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Amazing Judgment Day Prophecy - Sajaha (605-562BC)

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posted on Apr, 24 2011 @ 02:35 PM
reply to post by Regenstorm

Thanks for providing that link with the English translation.

What a fascinating read.

Especially like these parts:

My king, as you have now already known, there are vibrations and flows of different types and strength everywhere, but everywhere and in everything, barely in the merely guessable.

It is this fainting against the vibrations and the currents that are so omnipotent, especially because the high gifts of the pure humans, the people close to God have almost been completely diminished since the fall of the great ancestral realm/empire. And the mingling descendants lost most of the old power.

So it happened, that especially in the area that is not consciousness, the flowing forces apply and only in a minor degree being stirred by the wise humans, but never being completely controlled and usefully used.

This is because the fine nerves of the ancestors are reduced, which is essential for the control of the force, where these do not longer exist in the descendants and the descendants of those.

The only tool to make absorb and control the vibrations and flows, are the long hair of women. Like a delicate, but large and dense network, they can keep the forces and steer them, provided the woman has the necessary knowledge to understand, which is known [from the magical teachings].

This now means that most people can not handle the magic flows, although they are in the midst of them, and therefore, they are like rudderless boats on an unknown sea.

Reason, the less able to use their abilities in order to keep the many others a guiding light in the still invisible sea. [The vibrations are the forces of nature are male, however, the magical female.]

This confirms something important about women cutting their hair.

There is an excellent discussion of "hair" on this ATS thread:

The Truth About Hair

This thread may have been missed by some because it's posted in the Miltary andGovernment category. It's starts off about hair cutting in the military, but goes into more about hair is like an "antenna for ESP".

We need to learn about hair.

Here is an excellent site about hair:

From a yogic perspective, hair is an amazing gift of nature that can actually help raise the Kundalini energy (creative life force), which increases vitality, intuition, and tranquility.

The bones in the forehead are porous and function to transmit light to the pineal gland, which affects brain activity, as well as thyroid and sexual hormones.

Cutting the hair into bangs, which cover the forehead impedes this process. When Genghis Khan conquered China, he considered the Chinese to be a very wise, intelligent people who would not allow themselves to be subjugated.

He therefore required all women in the country to cut their hair and wear bangs, because he knew this would serve to keep them timid and more easily controlled


I have some other thoughts, but I'll save it for another post.

posted on Apr, 24 2011 @ 04:42 PM
reply to post by Julie Washington

Thank you for your reply.
Ancient Germans had long hair, it could be because of that reason, it also makes lot of sense. I've been brainstorming a lot about this, I personally think that this is also related to the zodiac signs in relation to the character from someone. The part about dreams is in my opinion also related and very interesting, I translated it a while ago and opened this thread about it.

posted on Nov, 24 2011 @ 11:24 AM
reply to post by Regenstorm

I'm no where near done with this thread, but I thought you'd be interested in this:

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