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The DC Sniper Revisited

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posted on May, 12 2010 @ 06:01 PM
Based on the conversation on last Saturday's show, I decided to create this thread to open up some discussion on the DC Sniper case and examine different details.

The first shot in the DC area rang out on October 2, 2002 into the window of a Micheal's Craft Store in Aspen Hill, Maryland. No one was injured and would have not raised any thoughts or concerns except about an hour later in Glenmont, MD James Martin was shot and killed in the parking lot of a Shoppers Food Warehouse grocery store.

The next morning of October 3, 2002 four more were shot and killed between 7:40 am and 10:00 am, followed by one more that night in DC at 9:15 pm. At this time, it was determined that was the actions of a sniper.

The attacks continued until October 22, 2002 with much media attention, misleading information and public reaction of fear. On October 24 John Allen Muhammad, and Lee Boyd Malvo were found sleeping in their car, a blue 1990 Chevrolet Caprice, at a rest stop off of Interstate 70 near Myersville, Maryland and arrested. Ron Lantz noticed the car and blocked off the exit to the rest area with his semi and called police.

Now here is where the case becomes interesting. The Chevy Caprice was once used as an undercover police car in Bordentown, New Jersey. It had been stopped for a minor traffic violation on October 3 and again police in Baltimore had investigated the car on October 8, because had New Jersey plates and the man sleeping inside had a DC driver's license. But with all attention placed on "the white van", the car was never searched and the occupants not extensively questioned.

The motive that the public was lead to believe was that the intened target was Muhammad's ex-wife. That the other murders were a cover up. However Malvo has stated in court that the murders were part of a three phase plan. Phase one was to be 6 murders a day for 30 days in the DC area. Phase two was to relocate to Baltimore, MD and begin specific targeting of shooting a pregnat woman in the stomach and killing a police officer. Then, at the officer's funeral, they were to create several improvised explosive devices complete with shrapnel. These explosives were intended to kill a large number of police, since many police would attend another officer's funeral. Sound familiar to the story on the Hutaree militia? Phase three was to gather young males for training in Canada from various YMCA's along the way to become sniper teams like Muhammad and Malvo across the US in various cities.

Muhammad was executed by lethal injection on November 10, 2009.[39] The execution procedure began at 9:06 p.m., he was pronounced dead five minutes later at 9:11 pm.

posted on May, 12 2010 @ 06:18 PM
There's no cover up at all, They caught the right suspects. Many probably forget a man lied about the white van being used by the snipers.

posted on May, 12 2010 @ 07:27 PM
Mostly for historical perspective.

And in case there is doubt, Ron Lantz did not receive any of the $500,000 reward money for information leading to the arrest. But on a positive note, he wasn't ticketed for blocking the exit of the rest area either.

I also find it odd, that the public finds it to be less of an act of terrorism than the anthrax mailings. And that other shooting performed by the pair prior to moving to DC are not common knowledge either.

The Bushmaster rifle used was supposedly stolen in Tacoma, Washington from a place called Bulls Eye Shooter Supply that was ran by a former Army Ranger and that hundreds of guns from that store are unaccounted for and are considered missing.

There are lots of details people just are not aware of nor seem overly concerned about.

Personally, I find the part of Phase Two and the similarity to the Hutaree plan to be a bit suspect. Sure, it is not a complex idea but Malvo never mentioned the idea until after years of custody.

posted on May, 12 2010 @ 07:40 PM
My dad was a parole office in Baltimore all the while this was going on and during his rounds, often went into a particular convenience store where apparently Muhammed and Malvo often parked their car and slept. They seemed to go up to Baltimore to lay-low, while keeping the actual attacks to the D.C. area. After they were caught and saw them on TV, he was pretty sure he had seen them there. He said he momentarily flashed on the idea of the snipers when he saw them, but discounted it because that was all happening down in D.C. and Virginia, and not up in Baltimore. It's pretty creepy, but he was probably right there, just a few dozen feet away from them on at least one occasion but neither he, nor anybody else knew.

It's not the first time my dad had proximity to some pretty infamous criminals like that. Years ago (early to mid-70's), he owned a well known bar in San Francisco. There was a group that used to hang out there all the time who he always thought were kind of strange and kept to themselves - pretty anti-social. Then one day he sees their faces all over the TV - they were the SLA who had kidnapped Patty Hearst. I guess psychos can sometimes be your best customers - go figure.

posted on Aug, 19 2013 @ 08:14 PM
I'm sorry I missed this thread the first go around.

And I sooo wish I had ATS in 2002 but I was only just starting to go down the rabbit hole back then and I had no idea other peeps were already down it. LOL!

This story NEVER set well with me. I never really understood a motive. And the whole weird Duck in a Noose statement that Muhammad wanted read by the police chief. And that he was ultimately executed at 9:11. I mean, WTH!?. But strangest of all, IMHO, is this:

Victim Linda Franklin was an FBI Intelligence Operations Specialist.

Were the other sniper hit murders just cover for this one?

Here is what ATS was saying about the case in November of 2002:

One member drew interesting mind control parallels between Timothy McVeigh and John Allen Muhammad.

Two army vets terrorizing the people they once were required to defend. Two extremist racist religious people with contacts still in the network.

I personally can't shake the Islam connection with JAM.As Skadi-The-Evil-Elf explains it, it may have been more about the NWO and a means to an end. In other words, if it was an operation, it could have just been to gin up terror fears associated with Islam post 9/11 in order to push the Patriot Act and War with Iraq.

Here is what Alex Jones said about it in October 2002. I know, I know, it's Alex-Freaking-Jones...but not many were questioning the PTB/Official story for just about any of it back then - 9/11, Anthrax, etc.

Anyways, with a movie coming out, it just reminded me of the entire bizarre affair and I wanted to raise the subject again with ATS.

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