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The Curious Close encounter of Jan Wolski [1978]

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posted on May, 16 2010 @ 02:17 PM
Jan Wolski was a 71 year old farmer from Emilcin village in Lublin area of Poland .
On May 10, 1978 Mr Wolski was passing through a forest in his horse drawn cart when he noticed two individuals walking in the same direction , when Wolski caught up with the strangers, they walked alongside the horse and cart then jumped onboard and sat down , they gestured to Wolski to carry on , so Wolski drove on while the strangers exchanged some words in an incomprehensible tongue .

As the cart approached a clearing in the forest, a strange, almost "transparent white" object could be seen, hanging in the air about 70 meters away, emitting a faint humming sound ,Wolski says it was purely white, about 14.75 feet (4.5 m) – 16.5 feet (5.0 m) in height and "as long as a bus." It hovered in the air at an altitude of about 16 feet (4.9 m). There were no notable external features of the craft .

No windows were seen. At its four corners, and half-way up it had on the outside, barrels with black vertical rods running through them and carrying what looked like spirals rather reminiscent of corkscrews. These black rods were rotating very fast. The "corkscrews" emitted a range of colors, and the barrels seemed to have been the source of the humming. When closer to the object, Wolski said the sound was like that of bumblebees in flight. The craft's surface was smooth, stainless, and seamless. At a height of some 50 cm from the ground was suspended a lift held by four thin cables attached above the entrance to the craft, which had descended as the trio approached. Stepping on to the platform one of the entities invited Wolski aboard, gesturing to him that he should grasp the cables. After rising rapidly the lift stopped in front of an opening and Wolski was motioned inside. Inside, Wolski stepped into a chamber with walls that were almost black and saw two more beings identical with the first two.

On the floor of this cabin were about ten crows or rooks, which seemed to be paralyzed, though they could move their heads and eyes. The four identical beings, of indeterminate sex, were about 1.4 to 1.5 meters tall and had delicate, slim figures. They were dressed in tight-fitting, flexible one-piece suits of a grayish black rubber like material, covering the entire body except the faces and hands. No pockets, belt, or fasteners were seen. Their legs seemed thicker than those of normal men, and from the way these curved when the beings sat in the cart with their legs hanging down, they looked like prehensile limbs. A hump was visible on the shoulders, as though something was contained under the suits. The slim, greenish colored hands had five fingers, between which were fine membranes, except for the gap between thumb and forefinger.

Their heads were relatively large, with faces of an olive green or greenish brown hue, having high cheekbones that gave them an Asiatic appearance. The eyes, almond shaped, very long, were dark, and appeared to lack any whites. In the place of the nose, there was only a slight protuberance with two small vertical openings.

The mouth was straight and thin. Their teeth were white. No hair was visible on the face. When the beings smiled, the mouth twisted to one side with the effect of a grimace. Their speech was rapid and delicate. They had a polite, gentle demeanor and Wolski felt no fear in their presence. The beings indicated to Wolski that he should take off his clothes, and one of them helped him undo his shirt buttons.

Facing him less than two meters away, one of the beings held in each hand a gray disc shaped object that seemed to be attached to the hand by something like a suction pad. The discs were vibrating and emitting a dull humming sound. Wolski was positioned with one side facing towards the entity holding the discs, then with his back towards him, and finally with the other side. Wolski's arms were raised alternately by the entities, whose fingers were very cold. During the process he smelled an odor similar to that of burning sulfur; a smell that lingered in his clothing for days afterwards. When ready he was shown the way out, bowed, and said goodbye. The beings bowed likewise, smiling.

According to an investigation of the events by sociologist/ufologist Zbigniew Blania-Bolnar, Wolski was not the only person in Emilcin to see the strange craft and beings; two boys, Adam and Agnieszka Popiowek also saw them, and in another town in central Poland, Henryk Marciniak had similar encounters, the details of which match up rather consistently. Wolski gave an interview to Henryk Pomorski & Krystyna Adamczyk in 1978, two months after his experience. Scientists and sociologists from University of Lodz made careful consideration and study of Jan's story, and determined that he truly experienced what he said he did. Wolski died in 1990, fully asserting the veracity of his bizarre experience to the end.

Interview with Jan Wolski
The curios case of Jan Wolski

posted on May, 16 2010 @ 03:09 PM
Very interesting! I have not seen that picture before and the features and size described of the aliens reminds me of the Asian Dropa story. It looks like the being was wearing a space suit. The craft looks a lot like one of those Aluminum campers from back in the day. I have never read this story so thanks for the post!


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