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Loving thy chains, Americans?

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posted on May, 16 2010 @ 02:04 PM
reply to post by lpowell0627

" Problem one: They are called illegals because they are breaking the law which is illegal. Do you also have a problem with labeling people criminals when they break the law? As for alien, the definition is simply anything from a foreign land. Which fits as well. You are arguing semantics which is simply a diversionary tactic for the real issue at hand."

US troops, by definition, are "aliens" who ignored Iraqi laws & borders.. thus "illegal aliens".. not to mention defiling international laws by torturing innocent people.. they don't speak the language, dis-respect local culture and US imported illegal alien contractors are taking jobs away from Iraqis.

Mexicos president could have signed a secret memo declaring the US a threat to Mexicos "interests" and encourage or fund a flood of "illegals" and or drugs to de-stabilize the US govt and promote "regime change" in DC..

If the US can meddle in foreign affairs abroad, flood Iraq & Afghanistan with havoc wreaking illegals who kill innocent citizens and devastate the economy, then US soil and YOU as a US citizen are also fair game... deal with it... if the dear leaders of the GOP/DNC gave the smallest F about you, they'd do something about it.

If a DUI illegal wipes out someones family in the US, oh well.. US troop illegals shoot up Iraqi & Afghani families.. karma & payback can be bitches.

What goes around, comes around.. cant complain about illegal alien trouble on US soil while US troop illegals occupy, literally, other nations.

posted on May, 17 2010 @ 06:34 PM
before you start judging people try to put yourself in their shoes first, you've never tasted desperate, you've never tasted poor have you, i'm talking to everyone who says this is OK BTW.

you think migrants steal from the country when theres way more people on welfare because they have become too lazy and drug addicted to want to do anything that requires breaking a sweat.

i never see a white guy standing with the day laborers, not unless hes there waiting for the bus to come, i dont even see homeless people, talk about not paying taxes do the math on them first they probably make more than you do.

and finally lets face it this is against latinos, not the asians who commit a hell of a lot more hainous #, i could go on but i'm just going to be repeating the same thing over and over again.

take a look around and see the world for what it really is not for what TV shows you, television is meant to make people stupid, thats why they call it the boob tube.

i stopped watching tv more than a year ago and let me telll you i dont miss it.


I've earned my place in this country have you, try going to war first instead of playing with your joystick ignorance is bliss but it also makes you stupid.

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