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George Bush attacked by Cicadas

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posted on Jun, 7 2004 @ 04:15 PM

Originally posted by Venus

Let me take a moment of your time to point out what he has done for the environment:

This made me chuckle a little. That has to be a seven, maybe eight point list of policy. Lets take a little look at the national resourse defence coucil review of 2003 for an example...

Federal court blocks EPA plan to cripple Clean Air Act (12/24/03)

Court blocks Bush administration's Clean Air Act changes (12/24/03)

EPA revs up motorcycle pollution plan (12/23/03)

Another senior EPA official resigns in protest to Bush administration policies (12/23/03)

Forest Service clears way for logging in Tongass (12/23/03)

Bush administration streamlining oil and gas permits (12/23/03)

Forest Service opens grizzly bear habitat to snowmobiles (12/22/03)

New EPA mercury rule fails to account for 'lost' emissions (12/19/03)

Bush administration finally takes blame for Klamath fish kill (11/18/03)

Judge criticizes White House pro-industry mining rules (11/18/03)

EPA moves to fill landfills with radioactive waste (11/18/03)

Bush administration seeks increase in use of ozone-depleting pesticide (11/14/03)

Park Service workers speak out against Bush policies (11/13/03)

EPA considers exempting small business from toxic release reporting (11/12/03)

Revised Everglades recovery plan not worth the wait (11/04/03)

Superfund cleanups lag for third straight year (11/04/03)

White House considers dropping some fish protections to promote logging (10/31/03)

EPA tricks public, treats industry on dangerous pesticide (10/31/03)

Bush administration ignores damming evidence (10/29/03)

EPA refuses to tackle rising mercury pollution in Great Lakes region (10/29/03)

EPA may allow continued phosphate dumping in Gulf of Mexico (10/28/03)

Costly USFS and BLM outsourcing studies prove unhelpful (10/23/03)

EPA changes rule to exempt hazardous waste requirements (10/23/03)

EPA developing ways around the Clean Water Act (10/22/03)

EPA to issue daily air quality alerts (09/30/03)

White House study: benefits of environmental regulation far outweigh costs (09/29/03)

BLM opens millions of acres of wilderness to energy development (09/29/03)

EPA strikes deal with polluting factory farms (09/25/03)

White House recommendations could shut the public out of environmental review (09/24/03)

GAO finds that energy production pollutes wildlife refuges (09/24/03)

Corps of Engineers violates judge's ruling, won't lower Missouri River flows for wildlife (09/24/03)

Forest Service to sell Tongass timber at a loss (09/23/03)

EPA passes the buck on regulating global warming pollution from cars (08/28/03)

EPA on global warming gases: Bring 'em on! (08/28/03)

EPA officially rolls back Clean Air Act protections (08/27/03)

New EPA rules ignore mercury pollution from chlorine plants (08/27/03)

Corporations shaped Bush energy policy, GAO says (08/25/03)

Park Service spending less than promised (08/21/03)

Oily deal on offshore drilling rights (08/21/03)

President making empty promises on parks funding, critics say (08/15/03)

EPA hides research on Senate clean air plan (07/30/03)

Bush administration taking on illegal logging abroad (07/29/03)

U.S. Forest Service exempts some logging projects from environmental review (07/29/03)

Forest Service rewriting Yellowstone plans with a grizzly ending (07/26/03)

Out with outsourcing, Bush administration decides (07/25/03)

EPA reconsidering proposal to weaken Clean Air Act rule (07/25/03)

Criticism forces NPS not to raid Mount Rainier repair funds (07/24/03)

Bush climate plan all study, no action (07/24/03)

EPA rejects temporary ozone waiver for power plants (06/26/03)

Bush administration calls for more gas drilling on public lands (06/24/03)

White House whitewashes EPA environment report (06/23/03)

Fish and Wildlife Service reduces protected habitat for threatened mouse by half (06/23/03)

EPA concerned about Yellowstone snowmobiles (06/21/03)

DOD reneges on plan to test for perchlorate pollution at U.S. bases (06/20/03)

BLM vows to fix maligned land appraisal process (06/19/03)

Bush administration undermines critical habitat designations (06/18/03)

White House buries mountaintop mining regulation (05/30/03)

White House forest-fire plan axes environmental protections (05/30/03)

Park Service opens Maryland seashore to Jet Skis (05/30/03)

Interior giving up on endangered species protection (05/29/03)

EPA failing to keep track of water quality (05/27/03)

BLM opens fragile dunes ecosystem to off-road recreation (05/23/03)

BLM vows to fix flawed land-exchange program (05/23/03)

Bush administration cuts wildlife protection, boosts logging in Northwest forests (05/23/03)

EPA reports record drop in fuel economy (04/30/03)

BLM approves Powder River Basin development (04/30/03)

White House bans EPA from discussing perchlorate pollution (04/28/03)

EPA Administrator Whitman misusing agency investigators (04/26/03)

White House says "ready, aim, shoot" on wilderness (04/25/03)

Fish and Wildlife Service holds the line on habitat protection plans for imperiled wildlife in California (04/24/03)

White House unveils its pro-industry chemical security bill (04/24/03)

Forest Service permits grazing in violation of federal law, says judge (04/24/03)

The rest is here, it has the same lists for the last four years, each of these points has an article to go with it.

posted on Jun, 7 2004 @ 04:22 PM
What is it with people continuing to give these little bullets, the equivelant to sound bites?
Many of those little bullets appear to be eco-freak insanity, being so silly with regs that they actually hurt the environment. Logging, for example, good. Thousands of acres burning to the ground because there is no way for the forrests to be cleaned out - bad!!! Baddddd!!!!

Of course, it is very difficult to tell if that is actually applicable here, or if I am talking off base. No way to tell. Instead of a thousand bullets that might or might not be sound, how about some in detail?

posted on Jun, 7 2004 @ 04:24 PM

Originally posted by ThePrankMonkey
while earthtone is asserting that 25% of the world pollution comes from us is that recorded and known or just a guess?

I got this for now, from the CIA website no less, will find a 'pie chart' or something.

"the US is the largest single emitter of carbon dioxide from the burning of fossil fuels; water pollution from runoff of pesticides and fertilizers"

posted on Jun, 7 2004 @ 04:29 PM

Originally posted by earthtone

Originally posted by ThePrankMonkey
while earthtone is asserting that 25% of the world pollution comes from us is that recorded and known or just a guess?

I got this for now, from the CIA website no less, will find a 'pie chart' or something.

"the US is the largest single emitter of carbon dioxide from the burning of fossil fuels; water pollution from runoff of pesticides and fertilizers"

i hate to say it but i wouldnt take the word of the CIA. it has a history of putting out the wrong information (along with purposely wrong misinformation). and the CIA isnt a place i would go to about environmental issues just as i wouldnt go to the EPA concerning national security. (not to say i'd go to the CIA even then)

not saying your claim doesnt have any merit but i question the source. it's been established a long time ago that the CIA doesnt know its ass from a doorknob.

[edit on 7-6-2004 by ThePrankMonkey]

posted on Jun, 7 2004 @ 04:36 PM
I agree with your points about the CIA, just thought it would be funny to source the U.S government on that 'most emmissions' point.

Thomas, I would indeed like to go into any of those single bullet points more specifically, but I just had to contrast the tiny list of beneficial enviromental policy against the pages and pages of damaging things that have been done.

more to find. . . . .

posted on Jun, 7 2004 @ 04:47 PM

Originally posted by ThePrankMonkey
can we have a break down with some graphs or pie charts?

According to the Worldwatch Institute, the most important rise is taking place in China, where economic growth relies heavily on burning coal. China now accounts for 14% of global CO2 emissions. This is the second place behind the United States' 23%. However, even with this high total amount, Chinese per capita emissions remain less than one seventh of American.

Ok, sue me, I was 2% out. . .

posted on Jun, 7 2004 @ 04:58 PM
i wouldnt pay much attention to per capita stats china is just loaded with people so naturally their per capita stats will be lower.

i wouldnt worry about the 2% but again, is this just comparing with the data they know about or are these estimates? china is not good about record keeping and they arent overly concerned with the environment, they like outsiders doing this even less.

china is also on the rise in terms of fossil fuel use and they were depending on oil more and more.

i also take issue with this as it only presents data on one form of pollution and i question the data presented for the reasons i've given a few times already. i'm sure america's companies do a lot of bad stuff and they may not be under the strictest guidelines just think how bad it would be if there were none like in other parts of the world.

but all this data we can find only reflects what we know about, not what we dont know about. i suspect if we were to find out the absolute truth about everything environmentally speaking, we'd be angry at the world and ourselves. noone's hands are clean in this.

posted on Jun, 7 2004 @ 05:05 PM
I am going to log off now, but i am going to get this set straight. Your points are valid prank, but China's emissions were still only 1/7th that of America. With a moderately large margin for error on these results that still leaves the US far in the lead right ?

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