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Please analyze my recent dream

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posted on May, 13 2010 @ 06:13 AM
This was an incredibly vivd dream; similar to a lucid dream except rather nightmarish (to begin with) and out of my control. This dream was also notable for its "intersubjectivity:" I could feel my consciousness slip effortlessly between the dream characters for a long time, and I didn't soldify as a "character" myself until close to the end.

I was in a completely run-down, dessicated city packed with millions and millions of people. Far denser than any city you can imagine: people didn't even "walk down the street," so to speak...they had to climb over each other in a kind of perpetual scrum. There were all these rickety buildings packed with people and everyone was squabbling and fistfighting over who got to be inside which building, etc.

The city or community was ruled by three gigantic, more modern towers. The bottom floors of all these were completely was like the building curtan walls were shattered and the lower levels all broken into clifflike outcroppings...this was filled with people and garbage, mud, water, excrement, etc...pure anarcy and scambling. Up a little higher, things were still pretty rough and crowded but at least livable. The top floors of these large buildings were totally sealed-off plush paradises where a handful of ultra-wealthy lived in spotless splendor. Everyone else was mired in struggle and filth.

Each building had a "king" and a "queen." The dream opened with the three "queens" moving down the street between two of their buildings. People parted for them but there was a very menicing vibe in the air, as though the crowd might close in and kill them or worse. Two of the women were visably shaken but the third seemed perfectly casual and at ease. Then suddenly the confident queen gave some sort of signal and the crowd swarmed over the other two, killing them.

It was a major victory for the leaders of the third, most distant tower, who had organized it. The other two towers reacted in fury. After a complex series of events and backbitings, a massive war between the three broke out. First towers 2 and 3 were massively damaged, cracking and crumbling in large chunks but still standing. The new queen in tower 2 proved a ruthless woman who created a kind of reign of terror and bloodletting even as her community decayed and crumbled beyond anarchy to nihilistic terror.

Soon I began to follow and eventually identify with a figure in the second tower who was a kind of telescopic expert. He/I lived near the top of tower 2 and in more peaceful days had served the king and queen of that tower well with the ability to observe goings-on all over the crowded, dangerous city. Now the king was dead, the old queen had been killed, and the new queen was an extraordinarily terrifying and ruthless person who I felt I had to stay away from at all costs. I wanted to go to my observatory and check out a specific event, but it would be difficult to get there because of the recent damage to the building. I was also leery of moving through the very top of the building where the deranged queen roamed.

[Continued below]

posted on May, 13 2010 @ 06:21 AM
[Continued from above]

Eventually after some mishaps I made it to the top. Before getting there I had a run-in with the queen that involved her trying to seduce me so she could kill me when I was off-guard, after learning all she needed from me and my telescope. Amazingly I manged to avoid her pitfalls, shaking her. I knew I had to act quick because it wouldn't take her long to find me. I located my telescope and made some observations.

The situation was grimmer than ever. Eventually building 3 collapsed totaly, leaving only my own building 2 (which was in perilous condion) and building 1. Hordes of newly-homeless, desperate people from the collapsed #3 were making their way to #2, which was becoming a deathtrap and a sight of extreme brutality. Even the civility of the upper floors had given way. I also saw a helicopter periodically appearing and scanning the situation. At this point I came across another man hiding in the building who had some knoweledge of the helicopter. He recommended fleeing the building and heading up a nearby mountain ridge.

The going was very tough and dangerous and both of us nearly died. Along the way I managed to save a priceless scroll of some sort. Eventually my own building collapsed. The first bulding, which had stood the longest, became a burning inferno and the entire landscape, home to millions and millions, was consumed in brutal wildfire. The entire society collapsed in mass death and frenzy.

We finally managed to hail the helicopter and outwith those who were chasing us. The helicopter took us to a mountain fortress where a trained group of men and women were doing extremely arcane spirtual exercises. We joined them and suddenly my dream became full of extreme bliss and a sense of warmth, protection, success, and fittingness. The fears and the horrors evaporated, and the dream ended in happiness.

posted on May, 13 2010 @ 07:29 AM
Wow that was epic. I don't think anyone else can decode it for you though. If there's a message there, and it does seem full of symbolism, I think you'll have to work it out for yourself. Let us know what you find.

I've had many prophetic dreams, mostly about stuff pertaining to me, and not world events. I do think that some things we dream are symbols of other things and that's what I mean about decoding the lot yourself.

I dreamed once that I was lying flat on my back in a sand dune and there were military crawling about. Suddenly a concorde flew over me very slowly and very low. I stayed there looking at the sky and saw a tiny square flying really high up. Somehow I zoomed in on that square and it was the UK flag, flying like a kite, but looking like a postage stamp.

A couple of days later a concorde crashed in Germany, I think. Just after take-off it shot through a hotel or some building. "Oh, I thought, I dreamed about concorde, but what was the UK flag about?" A few days after the crash all the UK's concordes were grounded.

Did I have a symbolic dream about the future? Going by that dream alone I'd say no, it was coincidence. But because I've had many more dreams that showed me even more then I have to say yes, we do see the future in our dreams. Nothing to worry about though, even epic dream can come to nowt.

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posted on May, 16 2010 @ 01:05 AM
The first thing I thought of
is London City, Washington DC, and
Vatican City. The three preeminent city states.

The happy news is that death, in dreams, can often
mean the end of the old flawed self and the emergence
of a new more fit self. Notice that when you fled with the
sacred scroll a very difficult time came in climbing the mountain.
But when bliss arrived with the people there, the scroll played no part.

David Grouchy

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