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Religions - Alien Psychological Weapon?? Propaganda Tool??

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posted on May, 15 2010 @ 10:20 AM
Think about it, if gods are real and exactly what they are according to religion that one day, they will bring an end to all suffering, then that is good.

However the other face of 'what ifs' of religion is far more diverse and can run your imagination wild!

Unfortunately as I have come to analyze, religion can also be used as a highly effective psychological weapon by an invasion force very long before the actual invasion happens or... To prolong the occupation without their subjects becoming aware of it.

A classic example of this that have worked with high effectiveness is the Spanish invasion and occupation of the Aztecs and Incas. While the Spanish did not invent the religion of the Americas at that time, it worked in their favor and were regarded as gods and met little resistance initially. To think of it, they could have invented it anyway, and use it in their favor in other conquests.

And what if the gods are the aliens/UFO's we're seeing and abducting people and animals. Then they invented religion to brainwash us that fighting them off is a hopeless case. Or the battle is theirs - to keep us passive and passive and passive... Instead of trying to find a way to get them off OUR PLANET because we're too scared to do so???

What else?? These religions are dividing us, make us kill each other, in other words, render us very uneffective if indeed an alien invasion takes place or if we decide to fight them off.

So you see, religion is good on one end, but full of dark and deep recesses on the other. The people is not the problem, last we should do is hate each other, no matter what they believe. But try to analyze the situation and see for yourself that there's something very wrong with our society! I'm speaking of the suffering this world is going through, if you never saw it, trust, me you're living in a dream!

posted on May, 15 2010 @ 10:29 AM
So what about demons, evil, etc in religions?

They could be 'evil' elements to further the cause of 'good guys/aliens' whatever.

These evil elements in our society may it be spiritual or any form, could be used so you'll depend on the 'good guys' more, so you'll be more obedient to them, and recognize their power if they managed to *easily* fight them off.

Just some *what ifs* if you open your mind on religions and I am a religious person btw but I just can't let go of my critical thinking.

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