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Help removing Hex or Curse

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posted on May, 15 2010 @ 01:28 AM
Lucky for you, and me, there is no such thing as curses as much as we may believe in them. And trust me, my family has its own shared. Called the "Surname" Curse. My dad started calling it that when I was a child. And to me, the oldest child, it continued. It is a curse of consistent bad luck, everything going wrong all the time, and nothing ever and I mean ever going right. This has happened to me my entire life now aswell as my fathers. No one else in my family is affected by this.

Personally, I believe it is the thinking that the curse exists, that made it real in my mind subconsiously and there is no way to reverse it. As much as I know it does not exist.

Try to remain positive about it. The good thing is your not cursed or hexed. The bad thing is, its just the universes way of saying HI

posted on May, 15 2010 @ 01:36 AM
"Monger : Luckily for you, that witchcraft silliness only 'works' if you genuinely believe it will. All you have to do is stop believing in it and you'll be saved. "

And how does this explain the two girls who had NO CLUE about such ideas as witchcraft hex's curses demons and or spirits?
And myself I did not believe in this hex/curse stuff until I started to experience it myself. I still don't believe it... because I do not think it's FAIR for ANYONE to have such powers over another man's will.
Yet no matter if I believe it or not it STILL happens
For 10 years I have failed at all I love and enjoy ever since this date.

I used to love to draw and paint and after 1999 I no longer can do it or get into it no matter how hard I try it seems as if there is always a spirit trying to make me feel sleepy or take my ideas away....
This is just one small example it ranges from ordering a Orange Juice and getting a Coke just because I dislike Cola.
I can ask for the Blue one and get handed the Pink one.
I call customer service they argue and disagree with me for no reason.
I can help someone up after they fall on the street and when they get on their feet they will steal my wallet.
My entire life is like this.

posted on May, 15 2010 @ 01:36 AM
Dear A Star, Yes. You do indeed have a real problem, and it is externally-caused. Read what shaman Sandra Ingerman says about chronic "bad luck". She relates it to something shamans call soul loss or soul intrusion by others. It's definitely fixable, but it may require a shaman 's help. Most people have missing soul parts due to bad experiences or influences during childhood. And yes, your grandmother is probably very much a part of this problem, which isn't good for her any more than it is for you. People! Whatever you wish for others will be withdrawn from your own karma account! A Star, you definitely need assistance. But if you can't find it, God can still help you. Turn to Him, 100%. He will show you the way out of the maze, through dreams, other people, books, songs heard on the car radio, etc. Random omens will come to you, I promise. You can survive this. You will be blessed, and all your friends and associates will be blessed, too, if you have faith. I know, because my grandmother and her sister and brother fought over their inheritance and her sister cursed her with the help of an old witch in the countryside. The stuff is deadly real and not to be played with or mocked. No need to tell you how it played out, but I do understand very well what you're going through. You can release yourself. You will find the key. Good luck to you, Friend.

posted on May, 15 2010 @ 01:59 AM
heck, this is like reading me before I started to develop my conscience/mind/spiritual self/ you name it...
same scenario: grandmother that hates me, also hates my mom. My mom had one of the worst lifes ever (coup d'etat when she was 13, exile, dad being tortured by the military, poverty, she used to be very wealthy, parents splitted up TWO times, an abusive mother, a divource, she just had me because the doctors screwed up her uterus when she had an spontaneous abortion of my little brother... and I can be telling the sad story of a brave woman till tomorrow and I don't have too much time), and that "curse" seemed to have pass to me. because my life hasn't been exactly honey and roses.

I also believed that I was cursed and I stumbled uppon some literature that showed me something that was already said here: you make your own destiny. Then (still believing there was a demon surrounding me) I started to learn some defensive techniques... but you know what? it's all BS. The only thing that really helped me was started to project LIGHT and being positive. When you're light, then darkness cannot reach you. When you do good deeds, they pay back sooner or later. The same with bad ones. And a very, very bad deed is doing nothing. Like you said you're doing.

I dare you to wake up early tomorrow, go out from your hole and take a nice walk on the park. What impides you doing it? NOTHING, just yourself. You know why? Because YOU are the owner of YOUR LIFE. And every person carries a very strong power called FREE WILL. If you want to go out, then you'll go out. In the same way, if you think you are cursed... you'll be cursed. You are, feel, think, even CREATE what you want to, mr. You created the chains, and you can destroy them too.

Remind that, and you'll be free of every demon, in your head, in your surroundings, everywhere. demons are afraid of light, and that's what you need to put between you and them. Think positive, and your life will become so much beareable.

If still you don't feel like doing anything, then I recommend you to pay a visit to a psychiatrist or an endochrinologyst, this can be either a heavy depression or something not working in your endochrynal (sp?) system. It happened to me too and I'm getting medication (damn hormones). I know how hard is try to fight with yourself to put working again the body and turn the "doing nothing" into "doing something". But if I was able to do it, you can do it so.

And remember: life is a b!tch, just if you are one.

- Caggy

posted on May, 15 2010 @ 03:52 AM
What you don't understand is that it is not within my control or will at times.
I did not want to bring god into this conversation.someone did so I'll respond.
Yes talking to God does work to alleviate this problem at times. I've actually become very close to angels and spirits because of this curse.

And again those still un-clear this is not I think there is a spirit or demon doing this. I KNOW there is a spirit/demon causing this because I am able to feel/sense spirits. It also controls my chakra's at times inputting ideas and thoughts and words of suggestions into my mind and then creates feelings in my heart chakra and other abdominal chakra's to taking my words ideas and thoughts.
I can be having a conversation with someone and say oh I want to tell you this it's so important and this spirit inter fears and I go completely blank.

From what I have gathered this demon/spirit(s) used in this hex and or curse is using the Chakra points of people around me to alter their feelings and opinions of me and also place ideas and thoughts in their minds as well.
I think almost 99% of the people I associate with strangers to store clerks end up treating me bad and lashing out at me for no reason.
So I can't simply just meet new people because even the nice people I have met I caused their lives to crumble with this curse.

***From what I just asked of my mother (my mother does however hold a very opinionated view so I take her words lightly sometimes) some more details and she said that my grandmother did not want me to be with this girl because her mother is part some type of "racial background" ( the name of the race does not matter ) But she does not think much of them as a peoples.
In other words she does not want any form of "color" in the family.
Now you see why I avoid my Grandmother it gives you a better picture of what she's like.

posted on May, 15 2010 @ 05:48 AM

Originally posted by Monger
Luckily for you, that witchcraft silliness only 'works' if you genuinely believe it will. All you have to do is stop believing in it and you'll be saved.

ok then....

I had a whole witch coven placing a curse on ex in another city than I was in now.
That night. I was being cursed or spell being put over me to be harmed...
I was bashed in the city, I was walking along the street and 2 guys jumped me..
The 1st punch, the guy had a big ring on and cut my whole right hand side of my upper was hanging by a thread...then the 2 guys just both kept beating me...I was stunned as normally I am very aware and not caught out... this was just out of the blue with NO warning.....once that was broken up blood all over me...they chased after me and started again...again broken up and we went our ways, the cops drove past and did nothing, didnt even stop...then with in 2 streets I had 12 guys running after me...
I was ok with the 2 apart from the 1st blow..but 12...cya LOL

So I had to have my lip resown on and a few aches and bruises...but my mouth was bad due to lip and for near on 3weeks I couldn't eat or talk as I couldn't open my mouth much more than to sip on a straw.

The next day out of the blue the ex, rang up and me even though I had no contact with anyone related to this female or her, for weeks if not a month ...and in another city as well....

she said sorry they made me do it....
They made me.. we put a spell on you last night to be hurt....
How your mouth...!!!!!

A few year later my mates mum a witch( with zero knowledge of this as they didnt even know me when this happened it was at-least 3to4 years later)..said they shouldn't have done that......HUH
Your mouth and the ex, you know....
They know the rules....just so you know...they have there own coming oneday

Ok now I was taken a back and that takes a bit due to various reasons...but she also went on to say.

Do you believe in God, at the time I wasn't sure...yer I believe in God but Jesus ...dont know...i said
She goes you will....your one of Gods, even if your in the gutter he will take care of you..but you already know that...
I said do I ...
if you dont then, now you know...she said
and from that moment on I never had much of a friendship with that mate...we basically only saw each other 1 more time...we were tight...

bit of an essay but the spirit realm is dangerous if not under protection as I wasnt when it happened...
Anyone says that this is BS then so be it...I know it isn't and dont care on your opinion...It happened
Spells and curses are real!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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posted on May, 15 2010 @ 12:13 PM
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posted on May, 15 2010 @ 12:22 PM
Rollo Thanks for your comments! Very helpful.
(a few parts are a bit un-clear because of our differences in English slang & grammar but I get the idea for example the part about Jesus and knowing a God ?)

I have a tip for you.
In the future if this problem happens to you where you are randomly attacked.

To avoid being hurt all you have to do is not think aggressively or angerly towards the attacker.
They will be unable to harm you other than grabbing or pushing you.
Once the attacker enters your positive "aura-field" (The energy around you)
It combines with their negative aura and the positive wins out every time.
The attacker will become so confused.
When they step away from you they want to harm you.
When they get close or touch you they want to shake your hand and introduce themselves.
The moment you feel fear or doubt or anger is the moment they can attack.

I've personally tested this with many abusers through my life it works on any one.
The more you fear them the more they *will* be able to beat you.
The more you feel anger or hate towards them for beating you the more they *will* be able to beat you.
The more you want revenge the more they *will* be able to beat you.
If you *will* not fear and *will* not anger they *will* not be able to harm you.

posted on May, 15 2010 @ 01:02 PM
You know why everyone has problems talking about spirits and demons?
Because it is these negative spirits/demons who are controlling almost the entire population. The ruling leaders of our world for example are just puppets to these controlling chakra demons. (Of course these demons are part of God's plan for teaching man his last lesson's) And that lesson (why the demons are here and God has left us on our own is because "Knowledge is dangerous without experience"
Don't worry they are not there much longer come 2012.
These demons disguise themselves as yourself. They are the voice in your head that convinced you that it is you and it's is your ego.
When in reality it is a demon who is in control of you. They use your Chakra points to convince you to do their will they cause you to feel joy or pain they cause you to make bad choices they get you into trouble they are very selfish.
Who you really are without these demons is a loving caring person. We all have been taken advantage of by these demons.

If anyone wants to challenge me on the idea that the ego voice is a demon who is controlling you or not.Then I DARE YOU to do the following and see if you feel FREE of "your" ego.
You'll have to continue to repeat this over and over but you will see results.
Results can be positive or negative in reaction.
When doing the following some demons may inflict pain on you or make you feel nausea or headache or dizziness or the feeling of falling. It is only temporary.
If you repeat the following over and over all demons will let go of their control over you temporarily.
This is enough to prove that you are not who they say you are when they are there in your head.

Repeat as many times as you like. During meditation or as your trying to fall asleep instead of counting sheep, repeat blessings.

Bless my mind
Bless my body
Bless my heart
Bless my soul
Bless my chakra points
Bless the moisture in my body.

I know it seems kinda silly but it works
You should experience "something" that you cannot explain with enough repetition.
Example your crown charka is one of the chakra's they use to speak in your mind as your ego
The 3rd eye chakra is where they insert images and ideas and beliefs.
The heart chakra is what they use to make you think you like doing blank even though you know it's bad or wrong but you like it anyways.
They also use your abdominal chakras to induce pain and or cramps.
As well as controlling the sexual chakra's making you feel desires and lust ect.
Take Care.

posted on May, 15 2010 @ 07:40 PM
lucky you found ATS..

A place where you can find plenty of people to ENABLE you

Goog luck with the demons and such.

who ya gonna call....ghost busters!!!!!!!!!

posted on May, 15 2010 @ 07:41 PM
A few years later I basically stopped the negative circle of pain and violence...
I was never a fighter..more a lover
but I could hold my own with out blowing my own trumpet....
This one guy wanted my new girlfriend...and long story short he use to fly off the handle and whale punches at me to show off how tough he was...
Never did any harm and I use to just take guard, I said to him one day I will snap and may throw a punch back...and that would basically stop the attack.

Untill one day I had enough of this chick so I was leaving her...she ran to his housewith the sob story, and to show off he came runnning over with baseball bat...knocked on the door I opened it saw no one and took a step out to peer around corner of doorway and was clubbed with bat. he then came running inside after me and collect me a few more times...
I was busted up bad...fractured face, skull.... but still the absolute rage inside me was going to kill him...I for one moment in time that seemed to go on of ages...looked at him in the eyes with this power of rage, and told him to leave (f off..LOL) or I was going to kill him...

Not the nicest of posts this one but he was standing in front a massive glass window and close range to me...I had this vision of tackling him thru he window and so on...I could have done this b4 he could have reacted with a swing as I could see he was starting to have fear in his eyes....maybe because I was still standing???

Anyways...he left, I was massively dazed after 10mins and all I can remember of those last few mins is trying to call an ambulance...very hard to do at the time.....

I was taken to hospital and cut it short as thats whole another story there...but cheek bone, eye socket and bit of my skull are titanium now...

I saw the guy once after that and he ran away once he saw me..and every one said why didnt you chase and bash him...etc

I know that moment I didnt react or after I had broken any pain and violence circle or cycle...and since then never had any issues...

So God protected my life, and gave me hope on that day but I also had to choose my path...

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posted on May, 15 2010 @ 07:48 PM
Very simply, get into the new testament and/or get yourself to a bible believing church and find out about a man named Jesus. Next get your self to the point where you can admit you're a sinner, believe that Jesus in addition to being a man was also God and came to die for your sins, then confess that you need him in your life. Then you will then have the power of the Holy Spirit in your life to fight the demons off.

It may sound out there but if find you're trying other things that aren't working, what do you have to lose?

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posted on May, 15 2010 @ 07:49 PM
reply to post by AsTaR

heres a sure fire cure..

get a good friend to stand in front of you, then slap you in the face repeatedly, stopping every 5 slaps to tell you to wise the f**k up, then continuing the process till you realise that theirs no actual such think as hex's or curses!

posted on May, 15 2010 @ 07:50 PM

Originally posted by AsTaR
You know why everyone has problems talking about spirits and demons?
Because it is these negative spirits/demons who are controlling almost the entire population.

Yes it is extremely funny this and other places can carry on about UFO, aliens, NWO, Reptilians, Conspiracies, and crop circles, and every other imaginable thing yet cant accept demons and spirit realm principals...

Yes there is a spirit realm and yes there are good and bad spirits...
I can detail other spirit experiences I have had but..after seeing some responses here it may be useless.

Now back to the regularly programed alien/ufo chat....sorry to interrupt!

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posted on May, 15 2010 @ 08:03 PM
The BIBLE has been edited.
The BIBLE was based on other original works such as The Book Of Enoch but it was edited for content.
Once you read the book of Enoch you'll see why they edited and banned certain info from the BIBLE.
For example the book of Enoch states that man will be absolved of all his sins and the blame will be placed on the fallen angels (Nephilim)
Because these fallen angels have used these demons in this way to control man.

I'd highly recommend ANY and ALL who read the BIBLE or those who say it's a bunch of crap then stop being fooled and read the source material.

Most of the BIBLE contains truth but a lot has been altered and thus it give the Truth a bad name.

The History Channel put together a GREAT collection of examples of things that got banned form The BIBLE including evidence that proves that the Church is misleading you.
If you check the following URL's out you can see the original work that the BIBLE was bases on.
Turns out after they wrote the BIBLE (edited for content) from these source books they then banned these same books. Here is a list of the banned books all worth checking out. And will change your mind about the spirit world.

posted on May, 15 2010 @ 08:18 PM
Don't let them stop you from talking about spirits/demons. They are just trying to discourage you. Just ignore their comments and continue. They are just afraid of being known of.
Like a magician their worst fear is everyone knowing their secrets.

posted on May, 15 2010 @ 10:01 PM
The Bible has been translated from Hebrew to Aramaic to Greek to Latin to the old European languages including olde Englishe, then the modern languages of the world today. It would be odd if all those scribes never made a single mistake as they painstakingly copied word by word, letter by letter, notes written in the margins, of if some ideas weren't completely lost in translation. Printing presses only became widely used in the Middle Ages, but even so, for centuries books were so expensive only the wealthy could afford them. There was a lot of political entanglement as well, for the scribes sponsored by the local kings or governments. I am convinced there are many mistakes in the Bible from the original manuscripts to this edition. That's why I like to read the Book of Mormon, another testament of Jesus Christ. It verifies the truth of the Bible and re-states the key doctrines of Christ's gospel.
As for your spirit and demon problems, I agree with you. They are real. These are powerful problems which science alone may not be able to help you with. That's why I suggested you seek shamanic assistance. But any kind of spiritual help would be useful. Prayers, blessings, Ayahuasca, the Church of Elvis - there are many roads to the kingdom of heaven. As I suspect you are fully aware, since you confess to having spiritual gifts and insights.
What seems puzzling to me is that you began this thread asking for help, yet have turned it into a personal podium, of sorts, as if you had a prejudice or agenda.
Rollo seems to be the only one you respond to and I admit, his experiences are frankly amazing. He appears to have a good handle on his life, irregardless!
At any rate I do hope you find the peace and answers you so sincerely claimed to seek.

posted on May, 15 2010 @ 10:42 PM
Ok, this is what I would do if I had been hexed, cursed, or was being stalked by a demon or other dark entity. I would pray to God, my higher self, & my spirit guides to remove any curse that might have been cast on me & I'd ask them to drive away any dark being that had attached itself to me. But that's just what I'd do. It wouldn't hurt to try it, I should imagine.

posted on May, 16 2010 @ 12:19 AM
First off I have replied to any and all who reply with good intentions. I do not reply to those who mock me or try to stir the pot.
Also if your post was straight forward I don't tend to reply as the message speaks for itself.

"I would pray to God, my higher self, & my spirit guides to remove any curse that might have been cast on me & I'd ask them to drive away any dark being that had attached itself to me."

I have tried this many times.
And from the point of view of these angels/higher self/spirits they have told me they cannot remove the problem because it is bound (or looped) until the end of time (aka 2012)
And unless I find someone in the physical world who can remove it then they told me I'd have to wait until 2012 when the God's & Angel's return from their long journey.

posted on May, 16 2010 @ 01:08 AM
Rollo : a side comment that might help explain your life. I know it explained mine. (The curse/hex/spell on me that happened in 1999 just made things worse but this is also why I am able to scene spirits.
Recently I was told by a spirit guide (Guardian Angel)

I was told by a Guardian Angel the reason why people like Rollo and Myself get picked on so much in this world. And why the rest of the world we see's people like us as "strange or different or odd" is because 99% of the population is born into this world with one or multiple Guardian Angels.
These Guardian Angels protect the user from these spirits/demons that I am speaking about and that I feel. So I feel them because I do not have these guardian angel's to stop the spirits/demons from controlling me effecting me or feeding off my energy or whatever it does (there are many kinds of spirits/demons)
And the reason why we have no Guardian Angels?
We volunteered for God to be Martyr's aka Witness's for Judgment Day 2012 and there is no stopping what we have already witnessed as all our life long it has been playing out "live court in heaven" as we speak and live and witness these things they are recorded and noted 24/7.

What does having no Guardian Angel's have to do with witnessing? We witness that we are innocent and yet still get picked on and judged by others for no reason other than these demons have cheated. They have stepped out of their own bounds. These demons are only meant to effect those who deserve punishment for deeds done and for the purpose of learning lessons.
So when we as innocents are un Guarded and these rouge spirits/demons come along and mess with our lives.... we suffer... but for a good cause in the end. As we are part of the reason why man is absolved of his sins because we witnessed that these demons are not playing by the rules by attacking the innocent and thus how can man be judged as sinful if all along it was these demons who have caused man to act in such violent sinful ways.

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