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Revelation; Ch6- The Sins of the Church?

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posted on Mar, 23 2013 @ 01:59 PM
The book of Revelation is unique to the scripture because it is ALL written in symbols(signified).NONE of it is literal.These "events " are not on earth or in the physical realm.It is about the kingdom of Heaven that is IN your midst.The Kingdom comes WITHOUT observation in the physical realm.That is what the religious Pharisees looked for.

The 1st verse says what it is about
The revelation(Fro the Greek apocálypsis which is an uncovering or unveiling) of Jesus(which is Yahoshua or Yahshua which mean Yahweh's salvation) Christ( christos is messiah which means the anointing or anointed put on or smear on Gods power.)

The unveiling of Gods Salvation the power of God.It is ,...what was ,is and will be.That is the prophecy part.None of the cataclysmic events related to the earth are literal.There are a millions (maybe billions) of theory's of how this going to play out fortunately... all of them are wrong.

I know this isn't what is wanted to be heard.... which should be odd in the first place.God is FOR us not against us.The book of Revelation is the foundation of his salvation plan written in signs.All these things are internal not external.The battle of Armageddon is being fought within you.

There is no Antichrist.That terms is used in Johns epistles in a different context and isn't even in Revelation.That alone should show how it is "added" in which is in contradiction to Johns(actually it is Yahshuas warning he is dictating the whole thing) warning NOT to add or take from this book...yet that is what has been done billions of times.

That doesn't mean those that do so will be damned to eternal torment of hell(the lake of fire)..there is no literal burning hell where God (The God who IS Love) will torture merciless those that haven't believed a religious doctrine of men...those doctrines make void the word of God.Revelation is book that when understood is a BLESSING.It is ALL about Gods salvation of man not Gods destruction of man.

"Blessed is he that reads, and they that hear[understands] the words of this prophecy, and keep those things which are written therein: for the time is at hand."

This wasn't written for "the end times of the world" it is written for end of the kingdom of this world IN EVERYONE to receive the Kingdom of God IN your midst.Yet it is unbelievable to The Many however Yahshua ... the God of doing his namesake..his nature.... saving (delivering) EVERYONE into the Kingdom of God WITHIN them.This isn't new age babel double talk it is what the scriptures say clearly for those with eyes to see.

It has ZERO to do with religion.Religion is Babylon.It cannot save anyone.It never has and never will.There is only one savior ....Yahshua.The Son of God...GOD...God is doing only can only take what is given.God is opening eyes to see that religion is what is fading away.The Book of revelation is the foundation of that "unveiling".It is like a dichotomy of Sleeping Beauty.The Prince doesn't break the spell by kissing her...only when the spell is broken can he kiss her.The blinding spell of a Revelation of "cataclysmic destruction" of mankind is on the many of the world.Ask God to break it ...and it will be.

posted on Mar, 24 2013 @ 10:53 AM

Originally posted by Rex282
The book of Revelation is unique to the scripture because it is ALL written in symbols(signified)

I would amend this by saying that most of it is symbolic.
Certain key points are being expressed, but they are being expressed symbolically.
They include the point that when the church comes under threat, God will come to its aid, and that in the end God will overthrow the powers of the world and replace this world with a different kind of world.

f the cataclysmic events...God is FOR us not against us

A lot of people miss the point about the cataclysmic events.
In fact the cataclysmic events described are related to the fact that God is "FOR" his church.
They are directed against those who are against his church..
They express God in action against the bullies.
Whether it is true that God is "FOR us" depends on whether you belong to God's church or to the bullies.

This wasn't written for "the end times of the world"

At the end of the narrative this world comes to an end and is replaced by another kind of world, ruled by God alone..
This point is meant seriously and literally, even if the visual details are not meant literally.
Therefore in that sense it is about the "end-times"
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posted on Nov, 25 2014 @ 03:12 PM
The following thread now looks at this issue in relation to the prophesies in Isaiah;
This trampling on my courts

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