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Dreams - Sajaha - 605-562 BC

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posted on May, 13 2010 @ 03:59 PM
Sajaha was a Babylonian female prophet from around 605-652BC when Nebuchadnezzar II was king of Babylonia. She made very interesting prophecies but also this very interesting description of what dreams are.
This is a translation from German into English and it's a bit difficult to read, but you'll get the drift. It's very difficult to translate, especially because it is not written in proper German but is more a rough tranlsation of the exact words in order to keep an open interpretation.
Personally I think there is a lot of truth in this "theory".
Now I start to wonder who's having all these nightmares that are a reality for me?

Anyhow, this is a very interesting read, the rest of the Book of Sajaha is even more interesting, but not related. I'll translate more soon. There is no English version of this, anywhere!

From the dreams at night you come, I will speak to you of strange things from strange things, they will reveal to you.
Because there are dreams of a different kind, there can be such that you walk in the worlds of sleep.
There are those who bring you into someone different.
There are also those who create other ones dreams.
And there are those without borders. S
ome things, you see in your sleep a reflection of the day.
Such is no dream, such is a juxtaposition of images without deeper meaning.
But if at sleep and the inner body is lifted from the outer, then you are dreaming! Because it is so that the inner body, which dates from the reign of God, the outer, the afterbirth is his for the stay in this world which can not bare the inner body uninterrupted.
And that is sleep.
Sleep is to give rest to mind and inner body [soul].
And so then the spirit leaves the mortal body and take trips.
It searches for another being which vibration is similar, and temporarily moves in this one.
And if you experienced in your dreams much at all clear, then all this happened.
But it did not happen to you, but to the person your soul moved into as a guest, you witness his experiences.
It can also happen the other way, that the spirit of another sleeper joins the yours.
This brings with pictures from his life, and this mix with your own. And often it may seem confused.
All pictures are genuine but in its way.
But these are still the little paths of dreams.

There are larger, which are more relevant.
For example, when your mind moves out entirely and completely Olesko in the worlds of sleep.
Here meet together many spirits of sleep, and are there together. Thus, images that you remember after awakening, often very foreign to you.
Yet another path can lead beyond the borders of Greenland - and perhaps even a piece in it.
Then your spirit even more experienced in the hours of sleep - and far reaches his eyes.
Because from there, he also sees the essence of the earthly world in which truth, nothing is hidden from him, all thoughts lie open before him.
And what do you remember you from there, which is truly important information.
It can also happen when your sleeping earthly body from your own mind is abandoned, and that foreign demon-like spirits might hold temporarily as feeder.
Such happens when the soul is not strong enough to protect the earthly body against the intrusion of strangers. And then there lurks danger. All that you see in the real dream and lived through, that's really somewhere. Nothing is mere illusion.
And it is also possible to you to interpret some of it.
Because the mind is not so random seek ways but because of his character - or because he seeks what he lacks.
Much you can learn from it.
If you found your had dreams often confused, after waking, so this is only because of you, to no longer true or only partially remembered, and also the memory of several dreams that you had, confuses.
And it still comes to all this the knowledge that everything has a spirit, dreams, and even there, where the spirit is not understandable - so in animals and in plants.
For all these beings were once so from the fields of the kingdom of God, pulled the apprehensions [angels / people] below, or by them.
And they all have a mind of its kind, and this leaves his earthly body, including sleeping from time to time

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posted on May, 13 2010 @ 08:56 PM
That is really cool! Thanks for that, did you translate it?


posted on May, 14 2010 @ 02:26 PM
reply to post by RedCairo

Well, "Google Translate" did some of it, but I had to rewrite most of the sentences because most of it was completely wrong and not understandable.

The more I let these sentences go through my mind, the more sense they start to make.

posted on May, 23 2010 @ 02:11 AM
What I also would like to add is the theory of Albert Hofmann, the discoverer of '___'. He says that everything you experience during a hallucination is real and that '___' opens other dimensions for the soul to enter.
It does correspond with what is being said in the description by Sajaha.

posted on Jun, 17 2010 @ 07:31 PM
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posted on Jun, 17 2010 @ 07:40 PM
Mods - sorry about the previous large empty space. BBCode seems to be playing up, and it was spoiling my presentation.

ORIGINAL POST by Noah (me)

I find this fascinating. Will check out the source at some point; thanks for making the effort to translate..!

I was glad to see that there was a differentiation between the 'juxtaposition of images' and the 'astral' phenomena we experience during sleep. Interesting that the experiencing of someone else's life is also detailed as yet another separate 'type' of dream. Stepping into their body, sharing their motivations, their understanding/ knowledge & their decision making/ self control... That's happened often in my dreams. Sometimes I find myself pleased with what's happening - at other times I get frustrated or downright angry about the unfolding events.

Spiritual attacks (or spiritual protection/guidance) during sleep are a definite reality imho. Happens all the time - to both myself and my wife. We have a keen belief in the spiritual realities, and it is often possible to peer into those realms - in both waking and dream states. There is a particular discernment (available as a gift), wherein you can register whether a spiritual entity is positive/ 'good', or negative/'bad'.

If you share the same beliefs, it's crucial to remember that not every 'spirit of light' is necessarily what it appears/ claims to be.

The dream realms are another means by which we experience the dimensional variety of our fascinating universe. But, as stated above, not every dream is 'spiritual' (as in, taking place in the 'astral realms' - and/or - received as 'deep', meaningful, edifying, communicated from a higher source). There are multitudinous shades of differentiation - for example, not every spiritual dream is prophetic; not every prophetic dream relates to our own lives... and so on. I would love to try and work more on understanding the nature and meaning of dreams; my guess is that we (as people on the whole) are some way from fully understanding any of it...!

'Seek and you shall find, ask and it shall be given to you, knock and the door will be opened'

That's possibly the most pertinent advice ever given to all those who wish to take up the pursuit of God, Truth, Righteousness (right-ness, self control) Understanding, Wisdom, Protection & Guidance. [color=54C571]Highly useful as a meditation before going to sleep if you want to learn more (about anything) in your dream state.

FAO Trolls/ serial debunkers: The above opinions are just that - opinions. They are based on personal, subjective, unverifiable experience. I know a fair bit about the counter-arguments against such ideas as 'spirit-realms', the experiences of Mind, the existence of a Supreme Being etc, and I believe what I believe for good personal reasons. I'm not trying to convince anyone to believe what I believe, so please be respectful and don't try to trash the points I'm making...

Many thanks OP for raising this to our awareness. PS - You may find the work of Emmanuel Swedenborg interesting.

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