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The Elephant Murders - Poisioning? Death by lightning? Or something more...

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posted on May, 12 2010 @ 09:26 PM
When a group of elephants are found dead in a riverbed, officials claim lighting is the cause. Others suspect poisoning. This is from October 29, 2009.

Check out this short video clip summary:

Elephant Murder?

Researching this further I came across another "mysterious elephant death" from Indonesia that took place early April of this year:

"Banda Aceh. A 15-year-old Sumatran elephant was poisoned last month for its tusks, environmental activists and officials confirmed on Sunday... ...The farmer saw dozens of people cutting up the dead elephant’s tusks and meat."

Full story here:

Elephant Murder Mystery Highlights Threat Faced by Animals in Aceh

I wonder if the event from 2009 was almost the same scenario as what happened recently, only the poachers were driven off/scared for some reason?

Maybe our little scientist ET friends are now finding some amusement in lifting elephants up with their beams?



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