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Memories of a friend

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posted on May, 12 2010 @ 09:24 PM
I invite everyone to write a story about memories you had with a friend you had during childhood. Someone that you could never forget. Someone that was in your life, be it bad, sad, good, happy ect ect.

Here is mine

Ten years ago this year seems like forever since I've known you. The trouble we made and the attention we caused is still a riot to me. The time we snuck outside at night. Oh my, that is still burned into my brain. We walked to the house of that mean, despiteful little girl that picked on you in school. We took a big blue smoke bomb with us. We arrived at her house, and I snuck up and opened that window they always seemed to keep open all through the summer. You lit that smoke bomb and tossed it in. We ran back to your house and up to your room. I thought “Oh what did we get ourselves into?!?!” That next morning we saw them airing out their house, smoke bellowing out the door. We laughed till we couldn’t breath!

So many adventures that summer, no cares in the world. We were young and felt invincible.

Remember when we sat and watched the Wizard of Oz? We made fun of the monkeys that took Dorothy and Toto away? We memorized the songs and put our own words to them. Your mom would be so furious! She loved that movie.

And then….we became teens. You decided to hang with the wrong crown. Showing up at my house high as the sky. I was so upset with you, but I stuck by your side. No matter how much trouble you got into, I was there for you.

I remember the day you hit rock bottom. You decided to become clean and join the United States Army. I was so happy for you. When you left for basic training I cried my eyes out. I missed you so much.

The day you came back from basic, I knew something changed. I could see it in your face. Your eyes looked careless. Your soul seemed numb. I could smell the arrogance all over you. They way you acted pissed me off. You thought you were better. You thought you could say anything to anyone and get away with it because you were in the Army. Then the day you said the wrong thing to that Marine and he beat your ass down. I thank that Marine….

There are so many things I could write about you. All the memories we shared together. It would take a lot of notebooks to write everything in detail.

I tear up thinking about you. You are my best friend. Now you are moving away to Arizona. I pleaded with you to stay in Ohio, but I won’t keep you from doing what makes you happy.

I bid you farewell, not forever though. I will miss you deeply.

posted on May, 13 2010 @ 03:36 AM
That posties bike with the home phone strapped on the rack
you were ahead of our time .
That day to our shame we coated our faces with shoe polish
and went down to Clems singing mammy how I love ya
Or the night we camped out with the grumpy clown
and that can expolded in the fire as he was sleeping
and all those baked beans came raining down
God did we laugh in the library at all those faces in the magazines
giggled like little girls every cool dude knew we were very weird
Remember tin head,ball head,organ head,cow head,fat head?
You are still in my head time to time, may you be well and happy always.

posted on May, 14 2010 @ 04:28 PM
I walked to school, you took the bus. But I was always at school before
your bus pulled in, waiting to say hi before classes started. After school it
was a different story, I could slowly walk you all the way to your house and
carry your books. The things we used to do on those walks home ! And it
was as if we had all the time in the world.

Then I got a part-time job after school and things changed. I missed you !
No more slow walks in the leaves and wind, no more casual laughing. But
now I was earning money, enough to take you to the Friday night dances at
the high school gym. I now longed for Fridays to arrive . . . to see you . . .
to hold you . . . to dance with you . . . cheek to cheek . . . trembling at your

You were my best friend. You were . . .


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