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Camp Fema, America Locked Down

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posted on Feb, 17 2012 @ 10:52 AM
Are we ever going to wake up to the evils of this defacto and correct our status returning to the de jure?

There is only one none violent way to get out of this mess and take back the government the fore fathers put in place. Lawfully without harm to others start your education today before its to late, look up my other threads on ATS. This Roman Empire must fall sooner instead of later.

part 2:

posted on Feb, 17 2012 @ 11:13 AM
I saw this a few months ago. At one point towards the end, they're interviewing a japanese-american man who was put in one of our ww2 concentration camps.

He says "They didn't have the facilities to house 120,000 persons, so they took over racetracks, fairgrounds, places like that..."

Why do you think they used racetracks, fairgrounds, and parks, and what are their equivalent today? How do their requirements back then compare to modern BSt security/logistics requests and creepy laws?

partial list of japanese internment camps in america...

There were three types of camps. Civilian Assembly Centers were temporary camps, frequently located at horse tracks, where the Nisei were sent as they were removed from their communities. Eventually, most were sent to Relocation Centers, also known as internment camps. Detention camps housed Nikkei considered to be disruptive or of special interest to the government.


Civilian Assembly Centers

Arcadia, California (Santa Anita Racetrack, stables)
Fresno, California (Big Fresno Fairgrounds, racetrack, stables)
Merced, California (county fairgrounds)
Pomona, California (Los Angeles County Fairgrounds, racetrack, stables)
Puyallup, Washington (fairgrounds racetrack stables, Informally known as "Camp Harmony")
Salinas, California (fairgrounds, racetrack, stables)
San Bruno, California (Tanforan racetrack, stables)
Stockton, California (San Joaquin County Fairgrounds, racetrack, stables)
Tulare, California (fairgrounds, racetrack, stables)
Turlock, California (Stanislaus County Fairgrounds)

in the following thread, I link to similar examples of stadiums used as prisons all across the world, some happening right now. There are examples from japan, germany cuba, chile, bosnia/herzegovinia, france, america, libya, syria, etc...

"The sports facilities are the detention/relocation camps..."

Many emergency centers, fema disaster recovery centers, and national guard outfits, etc, are inside of or connected to sports complexes. Your local stadium/arena probably does emergency drills involving mass evacuation/relocation.

It isn't a "maybe." Sports facilities HAVE been used as prisons in the past, ARE being used as prisons right now in some parts of the world, and WILL be used to detain people here in the future.
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