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Hollywoods Conspiracy against girls

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posted on May, 18 2010 @ 10:51 AM
I posted this earlier in the thread but it goes soooooo well with the thread. It goes hand in hand with what the above poster just said.
It a great song! Jack johnson has great lyrics.

heres another great one-its one of my favorites

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posted on May, 18 2010 @ 11:01 AM
For the underage commenters. Yeah in some places and yeah perhaps where she lives too. That 18 however isn't a magical line you have to cross.

posted on May, 18 2010 @ 11:19 AM
You know theres no better way to take over a nation than to keep them stupid and horney through media surrounding them.

posted on May, 18 2010 @ 01:42 PM
Yeah because they weren't that before mass media. Easy to blame the faceless giant.

posted on May, 19 2010 @ 02:44 AM

Originally posted by PsykoOps
Yeah because they weren't that before mass media. Easy to blame the faceless giant.

The faceless giant is well aware of human nature and how to exploit it, bend it and shape it.

posted on May, 19 2010 @ 08:40 AM
ok so hollywood is the new babylon. thats old news. no big secret.

at 17 you can bet your last dollar that she has given up more than a lap dance, and to more unsavory characters than her gay producer. she certainly isn't doing it to put herself through college or pay for diapers.

besides, thats not a lap dance. she's wearing way too many clothes and not enough heel.

what kind of father to a teenage daughter wears a flavor-saver? (imo) thats way creepier than a legally gray lap dance!

if i had a 17 year old daughter giving a 44 year old man a lap dance, he'd better be gay as springtime.

if you think this is sick, you should check out some of these pageant mothers and the way they whore-up their little girls... oh thats right, it's pretty much the same thing. the pageant circuits are like farm teams for future divas. getting into disney's rat trap seals the deal.

posted on May, 19 2010 @ 12:27 PM

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posted on May, 19 2010 @ 12:47 PM
reply to post by dalan.

I'm sorry...I don't think I have ever pointed out something like this as a defense...but are you aware that you have Pedobear in your avatar? I'm gonna not make an assumption but if I have a cute woman in my avatar and people thought I was a woman, imagine what people might be thinking about you with your avvie.

Now with that said I have the following for OP and the rest of the posters.

I believe in sex and sexuality. I think our bodies are meant to be experienced and they are meant to have fun with. It's flesh and dang it sex is a blast!

But the thing is I also believe in the Wiccan Rede (or golden rule if you prefer a non-pagan touch)

An Ye Harm None, Do What Ye Will

I and my wife adore sex. We've done some things that many would see as taboo. Make no mistake I am not bragging by any means. What I am saying is that to each their own. If you are into auto-erotic asphyxiation then fire away. If you want to swing, enter into orgies, play S/M, heck cut each other up…whatever! Do what you want in your house or parlor or whatever. I would certainly be a hypocrite to say sex other than missionary is mad cuz goddess knows if that were the rule I would be looooong gone in jail.

Now with that said

There is a far cry between my wife and I experimenting into wild insane fantasies when we are 30 and 26 respectively and a 13 year old girl having sex with someone older. I am a soon-to-be adolescent psychologist. I absolutely refuse to judge my clients when I do get them because last I checked I am not those kids so I have no clue what they’ve gone through. I am also a realist and I would be insane to think that somewhere right now probably some young teenagers are engaging in sexual acts ranging from whatever to whatever. She could be 13…15…17…whatever. It is happening and to deny that is blinded IMO. It’s all around us all day and it would take an unbelievable force to change it because human nature is sex and other vices and sexual repression is just as ugly and dangerous as a histrionic extreme where a young girl turns into a virtual prostitute. If you repress and teach a girl the ‘evils’ of sex you are contending with three forces that are unfortunately much more powerful than you are as a parent.

1. Media: Yes media does portray sex. It sells. I am a man and heck yes I look at beautiful women. Just look at my Billie Piper avatar there…What am I gonna do? Should I deny and lie to you that I am a highly-charged and visual being? Heck no. The difference is that I know the lines and that I am versatile. I love sex. ADORE it but I will be damned if I don’t adore cuddling and holding hands and non-sexual kisses from my wife. I love intellectual conversation with her and I know not all roads lead to sex.

But to think media has no cause here might be premature and I do believe it has gotten worse. Somebody here mentioned that TV has always been like this. I want you to view a few episodes of the Brady Bunch and then watch Hannah Montana. It is definitely a lot more sexual. Marcia Brady was very beautiful IMO. Miley Cyrus…well I don’t personally think she is all that regardless of age but whatever…others think she is sexy as heck. Start with the clothes and see the differences in what Marcia wore and what Hannah wears now. Look at their actions too. Ever seen a young Maureen McCormick in a Vanity Fair spread like Miley Cyrus?

2. Environment: Look around folks. You can find some conservative towns where girls dress like girls and play My Little Pony and have tea parties. When my cousin Kate was young I attended many a tea party. ((she brews well I might add)) And now that my adorable cousin Lauren is reaching that age you better believe I am gonna read her Black Beauty. But as sure as these two girls are a fine example of a young girl I cannot for a second deny the amazing and powerful sexuality exuded and exhibited by preteens and teens these days. I will have a story shortly that I personally dealt with.

3. Chemistry: Now this is a huge one for me. You can blame society and media all you want but NOTHING short of medical and chemical mutilation via hormone suppressors will change the fact that a great deal of kids will look down one day and say “jesus…what is that feeling? Why is Billy or Susie suddenly MUCH more fun to be around?” It happens folks and frankly I think repressing that is vile and terribly dangerous. It’s tantamount to caging a wild boar and poking him. One day whether you like it or not someone is gonna let that boar out and now you have a real mess on your hands. So you tell young Susie that these feelings shouldn’t happen and should be repressed and stored away and one day those feelings might come back with a horrific vengeance. Now she hasn’t been taught how to responsibly use her body and now we have terrible decisions made.

In the same respect just slapping a girl some BC pills and saying have fun is just as bad. You haven’t taught her anything except that she can do whatever and there are no consequences.

My wife and I used to teach volleyball to girls on my old base (ages 11-13). I had the girls who had a crush on me and it was adorable and all but mostly we had some crazy good fun (not to mention some of those gals can outplay me)

Anywho…one day this girl shows up. She is 12. The rules are simple. Shorts or sweats, gym shoes and a reasonable shirt. Most of this is to avoid injury. Any volleyball or tennis player will tell you that rolling your ankle SUCKS. So she shows up one day in hip-huggers jeans ALMOST showing what I do not wanna see. She has an open-mid shirt showing her whole stomach off, a fake tan and a belly chain that rested over her back side with the words “Playboy” in letters. I said hey and she said hey. I told her a couple notes she needed to tell her parents as I do with all of them and we set off to the gym. I said, “ok well get changed and start stretching.” Apparently this WAS her uniform for the day. I won’t bore you on the rest of the details but long story short she either changed or went home. She changed and her parents now hate my guts.

This brings me to the OP’s original question. Who is to blame? The parents IMO. Parents are so powerful and I learned this just taking care of my two cousins. If I did something or acted in a way, they imitated. If I ignored then they free-lanced and did inappropriate things (nothing terrible…just making the point)

It’s about a balance in my opinion. Don’t push or repress sexuality. We all go through it and either extreme (repression or suggesting) is unhealthy. Teach her or him to be very careful and to take their time…BUT if they are going to do it anyway then teach them responsibility. Short of chaining them up you aren’t going to stop them from doing it if they already want to and if you do succeed in stopping them then repression has started.

Don’t get me wrong here people. I still stand by my original thought. If my wife wants to dance around naked as a jaybird then so be it as long as I consent. If she wants to do things that are taboo and it hurts none…so be it. The thing is she is 26 and mature. At the target age for Hannah Montana I don’t see the maturity with maybe a couple exceptions. I just don’t think they fully understand the consequences of what they do. STD’s, pregnancy, rape. Even if none of that occurs there is still an unspoken emotional damage that can occur. (note I am not saying it WILL occur…just saying it can and does)

Heck even grown women and men have done something that later they regret terribly and they feel hollow but at least these adults can easily try to sort through their emotions. Try doing the same mistakes when your hormones are bouncing off the walls and peer pressure is swamping you.

So in short (too late) media does indeed pick on that open sore, but I think the parents opened the sore. I see some examples of parents in here that seem to have their crap together. They know there is a balance in all matters in life. good for you. That is the reason I am not a parent and won’t be. I don’t like kids (of my own) and I am not responsible enough to instill those properly. Now if I do something stupid I am the one who gets hurt, not my daughter or son.

Sorry all for the extreme length of this post. I am strongly in favor of balance in this matter.


posted on May, 20 2010 @ 07:02 AM
yea. there was this good guy who started dating a girl. She had a thug for a boyfriend which she didn't tell him about. On his birthday he rolled up, shot and killed the good guy. End of story.

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posted on May, 20 2010 @ 07:04 AM
reply to post by concerned190

you may think that's a joke but pretty much all aggression male to male is rooted in lust. Think about that. All lust for physical things. Ego.

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posted on May, 20 2010 @ 07:26 AM
reply to post by The Quiet Storm

Dosen't mean that if everyone is doing that it's right. I agree with the OP.

I disagree with your statement. Not every girl does this... it's only the rotten or spoiled or party girls that do this. They mostly have parent's that don't care much what they do so they start to grow wild and then do these dances and think it's perfectly normal because the girls they know do it all the time.

Hollywood is nothing but a location. The companies that produce films and tv shows the top people don't care about the actors or start they only care about money. They keep finding the next talented person and grab them and make tons of money. The company makes way more then the actors. The reason I know these companies are greedy is because I have talked to the top people of some music companies that they would only talk to me only if I cough up 50,000 and make an appointment with them I would have to fly either to cali or new york at my own expense just to get licenses for the copyright permission. So just that price doesn't guarantee your getting the permission. I declined it because I flat out told the guy that I don't kiss others butt. Hollywood is just like the stock market. It's all about greed. The more money they make they aren't happy with just that they get bored easily and want more and more. It's true if your an actor and you stop making them money they just toss you out. They aren't the only ones most companies do this. They have to do it because of business expenses but hollywood dosen't have to worry about expenses as long they got tons of shows or movies running they can collect their royalties.

I agree with the OP. I can't believe some thinks this dance is ok. you might as well allow her to be a stipper or sleep with tons of guys. Well if all girls do it then it must be ok??lol hahaha

posted on May, 20 2010 @ 02:22 PM
Well.. look at Popeye, Back to the Future, etc.

All show a badboy, vs a good guy, or rather... a guy who's weak and moreso submissive and just a 'good guy'.

So in actuality that erases any form of 'good guy' because now good = weak, not just "good" anymore.

So where's the good guy? There is none, there's just a weak guy. You have to either play the bad guy, or the weak guy, which are both extremes.

Am I just sensitive or am I the only one who is bothered by another guy is dominating by making obsene and vile jokes with a woman, meanwhile another guy is around, to be what...? And the woman doesn't say a damn thing because she is forced to accept it because well they're in a public situation, and she doesn't want to make a scene about it, but she also probably LIKES some of it unconsciously because obviously it's making her think of sexual things which are sensually pleasing even if they're not associated with the guy. But sooner or later she will associate it with the guy simply because he's saying it. That's NLP programming. That's also co-ercion. She's forced, and out of habit she later comes to accept it as normal.

Pretty soon also, there wil be guys who she will deem "alpha" that aren't afraid to make vile obscene jokes and vulgar natured jokes (because he makes her think it's "adult" and "mature" as if the only difference between a child and an adult is that an adult is characteristically vile natured and says bad words).

And it's OK for women to be selfish. It's OK for some men to be selfish. Meanwhile the guys who have the heart NOT to do this, are suffering because they can't force a girl to feel close to them by saying such obscene vile jokes with her and such other things. People are trained in NLP even unconsciously, to "build rapport" to "make feelings of closeness" out of NOTHING but mimicking what a person does who actually feels close to someone, and making them think they are actually feeling close to that person. Ie, touching a girl, even if she says stop, he takes it as a joke, she takes it as a joke, it's "OK" because it doens't matter what he says, it's how.

Man some girls can be gullible. And guys can be cruel.

The worse thing about it is, how does a good guy stand up for himself, without making himself look stupid to all these other people, and the rest of society that thinks being "ill natured" is ok and "cool"? You can either be "weak" like hollywood says "good guys" are , or brutal like the 'badboy'.

maybe I'm just sensitive.

It's not just hollywood. There was always a 'metaphorical' hollywood since the beginning of time. It's the "social pioneers" of the caveman days. The Tyrants who ruled people by fear. Who control all forms for popular media, not just what plays on TV. MEDIA = image. Popular Image.

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posted on May, 20 2010 @ 02:25 PM
reply to post by computerwiz32

So what about the girls that are raised by good parents? While I agree that parents are in a sense genetic engineers but so is the media when a child is growing up or even when an adult is growing and we always grow.

Well, it just so happens that the media is dominated by a certain image, that makes it "ok" and "common" for the Mass Media.

It is perfectly normal to be deviant. Perfectly normal to be sinister. Perfectly normal to be agressive. Perfectly normal to be violent. Just a little. But violent nontheless, violent against one's own nature. Violate one's own nature.

Not saying that you can't be assertive. That's different from being aggressive and violent. Does not mean you can't fight for what's right. Does not mean you can't defend yourself, or even be on the offense. But for the right thing, in the right way.


maybe I'm just a sensitive person. Right now.

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posted on May, 20 2010 @ 09:15 PM

Originally posted by The Quiet Storm
Am I just sensitive or am I the only one who is bothered by another guy is dominating by making obsene and vile jokes with a woman, meanwhile another guy is around, to be what...? And the woman doesn't say a damn thing because she is forced to accept it because well they're in a public situation, and she doesn't want to make a scene about it,

I've had things like this happen and haven't been worried about creating a scene. Making a scene often prevents bullying from getting worse.

but she also probably LIKES some of it unconsciously because obviously it's making her think of sexual things which are sensually pleasing even if they're not associated with the guy.

You are way off base again. As I and others have told you in numerous threads women do NOT like being abused by men nor do they find sexual coersion/deviancy a turn on. You only want to believe thats true of them.

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posted on May, 21 2010 @ 05:46 PM
reply to post by riley

I know they truly don't on the inside. It's just the media plays on images that really paints a rosy picture on things that really shouldn't..

So you'll ask anyone and of course they'll say they don't want to be degraded and hurt. But what if they don't feel hurt by things which are harmful, because their perception of it is that it's all good. It's desensitization. And besides they do it in such a subtle way that people would not notice if they never thought twice about it.

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