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BizXchange facilitates B2B barter transactions for health care

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posted on May, 16 2010 @ 02:51 PM
With health care reform, what if you can't afford the coverage?

If you:

Need a checkup? Maybe a hip replacement?
How about HIV medication or other?

Why not trad for a chicken or build a custom chair or some auto repairs for the surgeons Rolls Royce?

Bartering is back...

Doubt was cast on the legitimacy of using barter for health care services on April 21, when Republican Senate candidate Sue Lowden commented that in the "olden days" people paid doctors with "a chicken" or other goods. BizXchange, a barter exchange company with offices in Seattle, San Francisco and Dubai, has been offering its more than 2,000 members health care services via barter for the last eight years.

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I'm thinking maybe getting a bikini wax training and go for a female physicial that will barter.

What's your plan?

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