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Ex MI16 agent James Casbolt talks about Underground bases and ET

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posted on May, 14 2010 @ 06:38 PM
Has anyone read this?

In May 1954 again under the Eisenhower administration the third extension of this treaty was signed called ‘The Greada treaty’. The greys and reptilians blatantly broke the terms of this treaty as we shall see later in this information. The greada treaty was agreed upon at the Holloman air force base in New Mexico by the greys and the ‘Ultra’ unit in the NSA. The original document of this treaty and the ET materials from it can be found today at the NSA facility called ‘Blue moon’ underneath Kirkland air force base in New Mexico. The entrance to this underground base is in the Manzano mountains. Also at this location is the technological base of the secretive department of energy (DOE). Today free energy devices developed from grey and reptilian technology are being built for use in space at the DOE base.

In 1979 in Dulce New Mexico, Phil Schneider was drilling into the desert there to build an auxiliary base in the southern end of Dulce on top of an already existing underground base there. The already existing base had been built by the US government in the 1940’s under ’ operation blue note’ but afterwards had been taken over by greys and reptilians. Over a period of two days Phil and his team had drilled four holes in the desert that went down several thousand feet.

It discusses the Eisenhower meeting he had with the Greys along with a deep discussion about Dulce and that whole Phil Schneider incident....among many other controversial things.

Has James Casbolt been found to be a hoaxer?

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posted on May, 14 2010 @ 06:40 PM
Discussions on James Casbolt

Please contribute to one of those threads.

Thread closed.

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