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How Hezbollah plans to start a war with Israel this summer

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posted on May, 16 2010 @ 04:45 PM

Syria and Hezbollah are planning to try to drag Israel into war this summer. Hezbollah intends to carry out a terrorist attack a small town in northern Israel, while receiving assistance from Arab residents from villages in northern Israel. Apparently, there is a close connection between this information to the arrest of the two Arab leaders by the Israeli security services recently. This attack will be accompanied by massive firing of rockets into northern Israel. Hezbollah's aim is to cause Israel to respond severely and in fact to start war with them. Hezbollah is relying on a sever attack on Lebanon, which will lead Hezbollah to strike Israeli home front severely. Hezbollah will respond by firing hundreds of missiles at Air Force bases in the north and in the south of Israel intensely and constantly. There will also be a massive rockets attack at oil refineries in Haifa and at other strategic targets, such as major electricity facilities in Israel, the Kirya at Tel Aviv and the international Ben-Gurion Airport.

At the end of our interview I asked him, how many Israeli casualties will be, according to your knowledge of your weapon deadly power? I was almost breathless at this horrific moment and after a minute of inconvenience for both of us; he looked straight in to my eyes and whispered at me: too much. Too much. We are going to kill and get killed so we can get our country back.


we have heard many theories and stories before this but this is apparently straight from the horses mouth. I dont know the credibility of the mid east intel analysis source but if true, this will be a devastating conflict...

posted on May, 16 2010 @ 04:55 PM
I never put too much stock in anonymous people who say they will be
killed if their name is released. And all that I read is now blasted all over
the world at least on ATS. I would think that Israel will get word of this
real fast, if they haven't already, and be prepared to defend all of the
places that are claimed to be targets. In the end times, there will be wars
and talk of wars, so we will soon see.

posted on May, 16 2010 @ 05:22 PM
reply to post by TheCoffinman

You don't need to do much to start a war with Israel, well the truth is, they are already in war, they are just thinking what the next move is.

Don't forget Israel has occupied, and continually occupying Palestinian lands, and Syrian, and Lebanese etc

Don't waste your time on someone who thinks he knows the future.

This is something so obvious, the war began long time ago, and it hasn't ended, for someone to make the prediction that an un-ended war will start again is stupid at its best.

posted on May, 16 2010 @ 05:22 PM
reply to post by TheCoffinman

Hey everyone on ATS, how reliable is the news source? I never saw this website before. Your oppinions please. The statements made are iffy. Who goes out and says where they will attack, unless this is just a lie to attack somewhere else. That is like me saying, i'm going to attack you in bed while your sleepping with a baseball bat on this day and hour. Well, you would think that the other guy sure will be waitting with a short barrel shotgun. I do not think this news is true, that is why i say iffy.

posted on May, 16 2010 @ 09:27 PM
no source or creditability here...
All I can say it fits in with a lot prophetic thinking at the moment .
Not so much this interview or accounts but the whole middle east situation.

It also lines up with threats from USA re: Iran...and not directly but also China.
Russia is doing big deal with Syria...Egypt is warning Israel about not attacking Syria or Lebanon. Iran, Russia , China, N Korea and Brazil plus the Arab states are all tight or inter woven...Turkey is also floating in between this alliance, and Europe...who ever will accept them I think will be the way the go.

We have Thailand at near civil war, already invaded Iraq, and Afghanistan.

US is trying to tie Pakistan to last bomb threat and Taliban extremists with more threats...

German is on military action in ME even though it isn't allowed to be under sanctions after WWII, Greece, Spain and a few other south European nations are near broke or broke with civil unrest.

North and South Korea are tense after sinking of ship plus last report warning shots after NK boats were provoking them.

Iran and nuke threat, UN talks on this subject recently...they also had a party that gathered all allies together in USA the other to all nations but noticeable officials of higher rank were allies.
Also had 2 recent war games in short space of time.

USA, Germany and Israel have had recent war games that come shortly after recent us and Israel war games.
Localized murders and kidnappings, and incursions etc in and around Israel and boarding countries.
Indirect peace talks, allowing all parties time to fully prepare and flex might.

Europe and euro and union in near taters at the moment, Britain not aligning to bail out, major stockpiling of a future fund for Europe..debt crisis, that could also be a stockpile for expenses in preparation of military action?

USA is in server financial crisis, debt alone will never be paid off, as an example of how bad it is. If the USA made a payment from this moment onwards for the next 100years @ $10,000 a hour it would still be in debt beyond belief...That figure is prob wrong but I had annalists and owner of a gold bullion bank, give me the correct figures if anyone really needs me to be accurate...but suffice to say it's not good.
add to the US woes is China is the single largest holder of bonds and dollars and literately has controlling power if it was a stock holding company arrangement. This is a major issue in many varying ways..

Plus a lot of other happenings could also be tied to the current tensions.

If to say the Russia China, ME etc alliance was to theoretically win control of ME totally ousting US and allies from the region it would control virtually all of the oil producing regions and pipes and ship strangle the west.

Apart from all the actual facts and threats and media releases from varying states and countries leaders...I have to say I can and have felt something in the spirit for a bout 2 years now.
I wont get all paranoid, or weird but I basically decided to stop seeking full time work and normal consumerism..although never been a big popular fad seeker...if I buy its quality and need now. But in annalists I cant see how the west nations can get out of the capitalism free market hole and debt cycle with some big event..We are staving of the next depression and when that hope is gone thru greed and other circumstances then there is little choice but to wage war to wipe the slate, gain advantages of victories etc.

My own prophetic feelings and visions in the spirit...I seen it, it will happen soon(weeks or with 2years I have no time line nor predict one) I have friends that also feel this and they are normal non ATS folk. There will be life after was as the victor needs them, and looser also concedes that fact too.
Too many things, biblical as well as other religions and cultures all lining up with similar outcomes. I say be aware but not scared. Peace fellow ATSers, I not a scare monger, just MHO.

posted on May, 16 2010 @ 10:07 PM

Originally posted by nite owl
reply to post by TheCoffinman

Hey everyone on ATS, how reliable is the news source? I never saw this website before. Your oppinions please. .....

IP Check Shows:
General information on

IPv4 address:
IPv6 address: ::ffff:d04e:f3b9
Host name:
Reverse DNS:
Country: United States
City: San Jose, CA

Whois information on

Silicon Valley Web Hosting, Inc. SVWH-ALLOCATION-6 (NET-208-78-240-0-1) -
Bill Dawson DAWSON-1 (NET-208-78-243-176-1) -

CustName: Bill Dawson
Address: 95 South Market Street
Address: Suite 648
City: San Jose
StateProv: CA
PostalCode: 95113
Country: US
RegDate: 2007-12-05
Updated: 2007-12-05

-- Go Figure?

So, who/what is Bill Dawson.

On the website:
Alicia Molnar, VP Sales
Before It's News®
775 East Blithedale Ave. #362
Mill Valley, CA 94941

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posted on May, 16 2010 @ 10:13 PM
If one missile is shot from Syria then you can forget about Syria existing as a nation again. Israel will one shoot it down and two respond with overwhelming force because they know Syria is not going to lob a conventional missile at them, it will be chemical. Syria has been warned, Israel will lash out with a fury if Hesbola sends any advanced missiles their way let alone one coming from Syria.

You would think that since Damascus is prophesied in the bible to be utterly wiped out by Israel, the leaders of Syria would stop provoking them. They know Russia has their back and that is why they have beer muscles lately. Little do they know, even with Russia's help they will be defeated and its because of Russia's involvement they will force Israel to nuke everyone of them.

I think Lil Kim in North Korea just sank that South Korean ship to try and get U.S. troops out of the mid-east so Iran and company can try to take Israel. The U.S. has said publicly that they would pull all U.S. troops out of the war on Iraq and A-Stan to defend South Korea awhile ago so I think the U.S., South Korea and NATO are now quietly getting their ducks in a row to attack North Korea.

My guess is that North Korea is betting on a massive build up like prior to the gulf wars so he can make a deal at the last minute to stop him from being attacked while all hell breaks out in the mid-east. Iran and North Korea have been playing with us for years. Little does Lil Kim know, we don't make wars by appointment with nuclear armed country's. U.S. South Korean response to the ship sinking may come in the form of a decapitation strike by nuclear subs and B-2 bombers, I would bet we even pull out some still classified ubber weapons to eliminated this clown quickly.

I think that the U.S. Navy should just quietly sink every North Korean ship and sub all at the same time, then let him know that nuclear armed bombers are roaming North Korean airspace to send a stern message.

posted on May, 16 2010 @ 10:30 PM
just to finish back to my visions...

This is what I feel about after all this.
I see smaller localized communities almost like that of old, instead of the current amalgamation and de-centralization of governments and big corporations that is systemic of today's times.

I wont say we will all be in mud huts with stone age tools LOL, but simpler life with the advantages of sustainability knowledge and technologies we have and know of now. Yes there will still be corporations and goverment but for a while atleast from my belief people power will rein as this smaller community life will seem a lot better situation than the one were are living a tough sell to want now back after TSHTF.
Life wont be hard but it wont be easy, the lazy will learn to do if you understand what I mean. Extravagance wont be the fad, and once we adapt (lots wont be able to ) health of people will improve, happiness index will rise and it will almost be a return of old time values and morals...with out any religious connotations...there will be a bigger rift between Christians and Non Christian( to bundle all for less typing with no disrespect to anyone) in beliefs but it wont be antagonistic or division between the individuals...acceptance will be the new political correctness style of spirit of the day.
On the Christian church, it will not be the same as it is know now...thank God.
All people in general will be more aware of the spirit and be more in touch with the earth and understanding things that are considered silly and not real today...again like older generations and cultures.

There will be a massive death toll during the coming happenings, and there will be invasions and attacks in many countries that one would say BS...
I see Europe being utterly different to today..not sure about England there may be separation of state??? Not fully clear so I will leave that for now.

I see Australia and North America coming thru, though not unscathed, Aust will be be still sovereign country, after massive issues, it will be a leader I feel of the future and be a pillar to the world, it may take control of some lower area of Indonesian islands,
USA and Canada will still be ok but I see some of the lower US states and some of east being in dispute and some lost. Russia will control some of the key ME areas..and some of Europe I believe.

It's weird this stuff is just spewing out at the moment in unprecedented massive amazing detail to me but I am trying to be precise and not waffle...sorry if this is disjointed

I have to stop as I feel a massive weight on me...pressure.
Ill try and summarise.

Life will continue.
Less population massive death toll
Change of control of nations.
Invasions into near on all nations.
I wont go any further about the actual events, I cant be overly accurate at the moment and dont want to diminish things or allow to distracted by arguments regarding inaccuracy.

MAIN MESSAGE is life after will be almost a return of older generations with some current technology...after adjustment people will accept and enjoy this life. The tipping point of the event b4 this time will allow people afterward to be open to insight and acceptance and spiritual happenings, and connection to the world and environment around them.
One main thing important to me also is the fulfillment and total revival of the true church and allow the pureness and the Christian faith to come to be, and this generation of believers will live as close as Jesus did in spirit and in the natural. No more earthly judgment and forgiveness is 2 major feature to be a sign of the change, and that is happening as of right now. The formula of the current church is dead and dying. Many big people and organizations will hate this and resent this and fight it..they dont win. The win for the "devil" is that some people will not overly care about God at all for a season, due to new personal spiritual experiences and connections.
More later maybe...I see if I can.

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