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How would things be different if 9/11 happened in 2010 instead of 2001?

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posted on May, 14 2010 @ 09:39 AM
I was thinking today, our society has come so far in terms of things like the internet and social networking, and texting, etc since 2001. Everything else aside in terms of current events since 2001, how would it be different if 9/11 happened today?

For example, on 9/11 there was so much confusion as to what was happening and wild rumors flying around (many people thought Israel was nuked for a while), if that happened today, wouldn't there be less confusion?

Here is what i think would happen if 9/11 happened today:

First planes crash in tower - Twitter & facebook updates within seconds, youtube videos within minutes. Many more people know what is going on.
Second crash in tower - Even more updates and videos, overlapping the first crash
*Network starts to get overloaded, people flock to Starbucks and other wifi hotspots*
Crash in Pentagon - Updates and vids relayed to people in New York and vice versa.
First collapse - Videos and updates lower confusion, more people escape before the second collapse
Aftermath: Many more stunning evidence and video from event, we could have probably even get to the bottom of the conspiracy

What do you guys think?

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