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euro champs

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posted on Aug, 2 2004 @ 11:59 AM
nah...Im quite sure it was setup, both teams were in the same hotel the day before the game, and now they founded images of just before the game you can see them on the RAISPORT site, you can see players talking about the 2-2, the UEFA is still thinkin what to do... and im pretty sure they can always make a game look like it was a hard game, but in the end its the result that counts...

OFFCOURSE they wanted italy out...because what Totti did...and because italy has one of the best teams..., about Portugal...yea..they played better i expected, but they arnt a champion team...they have great players, but i dont see them be big favorits next big tournament...they miss something in their team...

posted on Aug, 3 2004 @ 03:59 AM
If this game was staged we have 22 Oscars for the teams
- didn't hear about the UEFA investigation, have a link? Sounds interesting

posted on Aug, 3 2004 @ 11:37 AM
The only reward they should get is 22 years of ban in SOCCER!
didn't hear about the UEFA investigation? offcourse not, are they even gonna start an investigation? The images can you see on the site from RAISPORT(gonna put a link in later), its all in italian, but the images say enough...NOW the Uefa...what can they do?? they can act and say, we did no see nothing in those video(you can clearly see some players talking about the result, JUST before the game) Or, they dont say nothing about the tape and no one will know! OR, they can handle right...but then they have to give them a serious punishment...They cannot do that... From the moment that they knew about what would happen on a 2-2 result, they ALL agree to wipe Italy out! Italian press does not care anymore about this, theres nothing we can do...Only do better next time(AND there WILL be a next time for Italy, on the other hand...I never would see denmark or sweden in the future as major favorits...they wont last till the last 8 in a world cup...) Your only get lucky LIKE they had, 1 time... Next time our victory would be only sweeter....

PS; FINAL 2000

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posted on Aug, 3 2004 @ 04:22 PM
Not to say that italy is not an awsome team but dont forget that the teams they lost against were playing in the same weather conditions as they were, the 36 degree weather, and the pouring rain. Italy just had a rough year.

posted on Aug, 3 2004 @ 06:42 PM

The funny thing is...THEY didnt loose a game!
Italy had the same points as the number 1 in the group had... only a 2-2 with make a difference...NOT on points...but on goals!

Italy-Denmark:0-0 (36 Celcius)
Italy-Sweden:1-1(Miracle goal of Sweden in final minutes)
Italy-Bulgaria:2-1(Heavy Rain)

Standings; 1) denmark: 5 Points*
2)Sweden: 5 Points*
3)Italy: 5 Points
4)Bulgaria: 0 Points

*Only the first 2 of each team goes true to the next round*

Now, first of all, Sweden & Denmark are neighbours...
In the final match...The only thing that would trow Italy out was a 2-2, they (the NEIGHBOURS) would both go true to the next round if they would draw a 2-2...and history is written...

PS. if you check at the minutes of the goals in the game between denmark & sweden, you can easy notice that EVERY GOAL is made every 20 minutes...hmmmm
1st goal: 28Min- (1-0) / 2d goal: 48Min(1-1) / 3th goal: 68Min(2-1) / 4th goal: 88Min(2-2)

posted on Aug, 4 2004 @ 01:54 PM
Now gimme the links to the images and investigations. Don't tell me its all super secret now

posted on Aug, 4 2004 @ 02:46 PM
That 36 degrees celcius was surely worse for the Danish than for the Italians.

posted on Aug, 5 2004 @ 11:49 AM
The game between Sweden & Denmark was a fix...and I could care less what anybody else says...and I say this with calm words...nothing aggresive. this is my opinion, even though I dont care about anybody elses...y'all are still welcome to dissagree with me.
I agree that Italy could play allot better, but you need also a bit of luck to go true...'ask Zidane and his team'...
It was tough luck for many Danish & Swedish fans carried..signs or flags that said "2-2"...they all wanted it to happen..and it did.
What are the odds of 1 team not winning... and what are the odds of a 2-2 score the minority of anything...
The first goal Sweden scored was a penalty(what is the keeper doing there?? They were down 1-0, and it ties it up.(1-1)
Then the 2nd goal by Sweden(just sounds so pathetic the fact that the keeper dropped the ball in the last minute...I wouldnt be surprised if the keeper got payed off) came in the final minutes of the game...88th...or 89th minute, to seal the fix...

Yea...Vieri missed some good chances.
But I dont think Italy played horrible!

Aainst Denmark we did, but even there we had direct shots on goal. We played better against Sweden, tough luck...Bruce Lee came from the dead...took over Ibrahimovic's body and scored a miracle goal in final mintues...
And we surely played better then Bulgaria in those wheater conditions!
so we didnt have much luck on our hands, like the French.
Italy deserved to go through just as much as Sweden or Denmark did, but Sweden tied against Italy & Denmark in the final minutes...

Isn't it a bit strange that Denmark & Sweden ended in 2-2 , exactly as everyone talked about before the game?
BUT, Sweden looked great against Denmark, allowed 2 goals...and should have allowed 3 or more...If only the result wasn't agreed on. But hey, some people consider that a good preformence...not counting that they would have lost clearly if it weren't a penalty...or the keeper dropping the ball in the last 2 mins of the game.

NOW, The art of match fixing...
Soccer is probably the only sport where match fixing is as artistic as the game itself!
*First off, there is no match fixing at federation level! Too easy to get caught as too many people would get involved, thus a simple disgruntled secretary could blow the whole thing away. Only a couple individuals within the federation would get involved to "sanction" and that's it! 99% of the federation has NO CLUE of what happened, the 1% controls the whole scheme. RARELY, you'll have a whole team in on it. Again, that would have been too easy to catch or heavily suspect. It can and has happened though! What a man does not know, does not hurt him

Second, the "real" trick to match fixing is by paying off SPECIFIC individuals or "pivot" points. Basically, GAME CHANGERS.
What or rather WHO would be a good game changer?
- Referee's, as shown in World Cup 2002!
- Goal Keepers.
- Pivot players, like a good goal scorer suddenly misses EVERYTHING, including open nets. Or a GOOD midfielder who suddenly starves the strikers and/or easily gives the ball away. Basically players you can say: "well he had a bad day/tournament... how unusual" (Who is the blame?.....The Coach...)

I'd say the Danish keeper would be it. He dropped SO MANY balls in this game it wasn't funny.
He downright stunk it up to the point that if I was coach, I'd consider dumping him for the next game(s).

In high level leagues, the fixing is usually VERY hard to catch. In lower status leagues, match fixing can be quite blatant.

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