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Why do you believe in dimensions?

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posted on May, 13 2010 @ 03:17 AM

Originally posted by SmokeJaguar67
I try to explore the room lined with brushed gold with a mind to understanding the glyphs that are etched there - with little success I might

Hi SJ been really enjoyable reading your posts. I was curious about what you meant by the above. Can you explain please. The reason I ask is that I have a memory of entering a room then laying down in the middle of it and slowly it turned golden and loads of glyths were revealed to me. I have my suspicion as to where it was but don't often share it with anyone!

Also with regard to meditation as a way to access the other dimensions it sounds as though you've done a pretty good of it job so far. If you'd like to know where to run with it and amp up your connection to it, or simply to rejoin the stream again then please feel free to U2U me. You seem like a cool warrior which is why I'd be happy to help!

For others out there interested in meditation one thing i will say here is that meditation is just the beginning. Once you are in complete control of your mind it is then that you can begin to use it in such a way that you are able to interpret some of the feelings and insights Smokejaguar has described. After that its up up and away with regard to progress as the trained mind quickly learns how to interpret the new signals., hopefully with no risk of overload!

posted on May, 13 2010 @ 05:25 AM
reply to post by onequestion

Originally posted by onequestion Thanks for your input first off. Ok, this is something i have been considering as of lately. I have lately been considering the astral plane the home of the devil. I use the term devil loosely. Lets say negative.I have heard other people refer to it as the plane of illusion.

I have heard others refer to the astral plane as a playground of the devil also but they have tended to have been those of a strong religious background – namely my mother.

She has always seen me as the one that got away and tries every now and then to get me to return to the fold of the catholic church but we will never agree on that as I am happy to remain godless and remain happier instead to accept that there is something, a natural and twinned reality lying just beyond reach of much more depth and colour than a “created” concept of a god and that the way to perceive this other reality is via a stilled and trained mind.

Originally posted by onequestion Something i have been considering is that mybe this is an area of exploration that for a person of a more positive nature should leave alone.

I have the opposite opinion and I think that this area should be explored more fully by those of a positive disposition rather than those of a negative disposition. The latter can be damaged in their energy as I totally believe that negative energies attract like in much the same way of the saying “bad knows bad.” The positive person can generally remain in tune with a sense of their equilibrium and if something untoward, unexpected and unwelcome starts to occur then the positive energies that surround a progressive mind will always (in my experience) override the negative energies that can sometimes come swarming in. A positive mindset travelling in the hidden near sacred spaces of the mind is armed with optimism and an expectation that they go where the mind takes them with the knowledge they can detour around, negate or outright defeat any negatives they might encounter.

That is the theory and my experience as I have perceived it but it is a learning experience and I have barely scratched the surface so perhaps tomorrow or ten years from now I will meet something that will eat me up like fried chicken – who knows? In any case I believe that it is better to have lived one day as a Jaguar than a hundred years as a Dear so the risk is always going to be worth it.

Originally posted by onequestion I like you have had entities involve themselves into my meditations in the astral plane. This is all speculative and something i am more recently exploring. I to believe in a "spiritual" body, or embodiment. In fact i can "activate" this body anytime i wish. It feels like a static charge has entered my body, or at least something similar.

I have never encountered such a negative and vile minded entity before and I hope never to encounter it’s like again but that said I know what to expect next time (the worst of the worst) and in a way I also hope that it was an internal force that came from my ego rather than an external energy that came from an intelligence I would not like to meet in a dark alleyway. That said I cannot imagine that I have anything so vile residing within me so I doubt it came from me but I digress.

I understand what you mean when you mention the static charge as I enjoy that very much and I perceive it as a full body vibration that comes in waves, rippling up from the toes and fanning out through the top of the head. A beautiful feeling, filled with promise and always a smiling most welcome force I call my best of all duvets – wrap me up in it and sing to me the songs of the universe lol.

Originally posted by onequestion I do understand your position with UFO's as i have had really intense experiences with them. The experience i had with UFO's is that the ones i encountered were the government, or working closely with them.

I have read an account very similar to what you mention and I must admit to a feeling of depression when I read about their ties to a government as I hope and wish more than anything that the UFO’s I have encountered are outside the bloody claws of a human government and are operating under their own mandate with no outside governmental influences. I hope this is a truth but of course I cannot be sure that the UFOS I have seen are not tied closely with the government as I have to keep an open mind and accept that it is possible that the government is in cahoots with the lights I have witnessed and there is some game being played with emotion and with our hopes for a better future.

To know for sure I need to come face to face with their crews and have a decent sit down conversation – exactly what I am striving for as it happens.

Originally posted by onequestion If you would like to ask me about that, please feel free to U2U. This experience is very, i want to secretive, or deals with something very secretive. But i am not sure how to properly explain it. This is what actually lead me to this website.

I would be a fool not to take you up on this offer as I firmly believe that knowledge is power and it is this quote I read somewhere that I took on board and have long since made a very personal part of what drives me on to understand the relationship between the hard reality we see and feel all around us and the abstracted and fickle reality we can only get a sense of when the mind is ablaze.

U2u sent and thank you

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posted on May, 13 2010 @ 05:41 AM
Here's an interesting take on things:

The Universe is Only Pretending, Physicist Says

Like a Hologram, the Universe Merely Appears to Have Three Spatial Dimensions, Scientists Infer

In quantum physics, nothing is as it seems. As physicists continue to study the universe they continually run into new questions that shake how humans understand the universe's intricate mechanics.

UC Berkeley physics professor, Raphael Bousso, is trying to break down the mysteries of the universe with a concept called the holographic principle. Physicists stumbled on the idea while studying black holes. It is a concept, which ultimately questions whether the third dimension exists.

"There's a real conflict between the way that we're thinking about the world right now, which is a very local way where everything happens independently in different regions of space and the way that we're going to have to think about it," said Bousso in an interview.


The holographic principle uses the optical concept of holograms to try to visually explain the complex idea. Holograms are most often used on credit cards and are images that look three dimensional, but they exist on a two dimensional surface.

"You have to keep in mind that we're just using that name as a sort of metaphor for something that we're specifying quite precisely when we're talking about how much information there is relative to certain areas," he said.

A computer chip is a good way to visualize the principle. The chip has information stored on it in the form of data, but this isn't the information Bousso is talking about. Information in the holographic principle means the entire collection of matter the chip is made of.

"One way of quantifying the complexity of matter is to ask how many different states can it be in? How many things can you wiggle in? How many different ways?" Bousso said.

It would seem logical that if you doubled the size of the chip, then you could store twice as much information on the chip.

"What we've found is that it appears that gravity conspires against that when you really try to store a lot of information in a special region, then once you double that region you can't store twice as much anymore," Bousso said.

In other words, if you have a bunch of grapes in the fridge and have all the information including water content, temperature and anything else, you should be able to create an exact replica of the grapes.

Physicists have found the information content doesn't hinge on volume, but rather on surface area. An information increase can only happen on a two-dimensional surface and information density cannot increase by volume, a three-dimensional measurement.

"The total amount of information that you can store in the world grows only like the surface area of the region that you're considering," he said.

The discovery ultimately says the concept shows the third dimension could be an illusion because complex calculations can't prove it exists. The recognition is a step of progress, but Bousso doesn't know where it will ultimately lead.

"It may be a major step, it may just be one piece in a very big puzzle, but I think it's definitely progress towards that goal," he said.

Original source:

More at source:

posted on May, 13 2010 @ 06:08 AM
reply to post by itsallmaya

Originally posted by itsallmaya This gray room (or chamber) was the topic of a thread : The Gray Area » Looking for people who have been to the grey room This person who stated the thread talked about being in a grey room with virtual strangers who she had an instant repore.

Yes I recall the thread and I believe I denied ever knowing about the grey room too but then again I have only been to the grey room in the last three months so the topic was a little piece of synchronicity like a street light that showed me the way. I intend to revisit that thread later on as it happens and thank the OP as I need to change my own stance and read the experiences of others.

The thread is vast – it will be a long day :faint:

Originally posted by itsallmaya She was attempting to locate people who have either through dreams, astal projection or whatever means visited this "place". The first couple of pages she is very vague but as more people reply to her posts she goes on to describe the non human entities in this room as well.

The teacher types who with incredible patience with a hint of amusement thrown in. These can only be the non humans because everyone else was definitely human. The teachers seemed different in a way I cannot describe but yes I suspected even then that they might have been extraterrestrial but I did not want to come right out and ask – it felt silly and everyone was talking over each other anyway so I probably would not have been heard.

I kick myself now though because I have a feeling that if I had asked then one of the teacher types would have locked right onto me and I would have been given full attention. Never mind, it will be the first question I will ask next time I enter that space.

Originally posted by itsallmaya Maybe it will answer some of your questions of longing for this place and possible reasons why.

I certainly ache to return to that room but the sense of longing and loss I feel when the feeling comes is in relation to something much more than that. It comes from deep in my chest like my heart is breaking, as if I knew something or someone and I was ripped away from it a long ago. I am theorising and cannot say for sure so I am becoming very subjective about what it could mean but this I do know, the craving is stronger than a feeling of physical hunger so it is very real and not a figment therefore it means something of great importance.

Originally posted by itsallmaya And PLEASE always protect yourself with a white light by visualizing yourself encapsulated in it while you meditate or astral project. Lower entites lurk in lower dimensions. Please don't provoke what you don't understand.

Yes I agree and I do bath in a white light and many times it is so pervasive it rises up from my lower lids like a tide until all I see is white then BOOM the full body vibration. Thank you for mentioning that, I had not bothered as I have long since known of its importance and had become so comfortable with its implementation I do not even mention it in much the same way as someone says “popping down to the shops” but fails to mention that they will be getting in a car and driving there.

Also I never meditate with a mind to provoke anything as the opposite is true and if I encounter something then I want to talk and even something as nasty and utterly alien in nature then I will try to talk to it rather than provoke it. I am not a confrontational type of person and I believe you get what you give and I treat others as I wish to be treated in the very real sense of the word.

Talk first and if that fails then I say throw the dice and dance because the worst I think you can do is to balk from a confrontation through fear. In my opinion the realms reached via meditation are as much ours as it is theirs and if you travel there with a mindset of a reverential students respect then nothing as far as I am concerned has any right to try and hurl negativities at you.

posted on May, 13 2010 @ 06:51 AM
reply to post by pharaohmoan

Originally posted by pharaohmoan

Originally posted by SmokeJaguar67 I try to explore the room lined with brushed gold with a mind to understanding the glyphs that are etched there - with little success I might
Hi SJ been really enjoyable reading your posts. I was curious about what you meant by the above. Can you explain please.

This room is reached after the full body vibration hits and settles. After this I become aware of a hidden concave space that drifts near me. It is magical and breath taking to look at and it feels safe and warm like a great impregnable vault that nothing else can reach or even see. For example the last time I perceived this space I was laying on my bed in total darkness and in deep meditation and suddenly as the vibratioins came and settled beneath me there drifted a dark glistening room.

It glistened not because of liguid but because the room was lined with gold, textured like the grain of wood but much more intricate and detailed but partially obscured by the glyphs. Now these little suckers drive me crazy and have done so most of my adult life since I took to mediation as I feel like I should be able to understand the meaning but like a word on a tongue that never comes, I am not quite able to reach the finalk destination and decipher it in a way I can make use of.

This cavern tends to bisect a wall or a floor in a way that should be is impossible but in this realm anything is possible to the extent that it stuns the senses. This room obviously does not exist in this world it is separated by vibration and drifts gently because I am vaguely aware that beyond the room is an abyss of infinity and gravity plays no part here. The abyss should scare me as I have fear of deep water but this abyss is wonderful and welcoming but at the same time it is just a background vista because the glyphs and the room really grips my attention to the point I feel a desperation come because I know at some point I will find myself being pulled away and all I want to do is to understand their meaning.

Originally posted by pharaohmoan The reason I ask is that I have a memory of entering a room then laying down in the middle of it and slowly it turned golden and loads of glyths were revealed to me.

That is exactly the room, the only difference is when I come upon the room I drift down into a room that is already golden and already covered in glyphs. I am nt lying down or even standing as there is a sense that gravity is absent and I am watching the walls while in a loose upright and relaxed foetal position, arms gently bent, hands drifting near my face, legs bent, feet floating beneath me and pointing inward.

Originally posted by pharaohmoan I have my suspicion as to where it was but don't often share it with anyone! Also with regard to meditation as a way to access the other dimensions it sounds as though you've done a pretty good of it job so far.

Thank you but I feel that I have so much further to go and I have only just stepped through the door so to speak. I really wish I knew what it all meant and were it is going. One thing I do know is that I go with a smile, never with bad intent and I respect utterly what I see, meet and communicate with. This attitude does seem to be paying dividends in ways I never imagined – UFOS encounters.

Originally posted by pharaohmoan If you'd like to know where to run with it and amp up your connection to it, or simply to rejoin the stream again then please feel free to U2U me.

That is why I am doing it!

I have an unquenchable need to find out the meaning or die trying but not for reasons of power but for the unadulterated need to find and then share my knowledge, a true meaning as to why I have life in me. I know I am not here to be a success in business or to create something that makes good market sense or to be famous for singing or strutting fashion. I am here striving to reach my true potential, the thing inside that sleeps and waits for the moment to wake up? Everything else therefore in comparison is a distraction I dabble with because one must dabble with the inane to pay the bills and so on but in the same token I recognise it as unimportant in the context of why we are really here on this earth.

I know that all sounds so melodramatic but that is the strength of it and I will never stop and even if I am still searching on my death bed I will continue right up to the moment death takes me. Therefore I have sent you a u2u because I have come so far and have so much further to go but I am aware that I am on the right track, I just do not know where it leads at the moment. Thank you for the offer of help, I will take anything I can get

Originally posted by pharaohmoan You seem like a cool warrior which is why I'd be happy to help! For others out there interested in meditation one thing i will say here is that meditation is just the beginning. Once you are in complete control of your mind it is then that you can begin to use it in such a way that you are able to interpret some of the feelings and insights Smokejaguar has described. After that its up up and away with regard to progress as the trained mind quickly learns how to interpret the new signals., hopefully with no risk of overload!

Well said and I am in total agreement with you though I do not want to war with anything just talk, smile and laugh while giving out plenty of ethereal hugs on the astral plane

I can add nothing to your words other than to nod my head and grin. Tonight I will be at the gym looking to burst a muscle group or three and afterwards I have a very good feeling regarding meditation.

Thank you for your post

*Edit to add* I have added an old picture I drew from my teen years as there are glyphs there that are similar to what I see in this concave room, the difference is they are etched in deeply to the wall/lining.

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posted on May, 13 2010 @ 06:54 AM
I do believe in dimensions...and it was not easy for me to come to this admittance or acceptance, what ever it was

I guess its just different experiences piling up over time with people around me.

My mother always claimed to see loved ones, her grandmother claimed the same thing.

Later in my life is when the experiences really made me think about what is real and what is beyond here ect.

My son, at the age of 5, had a visit from what he described as a yellow being of light. The story, his mood, his emotions...were all just so real, I went from rolling my eyes from his first statement about it to asking him many questions to only find him ever more convincing with each answer. He said when he tried to touch this being, a small yellow light came out of it and went into him and he thought that this ball of light gave him life. I do believe now, this being was a part of him in a higher way, and was merging with him here in this dimension. He is 13 now...and still remembers the 'light being'.

When I started to really seek these curiosities and became deeply spiritual in my path....I witnessed my mother having a other worldly experience during a NDE. The only way to describe what she told me is that she seemed to of went through a few different dimensions. It seems there were even porthole's when she changed 'areas'.

After this, my family started seeing 'another me'. They described it as a shimmering 'me'. They were always so confused, they would find me somewhere....and be like 'wait a minute, were you not just standing in the doorway watching the kids?'...and when I would tell them that I was not where they just saw me, they would stand there with their eyes popping out of their head...and feel the need to tell me they were not crazy. This occurred about 12 times over a years time and all of the sightings were in my home by 4 different people. I dont like to make judgments on my own self....could this of been myself merging with another self? Could be I suppose.

I took a interesting picture that looks like a being of light....and it was right at this time that people stopped experiencing the 'other me' in my home. I cant say for sure what the pic was...but it keeps me a open mind.

Another reason I believe in dreams. I have been taught things through dreams. I believe we are creators, and we are seriously creating a dimension....somehow, someway, like we all have our own little 'garden' of creation....somewhere.

It was really hard for me to twist out of the religious knot and open my mind enough to ponder ideas, especially ones that go against the grain for many people. I dont share these experiences for my own sake, I share them because I know how important it can be for others to here similar stories. When I was seeking this kind of stuff, it meant the world for me to come across others experiences that made me feel not so alone.

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After reading some posts here...I see a few different ideas about dimensions. Language limits us to explain things clearly.

To me, I am not sure dimensions, or any one word for that matter, can explain what it really is. I think its a difference its about a difference in vibrations....and nothing really to do with 'time'. I dont think time is any matter in any of it really.

I just know, I really know nothing....and this is OK!

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posted on May, 13 2010 @ 12:09 PM
I've had some breakthroughs in awareness, someone told me they were downloads and for the first time that word makes sense. Taking these questions into that stillness of your heart, sort of like just catching the wave within and sensing with your intuition the Infinity within you, and connecting to Higher Self, can help, also sungazing.

Dimensions can be seen as channels/space-time dimensions and frequencies/densities.

The actual concepts depend very much on our version of the Matrix/Universe/Reality around us.

The Holographic Universe, is the one I was shown as real, and in a Hologram, we have lasers or projectors channeling in the broadcast around us. Though we have not left our true home in the Beyond, but we've joined what could be thought of as a DVD player.

What is called a black hole at the center of the Galaxy, could very well be a huge central star, with black hole/white hole technology such as

Nassim Haramein on the Sun

Our Stars would be seen as the projectors of the Broadcast, also sungazing our natural phone home to our Higher Selves and the Infinity Beyond this school. Also, the waves of energy from the center could be seen as positive upgrades Broadcast in and our Family of Light with us even.

What I've been shown is that star size is comparative to the collective consciousness level, and that in an infinite universe, every planet and moon has life on one channel or another.

That space/time perceptions, based on a planets orbit around the star, is its own DVD spinning at its own rate in the system, and so we only see the Universe as one plane, 3d, and we don't see much. That in reality, its a collage of infinite spinning discs of DVDs, and there are infinite levels where in "no time" in the Beyond, levels are but a concept, as is time.

This partly explains phasing with ETs as well, for their channels are slightly offstep of ours, even the ones that are 3D, are not our earthtime orbit 3D, and so they can phase, whereas all we can see is wired into the illusion of the matter in a center of our brain related to time and also to our planet of origin, though again its a perception we allow in a temporal sense while in the School.

This Universe seems to ask a question, in the duality structure, separation or unity, love of power or power of love, etc etc. the great gift in "no time" is that there was no moment that existed, that can be determined as your beginning and also, no moment can be attributed in your "past" as you truly are the thereotical whole inifnity of your life at once. (ie. picture holding anything in your hand, such as a ball, sphere, galaxy, sunflower even, and imagine this whole is Infinite, in some ways, without the boundary you see, and Infinite in layers, channels as well, and then see that in "no time" you are the whole at once. You are the GM of the whole game, able to go into any scene anywhere and do anything needed. Well, outside this test/game/school anyway, once you are at that "level" where there is no level in reality, but only concepts of such.

Aside from the question and the lessons and tests, there is another great intrinsic outcome of this school, one that is attributed to the lower grass roots beginning levels, where the density is heavier, such as 3d earth, and one that is global, in other words, cannot be pegged in one moment of "time" in your infinite life, therefore it always was so to speak for you:

Rather than seeing us as losing all ego, in terms of identity, and becoming One, without individuality, as some think this is about, we never do this. This moment is defining self forever, becoming uniuque expressions of the whole, the Many In One, united, alike in form, yet absolutely individual, as many snowflakes are. As a field of daisies is, as the a forest of evergreens is. Diverse yet similar, One-11111111111111......., or One-1 simply put.

There are many channels, dvds playing at their own rate, and also, within a world are many other worlds, densities, infinite channels exist.

Infinite Universes are nestled into each other, fitting infinity within infinity, so we could see our entire Infinite Universe nestled into the grains of sand on the beach of another world, in another Infinite Universe. In the Beyond, we could be a flower being tended in a garden.

Horton Hears A Who Trailer

One thing I really want to share is something that just came so strongly this morning after feeling this negative surge in NWO, and maybe a false type disclosure, and stepping outside into the Sunshine, which embraced me with this holistic wellness, and the Love of the Beyond. I knew everything was going to be fine, though who knows we might see it looking differently in 3D on the surface, but there was a great plan, and great evolutionary cycle upon us with energy sent from the central Sun beyond to our projector and collective consciousness, and NWO was making many plans but in reality, they all had to get their houses in order, we all have to love, and greet that energy.

Be appreciative, thankful, go outside and greet the energy which has the signature of our Family in the Beyond and the One itself as well, and Love. If we get our houses in order, why would we fear anything temporal, for something greater is at work.

This reminds me of my friends grandson, 16, who came to visit for a week and opened up sharing his experiences and awakening, his watching zeitgeist after ufo and possibly abduction when he was 14, and then he insisted on talking to my friend in Finland on skype and he remembered him, and suddenly he was accessing soul memories, and wrote about how he was here, that now his consciousness was on 5 levels, but soon it would be hundreds of thousands of levels, that they, the greys (the ones working for NWO and the negatives) had to free themselves and make this leap too, for otherwise they would perish.

He was talking phenomonally, and I went into shock. He said he didn't understand how he was tapping these memories, but he realized that this world was just an illusion. He still remembers this too, that moment changed his life forever, and his grandmother was telling me that the craft we saw was a satellite, flying low and soundless under the clouds. When I sent her this letter, she started watching every Project Camelot interview there was and it changed her life forever.

A new shift, and a new plane is coming, somehow, whether its tied into the Mayan exactly or whether it will be longer in coming, I don't know for sure, just feel we're about to shift some channels here ourselves.

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posted on May, 13 2010 @ 12:41 PM
reply to post by sirnex

Eh, it was more directed towards their way of thinking as 2-d. Eat and reproduce. Where as we have conscious direction, they do not. I do understand the concept of flatland, but it was more show you a grade scale for where in my opinion a living thing in 2-d might be like, since triangles and squares aren't alive.

posted on May, 13 2010 @ 12:48 PM
reply to post by onequestion

I assure you, even though you may be in denial about, is to learn something. Also, though you are right and experiencing seprate perspective and situations is also part of it aswell. Just because something is foreign to you, does not make the reason for existence random. If you choose to beleive it is random, then that is your call, but let me ask you; what do you think happens when you die?

posted on May, 13 2010 @ 02:19 PM
reply to post by agentofchaos

I don't feel it is random. It is more of a choice. What i am saying is that from a perspective of the infinite, all lessons will have all already been learned upon the infinite. So saying that, my soul hasn't already learned all the lessons required to be a soul or a soul in heaven, is a standpoint of a finite perspective. Also i believe that all information is contained within itself, i believe this would go in line with the holographic universe. Although i am not completely sold on this theory yet because i haven't thoroughly explored it completely with my own understanding.'

Let me provide an example;

If you learn lesson A, you can begin to be an infinite being, or your infinite being will be complete.


How can an infinite being have a beginning?


How can an infinite being have never have been complete?

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posted on May, 13 2010 @ 04:33 PM

Originally posted by onequestion
Feel free to add positive insight, and or logical argument.

For logical arguments, you may want to review my other threads: (this is not a thread hijack, it's just I'm too lazy to retype all the stuff from the other threads into this one.)

In the beginning, define a wall...
Your 3rd eye can't see your brain.
Pandora's Pyxis: Pandimensionally conjoined twins?
Conscience conspiracy against metaphysics

With basic quantum mechanics, we can define a 12D reality of forces that overlap and render as our 3D reality.

posted on May, 13 2010 @ 06:01 PM
reply to post by onequestion

I see what you're saying and it's true, to a degree. I don't really beleive that a soul ever settles down. Just constant wandering, and in my opinion, that's the point; to constantly grow, evolve, and diversify. In the grand scheme of infinite and having it inside you that's fine, but you can't always have access to all that you are. Sometimes, the experience and lessons a soul is seeking is only found at certain "dimensions", where only certain life exists that fits what the soul is seeking.

posted on May, 13 2010 @ 07:35 PM
reply to post by agentofchaos

Ok, i can grasp that concept. I will agree with you on that point. For sake of argument can we call it expression, soul expression, or co-creation? Mybe creation, and self expression. Now i am just adjusting what you said to my own understanding lol.

posted on May, 14 2010 @ 04:49 AM
My insight to all this is, my ability to write in an automatic way. When I go to write down my experiences it will sometimes makes no sense what so ever to the listener, who is reading my descriptions of my journeys. So I have been criticized for it this esoteric writing sometimes gets really scrambled and only I can un scramble it to where it makes sense and as it sounds easy to do it is not, cause finding the words to fit the experience are sometime unavailable.
Starting off describing at what point in time I as a person, first had a clue to what other dimensions or planes with in that dimension were all about. It all started or happened when I was very young probably about the time I was in first or second grade. It started out in my dreams, and in my day dreaming …or this is how I perceive how it went .. I would be at school and during my lunch break I would often go to this one spot on the school ground id take my favorite book and sit there and read a chapter and in know time I was off into a world of my own enjoyment; this is where all started for me. At home I could do the same thing only it would be that I could lift myself out and into seeing other places. Now to me “all I thought this was me using my imagination” being able to go to the places that I really wanted to be in . Now along with being able to do this I also was able to experience or see in my dream state travel, things that might happen to me one of those experiences came to me one night when I was able to see out to where certain evil lurked about and one night in particular I was having one of these awareness which really frightened me so much and when I woke up out of the dream I was literally wrapped up in my own blanket like a tootsie roll so tight it was hard to get out of my blanket.
How this happened I have no idea . But the experience that I had was a warning that I may be kidnapped, In real life by someone . Well this all came about and yes I was almost was kidnapped by a women in a car as I was walking home in the winter from a friends house. This was what I call my first kidnap attempt on my life but there is much much more to this or the explanation as to where my dimensional abilities begin. So as you see as a young child I had no idea what meditation was all about. Where you are describing how you have to meditate to do this is was all very unfamiliar to me especially when I was young. Through out my life I have went through stages or levels of soul travel or astral travel . It wasn’t really until I was about 22 that I even learnt about the meditation as being part of what I had already done as a child. When I was 22 I met and older man he was in fact 23 years older than me we began to date and eventually we were a couple. It was he who showed me about meditation and astral and soul traveling. He was a member of the

ECKANKAR organization NDID=ND1
The age difference wasn’t a problem for me it was in fact that he was mature and I was very intrigued with our deep conversations verses a silly meaningless relationship that most young men of my own age had to offer. Needless to say this man started explaining to me all that was. He explained the dimensions and that in each dimension there are various planes. He showed me how to meditate. We lived together for several years but our relationship ended. After we parted I stopped meditating and would still continue to have lucid dreams to where I was able to travel. So now being in my middle to late 20’s now having the knowledge I have experienced various journeys reaching to many areas over time, from back then to now. This in only part of the picture in my life but the point I’m trying to make is this is my own insight “As to why I believe that dimensions do exist.” It is not the easiest to describe. Now over the past 6 years my travels are breathe taking, there’s something so very special to all of this, It involves many spiritual thoughts. And if I could leave here now to be there I would do it in a flash. To be there you may ask well my answer to that would most likely be on the plane where it’s total bliss living in love and harmony communicating with others, In a telepathic way most people refer it to utopia. nsg52

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posted on May, 14 2010 @ 12:03 PM
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Pouring the downloads out into organizing words, structure, are very hard for right brained people. I know, I don't have a blog because of this. Though I keep wishing to find a way to put some of my downloads out sharing and nudging, helps. I've had so many times when I recognized light in others, such as family, someone I knew I knew, and as always when this happened, they challenged me the most, and asked questions and used their own words that touched on the mystery but I couldnt understand until taking it within, and suddenly, contact, Higher Self, or myself emerging so many times, downloads, each day, new additions. So I know that we share, we come down as a team, so to speak, in a very lower negative channel, where its easy to get lost, and along the way, we've arranged these stepping stones, each does it differently, their own way, yet, there is this team effort too. So sharing can shine light and activate another's light, and their journey can become enhanced, as they suddenly feel this need to go further and seek more on this.

We're all in this together. I have the hardest time organizing right brained thoughts. Though right brained posts attract me the most, the gems are often there.

posted on May, 14 2010 @ 12:18 PM
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Thank you, your experiences and awareness and the path, is awakening. Waking up in this channel and shining light is of great service. That kidnapping event, and your Higher Self, the visions, and interception showing you to sidestep this: as we wake up and turn with Love, and positive awareness within and try to remain conscious and on task, and do not give fear or anger, but maintain love, we are protected. Anger and fear makes us shrink and the other grows bigger, and yet it could be hard, the tests each day. But as we choose a loving response, but denounce the negativity and tell them they must go, example greys, we are protected. What happens, can only happen if its meant to for our Greater Progression and Good.

I even had a flash on your psi being noted, perhaps your family or genetics being a part of this, and that those kidnappings were arranged to make use of you, or harm you. M'Kultra has many programmed genetically chosen children, but also many victims murdered in it.

So happy to see your Higher Self and messages reaching you. And your awareness.

posted on May, 14 2010 @ 12:30 PM
the universe of mathematics shows quite clearly there at least two dimensions:
the positive side of 0
the negative side of 0

bring that cognitive thinking to the macro universe and its obvious
there are levels/mediums/dimensions of natural manifestations of energies

that are not relative (in the interaction sense) to this time/space medium
we see & comprehend as the 'table-of-elements'; aka the 'observable universe', and the attending scientific body of thought->>> ie: Physics

posted on May, 14 2010 @ 12:32 PM
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I'm just going to recommend the books I've read, that have helped me. One is ; The Wanderers Handbook and the other is The Law of One. May or may not be a help, but great reads in my opinion.

posted on May, 14 2010 @ 01:02 PM
In standard [euclidean] geometry(s?) a dimension is generally infinite, & therefore unmeasurable using any finite units.

There are strange topological geometries like a cylinder where you might have a limited/finite distance around the circumference & infinite along the axis,
or a torus which would have finite magnitudes of original non-intersecting vectors.

In euclidean geometry there should be an infinite number of mutually perpendicular dimensions to any/the/a given point of origin.
It is almost incomprehensible that this is not the fact of things.

However our experience, reality-interface perception(s) seems to have only 3 physical euclidean dimensions & time.
Whether that is the result of organic insitu context or some remarkably highly disciplined synthesis is quite difficult to determine. The results may be effectively the same, although the implications are that one is the fabrication of intelligence and the other of mindless accident/existence.
I suppose the other implied difference is that to change synthesis one simply needs to re-order the programming, whereas organic situation implies a kind of inertia, mass resistance to change, where it is not only the know-how, but the energy(?) resources &/or engineering necessary to do so.

Q: why do we think of creations of the mind as being synthetic? not-natural?
Because it often [seems?] to evade sequential logic? Evades or alters standard cause & effect? It intercepts some chain of causes & effects? redirects, blocks or inverts them?

Is it partly the ease with which our minds can be articulately altered?

like your nom de plume: pharohmoan pheromone

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posted on May, 14 2010 @ 02:29 PM
I believe in dimensions because it makes me feel good.

It's as simple as that.

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