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Truth and What Is

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posted on May, 15 2010 @ 11:59 AM
Is it possible we can something exist as we know it to be. Appearance as schiller says rule the perceptions of the world. It is then that we must say that is through appearance and phenomenon that humans witness the reality of the situation. It is this perceptions being moved by the object of phenomenon and appearance. Those these phenomenon and appearance are mere fractions of What is true about them. Suppose we see a comet falling and appears to us it is falling towards us this is What Is that is because we can observe the phenomenon and appearance of what Comet appears to us to be. This exist to us a reality because the potential the comet is being unleashed by our own observation.

That is as the observer we observe the now or present through the appearance of the comet. It is not what is though allows us to verify our own observation as a fully conscious act that is to say the consciousness of the object and the objectivity of what it is going to do can make us consciously know what will happen or the truth. Knowing this then the comet is what is being moved towards its end that is to beyond our own conscious understanding of What if. This What if is given birth to our own observation of what is that is the comet falling the comet in what is becoming a part of our own conscious observation a necessity for our own consciousness to exist. What if is the conscious effort to break down the reality of what is and say given What Is it possible given the potential of many possibilities given the scientific measurements of the comet falling. This conscious effort though is constantly being governed by what it is and it is because of this that the conscious can freely govern what it is happening in so far as the object appears to our own perception.

Senses and perception can only react and absorb knowledge in the What is we are not really thinking nor is it the thought which provided to us which causes to consciously observe what it is. The thought or thinking component which we would call is the comet falling for it is projecting to us our own ideas of it. That is to say our own distinctions of What is are consciously interchangeable to it but consciously changing and becoming to what it is.

It is then that we truly and consciously observe is when our ideas and distinctions of the what if are freely existing. The What is though precedes the What if because in order to make a conscious effort to think of what is happening something must have happened and this is because the idea of the conscious maintained in the perception of the falling object is interchangeable to what will happen. It is not until the object is perceived that our conscious thoughts are able to work as a faculty caused by the reality surrounding the object as it appears to us. The comet is then the moving object of truth through which our consciousness moves projected to us and broken down by our observation of it. The potential to think of the what if is a potential that has its actuality in the comet moving towards us but in so much as its potential in its interchangeable movement it is then likely it is moving backwards until we are able to consciously react. It is though the perception of the comet which presents to us the truth which then in our conscious observation is broken down to what is. It is from this that we are positively able to say what if but only in so far as it is what is or has the potentiality to be.

It is then our consciousness can allow the comet to become everything what it is by applying our own rational idea of what if. We can not though understand what it is though until it comes into the now and is through the truth which the What Is comes into a conscious space. This is to say what is cannot be consciously known or observed as falling in the object of the comet until what it was is becoming through what it will be that is the interchangeable position related to the comet as what is.

The substance of the comet is constantly falling in the state of what is or that which can be broken down into conscious observations. Though in reality the phenomenon of the comet as it is to us is constantly falling outside the state of now towards the reality of what if. That is to say we conscious observe the comet falling not necessarily through our own perception of it falling but rather through observing the now or the reality that dictates it to fall which is gravity.

This gravity dictates the object as we perceive and it project its thought is nothing more than a projection of gravity or the effect of the truth running through it. That is gravity does exist but only as we know it as it exist in the what is of the comet falling. We essentially being part of the now which the comet is falling through have to also abide by the laws of gravity because it extends to everything in the now.

That is we unconsciously observe the same effects the comet is being had on by the truth of gravity that it effects on us. Though in order to know this freely in our observation the comet must appear as it is.

All apart of the reality which the comet interchangeable what is moves through and our own conscious observations of it moving by the force of gravity is all because of gravity. It is when conscious observations of the what is and the what if projected by their appearance that we collide with the idea of gravity moving us closer to knowing more about our own conscious observations and the object of perception because the truth moves all appearance and objectivity through itself essentially and that in reality we are as the observers merely falling with the comet a part of what we are observing a free floating idea of our own thought moving in the appearance of the comet. Moving and clashing with the universal principle which allows us to know ourselves as we are consciously aware of it. In the conscious spectrum of gravity the the consciousness of the observer and the movement of the object being perceived by our consciousness must be contained not within the idea of what is or what if moving through now but moving through the force that has made it a possibility it to be now gravity. The observer is constantly becoming his object of observation and the object of observation must always be becoming in the observation because it is an unconscious one with the observer observing its fall.

[edit on 15-5-2010 by EarthquakeNewMadrid2010]


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