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stop blaming women

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posted on May, 13 2010 @ 03:21 PM
maybe you guis are forgeting how powerfull the law of attraction is?
maybe you are forgetting with every though and word you say,you are influencing the girls thoughts about you. maybe you are forgetting how much people change couse of theyr relationship partners.
even if some girl is shallow in the beggining you can change her,to show her your dream.
well most of them afcourse,thoughts are very powerfull,and i dont mean MINDCONTROL her,i mean have confidence in your self,when you know what you want and how to get it,no matter how shy and needy you are,it will work,it will change,all people will begin to like you.
no,the girls who rejected me before,they dont like me now,even if they do,theyr still the same trashes,if a girl dosnt sense the greatness in you the first time,she will probably not change,so make them suffer and jealous XD
there are great girls,it dosnt mean you have to change and act cool,thats awful
be yourself,if someone dosnt like you,his problem.
but when you go on a date what are you going to impress her with?
what are you going to show her adventure with?
that you ruined your life,career,dreams and health,couse you were too busy wanting to loose your virginity to sluts that like to date poor drunken loosers?
get the hint,brothers

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