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Rough exterior cleaning advice

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posted on May, 14 2010 @ 04:17 PM
Hello all. My car has had a rough couple of months and the outside isn't looking too great and I was hoping to get some quality advice on cleaning it.

First, the breaks and rotors went to hell and left a HORRIBLE thick layer of brake dust all over one of my rear rims and a streak going down to rear bumper. I've scrubbed and taken it to car washes numerous times with no luck. It's almost rust like, but not impossible to remove. I've gotten bits and pieces clean.

Second, I made the mistake of leaving some bird droppings on the car which seemed to have left stains that are impossible to remove.

Finally, after failed attempts of trying to remove the bird crap from the vehicle I attempted to use a green kitchen scrubby. Big mistake. The stains are still there but have left really tiny scratches over them. I've never tried to remove scratches from a car before so I have no idea what to do.

Thanks for any advice^^

posted on May, 15 2010 @ 12:19 AM
Well,Go to the auto parts store and get paste car wax it should come in a round can with a pop off lid.

Turtlewax is a good one.

It should come with a foam applicator.

FOLLOW the directions on the can and in a shaded area on a cool surface apply the wax to the surface of the car.

You are using this to hide the scratches and remove the bird dropping stains and the brake dust remnants.

That means you are going to wax the whole car(You might as well.)

The wax is mildly abrasive and it will/should remove all the residue.

Be sure to follow the directions on the can and use a SOFT cloth to remove the wax after it dries.

I suggest you "google" how to wax a car before you do.

If you have the bucks,take it to a car wash and have them professionally wax and polish it.

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