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What is person

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posted on May, 12 2010 @ 08:28 PM
This is aspired by thomas Aquinas's human essence what makes us human. As we analyze human person we must begin with what make us human or in our own distinction different from animals, plants, and rocks. We will break down the difference between all as being one with our own being. First let me see rocks in nature are at one with there nature in the constant state of being rockness.

What defines a rock it is necessary not to evaluate its the expression of its being that is the qualities of rockness which are interchangeable to the nature of the rock. There is no purity of nature within rockness because of merely its stillness or hardness but these are all elements which contribute to it actually being a rock. That is a conscious observation of its own rockness not because it is conscious but regardless of its own abilities or potential to be rock it must rock to be rationalized as known. The plant though potentiality of being though is different in the reason that it grows it can though become unlike rock because its qualities respond to that of nature. Thus it is can be called a more intelligent form of life because it responds to the nature surrounding it. Though it is not leaves or branches which defines the being of a plant or which allows it to grow but which is merely the potentiality of the plant in response to basic functions of nature which will help us explain the human problem and work beyond it. This potentiality is then though different is basically designed around the same thing that supports nature though allowing things to grow differently. It is then to say that plant and rock can be without have the potentiality to be because although this gives it the freedom to grow it is the very interchangeable nature of itself which allows it to be both plant or rock and give forth its potentiality.

This being said it is time for us to get down to the fundamentally indifference between humans and animals. Both of these are animated are able to react through the transmissions of the brain into the idea of running or moving there physical forms. This is to say that there is a complete control in the case of being able to fulfill appetite and to survive. It is this nature which gives birth to the idea of care it is care which gives animals the desire to produce to survive humans to the same extent in a natural world do the same thing. It is though that the potentiality of being is missing one thing that makes humans fundamentally who they are and that is reason. This reason is the ability to express the knowledge that we are fundamentally freely able to express our own reality in the individual this creates the human personality. Animals do though have intelligence they are not able though to recreate ideas based on the ideas presented in nature but are only able to react to them through sense perception. Thus they know they exist but only in so far as the object of survival which satisfies their potentiality to survive exist. This is to say they live by being able to overcome nature not to take on the nature of care as an ends but merely as a means to their own existence. It is in their own potentiality not to transform the object as it relates to there selves through reason but rather through what we call instinct or the ability to grasp the common ideals nature places upon us. It is these instincts which are developed in babies but in humans this instinct does not become a mere function of existing. It is more of an act of self which defines us.

We can reason and rationalize through the structures of sense perception we exist as self as the embolism of self through which many selves manifest themselves. All of our functions are a working embolism through the various elements of humanity which although don't define humanity as it is does allow us to reach a certain truth of it. We can reach to a certain ends to the extent our conscious ability to reason is able to take it. This is why as humans we are able to identify self and knowing the importance of self is able to rationalize the base core of our own survival why do we try to survive what is the purpose of survival. Is it purely instinct and the satisfying of our own appetites contained in our sense perceptions.

This indeed is apart of our care and it is necessary to exist given it is necessary as being humans but this alone does not define what is actually human and it is necessary then to say it is through that which care gives to us which is reason to be not what it is because there is the absolute potentiality to be free to it. This is false evaluation of self and it is not through this that humans are able to define self it is rather though being able to in our individual persons be able to express freely the reality which allows us to be free with it that is to say not take on reality as it any more than it allows us to rational with our own selves as human beings. The actuality of humanity is not so far in the fact that it allows for nature to surround it as a principle for its acts but rather that the acts are free to be though by the individual as a part of acting. That essentially we act because we are free to think but that in order to think this there must be an action to make it true.

Our sense perceptions are not controlled by survival or intuitions but rather by the care given to them to conserve not allows our own appetites nor the necessities that our bodies oblige us to follow but to be free to reason individually with our reason for doing this that is to say to make it our own reality through a free act of self. It is not a fact that we are free to know we are human or it is the fact we are human which allows to be free to know it it is through our reason though that we are able to reflect the self of humanity. It is the reason though which is only possibly to individually make self a part of our reality there must be a freedom humanity as a whole allows to each human thus humanity is an interchangeable term to the fact that we can reason or do anything like that. Saying this though it is necessary through our own individual selves that this does not alone allow us to be free to be human but instead in so far as we are individually conscious of this idea to make it our own to make unique or personify. It is then in this that we can know humanity is to make unique and personify through reason but as far as .the term humanity remains within it.

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posted on May, 12 2010 @ 08:34 PM
Hey nice thread, but please edit your post and make paragraphs, it is very hard to read otherwise. Thank you.

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