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A Short Story/Poem by me myself.

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posted on May, 14 2010 @ 04:17 PM
Okay so recently I've been having a flood of subconscious inspiration, most likely caused by the vacuum that has replaced by recently ending addictions to stress/marijuana/alcohol. Being unemployed has also helped immensely. So I've been putting everything together, to try and convey a message that I hope will help at least a single person gain perspective of universal understanding, and the root of fear and ignorance. I am in the midst of expanding on it, and have yet to type up the conclusion, but I'm looking for whatever feedback I can get. So if you will, read, respond, or not. I'll try my best to keep up on any responses. I should have the conclusion up within a night or two, still trying to perfect it. Sorry if the syntax makes it tough to read for anyone, it's simply the way I organize my thoughts in order to keep the rhythm.

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