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Questions about Titan

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posted on May, 12 2010 @ 04:22 AM
Hi! I thought I ask here from people, who know more about space. I´ve been thinking hypothetically abot some group of people going to live to Saturn´s moon Titan and we would be able to terraform this (I´m planning to write something on this theme). But I´m not very good at math and science, so maybe some of you can ansver some questions:

1. From Titan you see Saturn all the time in the same place in the sky and one round over the sun will take 30 Earth yars. But how would people on Titan understand day and night or seasons (any cyclical periods we know on Earth)? Or it never changes there?
2. Does sky always have to be blue to be suitable for humans? Sun is so far away from Titan, how woud sky look like there (if Titan is already terraformed to be suitable for humans)?
3. How much light and warmth Saturn gives? Is there some ways to use Saturn for energy source?
4. How Saturn´s and Titan´s gravitation would affect people on Titan over longer periods?
5. Titan has no magnetic field and for some perios it´s outside Saturn´s protective field. Is there any hypotesis, how could people solve this problem (as far as I understand it´s the biggest problem and I haven´t find any suggestions)?

Some questions may be silly, I´m not good at sciences, though this is all interesting (as much as I can understand
). And here I´d like to get some understanding, how life for humans would be on Titan. I´d appreachiate any thoughts!
(English is not my first language, so I hope everything is understandable).

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