, there is no guilt. Everything works perfectly. Humans are not so horrible. Horrible is our perception of humans. We were created for the same reason as the species before us was created, to give way to the next species. But if humanity becomes smart enough it will be realized that the next species doesn't come in fashionable clothing, but in wild (out of the box) behavior.

posted on May, 20 2010 @ 12:16 AM
I write so much for so little.

I think I understand. I am probably the only full here, everybody else is empty - just sucking everything up...

posted on May, 20 2010 @ 12:49 AM
reply to post by Geladinhu

I understand what you said, and you quite get it right. But let me enlighten people why we are on this road:

We, as like animals, wake up, eat, sh*t, sleep, sex, work, move around and etc. And as time went on, human beings stop evolving (a powerful occurence) based on their securities (sciences, technology) and allowed TPTB who control what we eat, drink and medicine.

The "age of aquarius" is a meaning towards humanity...not its stage of age based on the star. It is the age where man bears the water with his jar. Pisces has two fish; meaning two at conflict. I see it where man takes the two fish (ying and yang) and puts it in his water jar.

That's why the ego is the issue. The mirror that everyone have in their homes are the causes of this ego issue. When we see ourselves in front of the mirror, we judge on ourself. We judge on our strengthes and weakness of our appearances. Some hate how they look, and some are narcissitic, which can be both a good thing and a bad thing. Our ego recieves power over the Id and super-ego because the ego and the you are the ones to project in reality.

So what stopped us? what caused the confusion and allowed people to go nowhere? It was the mirror, the mirror that showed us who we are and in our heads, when we became materialistic, decide that our body image is key to surivival, aka natural selection.

Once you let go, love goes beyond the heavens. Example: The allegory in the trilogy Lord of the Rings, Frodo is needed to destroy the ring from where it was made; the ring represents ego power and it was created in a volcano (which represents island aka EYEland, with the fire in our eyes when we see ourselves in a mirror)

So i guess we're all here to spread the love and message so that our future selves can see whats the issue and hwo to contain it. Right now its control over choas, everything is about control the outer and not inside, of ourselves. With choas comes order; always in a natural way. Everything in space was made by imperfection. So are we humans, we are flawed in many and different ways and we need each other to survive. we are all heroes and villians. We have a choice to make.

I am that I am.

posted on May, 20 2010 @ 12:05 PM
reply to post by Geladinhu

Beautiful. I'm totally digging your respons

What do you mean with full and empty ?

posted on May, 26 2010 @ 11:04 PM
reply to post by Sinter Klaas

Full - Fool - The one that has too much, had enough, and has to put it out whether he wants it or not. Like someone that ate too much cake and has to go to the bathroom.

Empty - Opposite of Fool. Hungry, always sucking everything in, but doesn't puts anything out.

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