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SW Pennsylvania (First) Sighting

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posted on May, 13 2010 @ 09:56 PM
First off it was not a "OMG ALIENZ ARE TAKING OVER" type of sighting...

It was my first UFO sighting and i would like to share it.

I let my dogs outside before going upstairs to hit the sack. Like i do everynight.

Usually if its a nice night i go outside and just ponder the sky, thinking about stuff.

Occasionally ill see a light in the distance moving. I watch it in hopes of it being something... unusual. Unfortunately they are all just aircraft.

Tonight was different. It was about 10:20pm EST. The night was VERY clear. Slightly humid in SW PA, but not too much to obscure the sky with haze.

So i look up, and i see a light, about the size and brightness of Betelgeuse, moving from the West to the East in a straight vector. It was moving somewhat faster than airliners at a similar altitude

What was strange was 2 distinct things. For one there was no blinking lights, but for its altitude it would be hard to see. Although other airliners i have seen, i could see a distinct blinking.

Second. After traveling for around 10-12 seconds, it slowly got dimmer and dimmer, then disappeared into nothing. There was no cloud to cover it, as i could CLEARLY see a few stars near where it disappeared, it was right above me, so it did not get lost in the distance.

I watched the sky for another minute or two and followed its vector and could not see it again.

Would their be ANY reason for an aircraft to turn off its lights mid-flight? I live very close to a regional airport (Arnold Palmer Regional Airport) so it seems that would be less reason for it to turn off its lights.

Again not a Second-coming of Jesus encounter, but odd none the less.

Thanks for reading!

posted on May, 14 2010 @ 04:36 AM
Interesting sighting, this reminds me of a similar event I witnessed last weekend at a friends place. We were lying out under the stars around five in the morning and I was watching the sky intently. I witnessed a lot of meteroids fall through the atmosphere, but I thought I saw a particularly bright on shoot off from one point and disappear. A little while later I was watching the same spot and this stationary light grew in intensity, then shot of in a bright streak on the same bearing as the previous one. No flashing lights and a prompt disappearance. I would have shrugged it off as a larger meteoroid if it hadn't sat and grew in brightness for a few seconds.


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