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Immigration, Immigration, Immigration

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posted on May, 14 2010 @ 03:38 PM
Immigration, Immigration, Immigration

Having watched and even participated in threads on the immigration debate, I see two sides of the arguement and both of those sides offering only either or solutions, either throw them all out, or a flat out amnesty for illegal immigrats with no attempt to find a middle ground and balance to the situation. I will endeavor in this post to find a middleground solution and I am sure to make folks angry on both sides of the issue. I am sure to need a flame retardent suit when this post is done. I will attempt to break down the issue in sections and offer a solutions for each as the issue is much more complex than an either or situation..


The border needs to be sealed by US military forces, with the present ICE officials responsible only for the legal crossing points and internal enforcement of immigration law.I would suggest a 1 km no go zone for citizens of any country on the US side of the border all individuals that are caught in this zone to be turned over to ICE for determination of thier status. This means the US government will be buying up all the land in that 1 KM zone and it will become a buffer zone pretty much like the former border between East and West Germany. Sounds harsh but it will put a big dent in the coyote and drug smuggler business and will also reduce the number of people attempting to cross that die from exposure and dehydration.

Troops would be redployed from, Germany, Poland , Italy, Turkey, Korea and Japan. Basically the Army and Air Force would come home and the only forces Deployed will be the Navy and Marines aboard ships as our Constitution provides for , wind down the wars in the middle east asap and bring those kids home.


Employers who are caught employing illegal immigrants should be treated just as we treat drug trafficers , confiscate their business and bank account lock stock and barrel and then auction those assets off any US citizen that wants to buy them. This is a Zero Tolerance policy we cannot exploit illegal immigrants and not take care of the problems root. When American Corporation export jobs to any country they must meet US wage and employment laws or thier products should be tarriffed to make up the difference upon entry into the US.


States and cities that offer a sanctuary situation for the illegal immigrant should lose all Federal Funding with Zero Tolernace.


Give Illegal immigrants 1 year to declare themselves to the US government. Emplace a system of of determining the Status of each Illegal immigrant. If the immigrant is only guilty of crossing the border illegally and working under the table illegally with no run ins with the law whatsoever then I would propose a 3 year work visa for them that allows them to work legally, pay taxes, and apply for a Green card after 3 years provided that have no negative law enforcement contact. This of course provided they want to become US citizens otherwise they can apply for a second 3 year work visa if they want to continue to work in the US Legally.

For those illegal immigrants that have had minor encounters with Law Enforcement such as minor traffic violation I would propose a 1 year work visa with the chance to apply for the above 3 year visa at then end of that year provided they have no negative law enforcement encounters.

For both of these catagories I would reccommend that the Illegal immigrant be given the requirement to learn American English , that doesnt mean forget whatever language they speak in thier home country but they should learn American English so that they may understand traffic signs , warning signs, etc.

Illegal immigrants that have commited other Felony type crimes they should be deported to thier home countries immediately after a hearing with a bar to further entry into the US.

For those who are caught once and given the one year grace period to declare themselvers to the US government and who choose not to make such a declaration and enter the visa program they should be deported immediately after a hearing.


The US should immediately reform its citizenship laws and do away with birthright citizenship as it stands today. Today if an Illegal immigrant crosses the border and gives birth to a child in an US hospital that child is automatically a natural born US citizen, while to the converse A US military family who have a child in a foriegn nation while serving to protect this country has to go through a naturalization process and is not considered natural born, this needs to change immediately. The US needs to also do away with Dual Citizenship pick one or the other and those Who choose to remain citizens of other countries should become ineligable for any government job elected or non elected.


Legalize marijuana nation wide and tax it just like cigarettes and alcohol. I am not yet comfortable with legalizing the harder Drugs such a coc aine and heroin, I much prefer to legalize marijuana and see how things go before dealing with the legality of the harder drugs.

These are initial solutions I am proposing they can be fleshed out with further details, my concern is that folks are only seeking the most extreme of solutions in an all or nothing kind of way with tons of vitriol from both sides. I have no problem with the illegal immigrant just trying to provide for his or her family. I have no hatred of Hispanics or Latinos, I am married to an Argentine woman at the present with 2 Hispanic daughters in Law and 3 partially Hispanic grandchildren. So protests of racist will truly fall on deaf ears for my part.

I have no problem with the immigrant that comes here to become american or even just to work, I have extreme problems with a certain element that seeks to subvert this nation and carve out a section of the southwest and make a country called Aztlan or whatever. We dont need a civil war here its not a good thing for either side of the debate.

So in short if you came here illegal, get legal and become Americans , Embrace The Country, its Constitution, Language and Values, if you choose not to become Americans and just want to work then do so legally , Follow our laws and at least learn enough of our language to function. Keep in mind that all illegals are not Hispanic or Latino so this applies to all immigrants.

posted on May, 14 2010 @ 03:58 PM
I think yours is a great idea. You should go into politics (providing you don't upset too many interest groups and get yourself killed!).

But one "problem" with solving the immigration debate is that it would create political "space" for Americans to focus on other issues e.g. insane levels of "defence" spending. Narrowing the stream of immigrants would prevent a lot of infighting in America, and that could work out very bad for you're Demo-Rep government.

Demo-Rep has been malnipulating the social-political consequences caused by immigration for years. I'm sure they feel, they are well placed to do so for many more years-decades.

posted on May, 14 2010 @ 04:21 PM
reply to post by Liberal1984

The OP could never be in politics.

He has rational ideas that would solve problems.

How does that equate with being a politician?

posted on May, 14 2010 @ 07:24 PM
Originally posted by endisnighe

The OP could never be in politics.
He has rational ideas that would solve problems.
How does that equate with being a politician?

No, people should go into politics because of these things!! There's always been massive demand for real leaders, but I was just noting that there are also real problems (and some real dangers) that face every leader (and some leaders more than others).

So the only "half-sure way" to success, in politics, is through compromise, and compromise in politics means agreeing to agree to things your heart opposes. But this is better than the solution of many, modern, career, politicians (like Tony Blair) which was to deal with this fact, by not having a heart, and dealing with critics with the "trained liar tactics" of "mass deception".

Yet all many Western countries yearn, for today, is a politics, led by people driven to represent ideas in a democratically, representative, government.

posted on May, 14 2010 @ 07:36 PM
It really is a good Idea, I would be happy with that. I don't really think their is gonna be a middle ground, where just gonna get Amnisty for all shoved down our throats. I wish you we're President, or almost anybody else for that matter.

posted on May, 14 2010 @ 07:38 PM
reply to post by Liberal1984

That is what I am saying. Politicians now have no honor, no commitment, no sense of right from wrong at all.

They are also the biggest wusses that have ever lived.

You do not do what is good for your base. You do what is best for your country.

Also, none of them speak from their own minds now. They use study groups to decide what their position should be. They are a bunch of mealy mouthed liars. All of them. Alright, 95% of them.

The citizenry have been trained well though. To call for me me me. Narcissism incarnate populace.

posted on May, 14 2010 @ 07:41 PM
Not often you see an immigration thread that doesn't have the intent of bashing illegals.

Some of these are very good ideas. I personally feel that Congress should take up the issue and address every issue mentioned in the op.

Excellent thread.

posted on May, 18 2010 @ 02:53 PM
Well when I started this thread a few days back I was hoping for some reasonable discussion about the immigration problem here in America. I was truly looking for solutions and not the same amnesty or throw them all out fight.
To me it seems that most on this website are more interested in fighting over the issue rather than sitting down and trying to come up with reasonable solutions to the problem.
Lets face it American politicians have failed us for atleast the last 40 years on the immigration issue and now our children and grandchildren will either have clean up this mess or most likely end up fighting another civil war because of this issue.
For those who responded thanks for doing so, but I was really hoping for an exchange ideas, we used to do that on ATS baack in the day...

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