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Will something happen to Atlantis shuttle Launch?

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posted on May, 11 2010 @ 04:26 PM
I must first cite where I got this information from so as not to confuse anyone that this is my own doing:


I'm only posting this in this thread because I want to make a record of when this was posted. but it's also why I posted in Skunk works. I don't expect anyone to take it seriously.

Keep in mind, this guy does not predict events in the same way others do, just the context in which they will happen and can only predict if a certain event will carry the context if it fits in the time frame that the context points to. Ergo, Atlantis lift off on May 14 and all that it entails . Scheduled to land May 26, an equally important day in regards to context.

the oil rig disaster was 'foreseen' (I use that term very loosely) in a psi experiment (sort of like remote viewing) LAST JUNE. A group of members came up with these shared overall contexts in the experiment:

-- oil/tanker spill disaster
--Ship sinking/disaster (possibly by wind)
--Columbia/Columbus (ship, US, space shuttle)

One guy even says: "

oil/tanker, some kind of oil spill
and another,

pipe which spilled pollution/waste/mud

Source, but you have to have a subscription

You can tell from the entire article from last year he was very confused as to what this meant since this was not the target of the experiment. It was almost like it was 'forced' upon the participants.

I wish I could show you the proof, but part of his website (the second link, not the first) is subscription only (I know, sounds like a load of bull, this isn't beyond me). I don't want to cross a line by copying and pasting it here because the reason he had to make part of it subscription only is because of people stealing his work and claiming for their own (some radio show host guy, mainly). Even if I did copy and paste it, you would say I made it up or something since you can't see it for yourself. *sigh*.

The public site I linked to that everyone can see has holes in it (for a reason), but is sufficient.

I have never posted anything like this. I just want this to be "on the record" should anything happen, like it already has with the oil "spill", and give you some background information. I'm kinda creeped out by it in all actuality. This guy has tapped into some kind of code or pattern of reality. Please note that this information that he gives IS NOT a result of nothing but psi experiments. He's only done like 4 psi experiments or so. Two of them pointed to the oil spill and brought up a shuttle disaster.

It is a result of LOTS of research and being able to see multicontextual occurrences/patterns/running 'themes' that stare us all in the faces everyday via headlines and ritualistic-type happenings like the Superbowl halftime shows and Olympic opening/closing games (these are events in which tens of millions of people all tune into at the same time). This guy is just able to see it.

I'm only doing this, like I said, to see if anything comes of it and if it does and I try to bring it up, you guys won't accuse me of hindsight. If nothing happens, well, then things were sorely misinterpreted and I'll look like an ass, regardless of my intentions. I'm risking my pride here and I'm kind of embarrassed that I'm even doing this because I roll my eyes at all the other 'prediction threads'.

I'm not going to post any replies unless someone needs me to clarify something or if they 'get it' after going to his site and want to talk more about it. This is only because my purpose isn't to get you guys to believe it.

So if I don't reply to ridicule of debunkers, it isn't because I've been 'had', it's because you very well may be right and I'm not going to argue against it. I can't defend or even fully support something I don't completely understand.

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