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I am going to a Christian church on sunday...

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posted on May, 17 2010 @ 01:12 PM
OP That's great!!

Mee too. When I was a kid I made fun of communion, not saying you did, but you are proof that the majority chose to go and love God.

But see.

" how many of you have opened yourselves up to all religions "

There is a problem with this. God cannot be all religions or truth is divided. Truth is one thing. God can't be bhudda, allah, christ, a statue, a Mother ect... which all are divded on belief.

which would mean truth doesn't exist. God is not divided against himself.

One religion has to be true.

What that is is up to you. I believe it's Christ.

Good luck on your journey.

posted on May, 17 2010 @ 01:25 PM

Can i ask, how many people here have objectively opened themselves up to every religion? What experience(if you can narrow it down) has lead you away from said religion? How many people would be willing to objectively allow themselves into any religious setting, and try a new perspective within any religion or not even a perspective but to even understand these people more or make a connection with them?

Well, I've certainly tried to study many different ones...

When I was young, I was Baptist because my parents were...went to Sunday School, the whole bit...

But, a lot of what I heard made no logical sense, so I tried to find answers by studying others (first as a hobby, then as required courses for a college degree)...

I'm not sure how open I am to them (I mean, I wasn't looking to be a follower)...but I was curious to see what they believed and why. Myself, I just find it rather silly that any one group actually has it right.... They all seem like attempts to bottle and categorize that which simply cannot be so simply put under a label of faith.

In addition, I've had the good fortune to live amongst people of some differing faiths, and I've had friends of many different faiths.

All said though, I'm not an atheist. I don't think we're a cosmic "accident" or "fluke". I believe in something behind it all, just not sure we'll ever understand what that something really is....nor do I think we are meant to.

It still amazes me though, that some feel they are right, meaning that millions of others must be wrong....(and are somehow damned for it). What a silly concept?

posted on May, 18 2010 @ 12:27 AM

When I was young, I was Baptist because my parents were...went to Sunday School, the whole bit...

I was also.

I still remember questioning the Sunday School teacher about why some of the chapters of the bible contradicted each other.

The look on his face was something I have never forgotten.

I think if he could have gotten away with hitting a 10 year old,he would have.

You don't have to go to a church to find god.

Walk outside on a clear night and look to the night sky.

Everything you can see and even not see will tell you all you need to know.

And no one can tell that it is not just plain awe inspiring.

Peoples gods and religions come and go just like the civilizations that produce them,but the sight you see when you look at the sky at night has not changed in a while.

Look to the sky and see the infinite almighty.

posted on May, 18 2010 @ 11:18 AM
reply to post by onequestion

Good luck friend. My wife and are Wiccans and we too have met some covens and groups that are a bit off balanced...hence why we practice alone now. Hopefully you don't judge the rest of us off of them. I am open minded and I think your approach to this is phenomenal. No I am not a Christian. No I don't believe alot of what that book says. BUT we can have understanding I think.

I'm sorry you had a poor experience with Pagans. Like I said I am a Wiccan and can point out several groups that need a reality-smack

Good luck to you


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